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  1. Pats can rack up points in sacks against Watson to keep them a top play
  2. Nothing comes easy for him man. They dont trust him in the goal line either.
  3. How does he only do a limited practice? He hasn’t played since week 1 and he hurt his clavicle.
  4. Why is someone who got 40 mil guaranteed and isn’t crucial to team complaining
  5. I have him and I wouldn’t expect much tomorrow.
  6. He’s already ruled out this week bro.
  7. He only needs one play to dominate
  8. if Diggs gets traded...Him and Cook are about to be the entire offense.
  9. Adam is literally using that guys tweet as his source
  10. So what do we think? He had a good he still worth starting if Alshon plays thursday? Packers D is looking good.
  11. All the people saying this guy is the lead back are just the people who picked him up this week. I picked him up too but I fully understand its most likely not going to last too long but let it play out. Andy Reid is a pretty loyal guy and DWilliams will have every opportunity at holding onto the job. I just hope he needs another week to recover.