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  1. Same Situation here, I took Barkley first and wanted to go Fournette and Evans in the 2/3 turn. Unluckily, Evans went of the board one pick ahead of mine, so I had to grab Kelce. I have full trust in Kelce but wanted to go TE late, so I had to adjust my strategy. This led to the circumstance that I took Godwin in the 4th as my WR1. I am not as high as others yet on Godwin and still think also that Evans is the #1 guy, but I'm getting more confident after some deeper researches.
  2. I'm on this train. Fingers crossed that he will survive more than 5-6 games and delivers. Huge potential for a biiig trade afterwards.
  3. Scooped him up at the 2/3 Turn in a 12 teamer. Pick 26. Had to do it although I wanted to go with a Streaming TE. Keep going TRAVIS!
  4. I personally am not high on the following players this season: 1. Keenan Allen - So many options in this offense with HH back and Mike Williams emerging.. I see a huge regression, although I like the player a lot 2. Devaonta Freeman - Very injury prone. Weren't there safer picks available? 3. Ekeler - The backfield situation @ Chargers is for me not really clear and Ekeler didn't do well when I received the chance with Gordon out. I really like Ridley, DJ, Sony Michel and of course Pat Mahomes. Matt Breida could outperform his ADP easily. Overall still a very good setup to start the season.
  5. 12 Team PPR Redraft STARTER QB - Jameis Winston (12) RB - Saquon Barkley (1) RB - Leonard Fournette (3) WR - Chris Godwin (4) WR - Josh Gordon (5) TE - Travis Kelce (2) WR/RB - Dede Westbrook (6) K - Greg Zuerlein (13) DEF - Cleveland Browns (14) BENCH RB - Derrius Guice (7) RB - Matt Breida (8) WR - Allen Robinson (9) RB - Jaylen Samuels (10) RB - Latavius Murray (11) How do you think it went out for me? What trades should I focus on? It's clear that I have no clear WR stud, but I had to take Kelce in the 2/3 turn with the options left and WR imho. Some pretty WR went off the board right before my pick. Thanks for any advise.
  6. Over Allen? You'll terribly fail...
  7. Mike Evans, Todd Gurley are easily in the Top Tier, too. Just imagine pairing Gurley / Chubb or Gurley / Cook. Do you think this is worse than other pairings?
  8. How would that give me an advantage if none of my competitors look at it?
  9. What exactly was wrong with AB last season? He won me the championship.. Don't know what your goals are..
  10. I really hate it that it is nearly impossible to grab both Kelce and Cook, that's the reason Cook barely lands in my mock draft team. Kelce is almost never injured and a secured difference maker, which I always would prefer. I would love to have both of them in my team.
  11. I personally think totally different about the TE position. Kelce is an all time producer who has very little injury concerns and fills out your TE position in regular cases a whole season without worrying at any time. If you stream this position (what definitely is an applicable option) you always might have to adjust and worry. It's much easier to trade for WR and RB than for a top TE imho. Give me Kelce in the second all day. I prefer selecting him in my strategy drafting WR only after Pick 5 overall.
  12. Oh there are plenty... Some are due to injury concerns (IC), others I am not shure about their performance (P) this year based on their ADP. I only mention those who I really would like to have. There is no one on this list where I see a DND. QB: Mayfield (P), Trubisky (P), Haskins (p) RB: Bell (P), DJ (P) , Gurley (P), Cook (IC), Fournette (IC), Mack (P) WR: Brown (P), Hilton (IC), AJG (IC), D.J. Moore (P) TE: None