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  1. Alex Collins. I would say jordan Howard as well but I was lucky enough to grab Cohen off the WW early on in the season. Did not have Gronk but he comes to mind.
  2. He is probably not going to play but Rap has been so WRONG lately that I would not be shocked if he’s wrong again.
  3. Yeah only if you’re dumb to think Gordon doesn’t be have a chance to get hurt coming back from injury on a Thursday night game.
  4. He’s most likely playing but to what extent....
  5. He’s not good enough to have a consistent impact at this level.
  6. The question is how many carries does he see if Gordon plays...and how great is he at catching?
  7. Gordon was doing some drills before the game today, good chance he does play Thursday.
  8. I'm never drafting him again. He got suspended back in 2015 and now this.
  9. Garçon was limited on Wednesday. There’s a chance he can play this Sunday.
  10. Is this looking like a 1 week absence?
  11. They have to be a lock to make the playoffs first.
  12. When are they going to give it to Jackson for an opportunity?