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  1. Drop Edelman for Josh Gordon? WHIR

    What's your full roster? I just want to make sure these are your only droppable options. I would be more incline to drop Cole myself. He's definitely looked good and should be rostered over most guys, but I'm not sure Bortles can consistently keep any WR in the WR2/3 conversation. I would feel better at taking a shot on for J. Gordon and Edelman, hope Brady chooses one of them as his "favourite", then roll with whichever guy that is ROS.
  2. Drop Kenley Jansen (SDx3, ATLx3, SFx3) or Jeremy Jeffress (PITx3, STLx3, DETx3) for Aroldis Chapman (BALx3, TBLx4, BOSx3)? In the semis now, finals is next week. Below's how we currently sit in our semis matchup (I'm up 6-5). We get a max 2 adds each week, and we've both already used up 1. Jake Bauers is supposed to return from the DL tomorrow, so I need to use up my 1 add before he's activated (I plan on stashing him on the DL until next week and can't make roster moves with an active player on the DL). Thinking about adding Chapman (who I dropped when he got hurt). Nobody had DL slots and the use of player adds are valuable now (seeing more SP/player streams) so that's why he's still there. Mondesi is the only real bat I'm looking to possibly add, but I got Trout, Turner, and McNeil as other strong SB guys and would likely need to drop one of Torres, Andujar, or McNeil to get him. Anyway, long story short, I'm going to add Chapman. Just is Jeffress the better drop, or Jansen? Pitching slots are SP, P, RP I've got G. Marquez (FRI), Porcello (SAT), Folty (SUN), Ryu (SUN), and *Morton (SUN) left to play. He's got Bumgarner (FRI), Nola (SUN), and Happ (SUN) left to play. His closers are Kimbrel and Osuna.
  3. I'd do that. You could try Howard for Gronk straight up too if you wanted, but who knows if this Mahomes streak keeps up or not. I will say that KC offense looks good, but Wilson also has a much longer track record at being an elite fantasy QB.
  4. Offer Conner or hold?? whir

    Conner + Fitz for CMC + J.Gordon/Edelman/Funchess Be willing to add Lindsay/R.Freeman for any of his players if that helps.
  5. Two Spots, Four Guys (WHIR)

    Don't start Reed at Flex. I'd be going with Goodwin if he's healthy and Kupp as the other flex. If there's any questions about Goodwin's number of snaps or ability to play, then going Kupp + Woods works for me. EDIT: If Goodwin plays he's probably going to be a bit beat up regardless. I just mean if his injury is suspected to effect his workload then I'd bench him for Woods. Otherwise I'd play him.
  6. Big Ben vs Fitzmagic who to start?

    1. Wentz 2. Big Ben 3. Fitzpatrick I'm picking Big Ben over Fitzpatrick simply because I think Pittsburgh's going to beat Tampa. For the most part the QB on the winning team puts more points up than the QB on the losing team. I don't see there being any exception here. I'd go Wentz over both of them because he's on the overall best team of the 3 with a great matchup this week against IND. Ajayi could also be out, which means they might be airing the ball out a bit more. I get the concern that this will be his first game since a lengthy injury and would not blame you if you bench him for this one, but I'd still be rolling with him over these other two.
  7. Trade Gronk for Tyreek Hill?

    Don't do it. You have M. Thomas and Thielen in your lineup right now. Hill is likely going to be hit or miss, so I wouldn't play him over either of those guys right now. He could be a flex, but I think you're probably fine taking the better of R.Freeman/Goodwin/Davis/Michel/Barber/Callaway for that spot. I don't think it's worth the downgrade at TE.
  8. Is Thomas benched now that I have Cole?

    I'd still roll with DT for now. There targets are there for him. He just has to start pulling in some catches.
  9. Not really a whole lot you can do other than trade for a TE. Your starting squad looks solid.
  10. AB for DJ

    I'd keep AB
  11. WDIS? Ajayi or Thompson

    Ajayi if he's healthy and not expected to be limited. But it sounds like he's closer to doubtful than questionable.
  12. Trade etiquette question (WHIR)

    I don't think you're required to give up Clement. The deal's done, so the risks and rewards of the players exchanged are transferred to the new owners, which include injuries. However, where a game hasn't been played yet since the trade was made, and it wasn't really expected that Ajayi would miss any time, I don't see an issue in offering up Clement in good faith. In the keeper league I'm in Bell was moved during the offseason in a deal that included a conditional pick in the event Bell were to miss week 1 due to an injury. Since Bell missed week 1 due to the holdout and not an injury, the condition didn't apply. There was a quick discussion about possible compensation anyway, but they agreed that since it wasn't a part of the original condition that the compensation wasn't necessary. I'm sure the league would have been fine with whatever they decided to do (as long as it seemed reasonable), so as long as they were happy with it, we were happy. Anyway, bottom line I just think it depends on the league. I'd just go with the flow on this one.
  13. Drop Penny or Duke for Sony?

    I'd drop Duke for Sony.
  14. I don't like the DJ/McCaffrey one at all. Brady for Howard I'm on board with, but I'm not sure if the other guy would do it. How many teams? PPR or standard? What does his roster look like? What are your starting slots / bench slots?
  15. Drop Alf or G-Mo?

    I'd hold both Morris and Allison unless you would be rostering Clement this week if Ajayi doesn't play.