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  1. Need some trade advice

    I'd look at it from the perspective of where you would expect these players to be drafted next season. For example, let's say it's a 10 team league. If everyone is keeping 5 players, in theory the top 50 players won't be available for the draft (that won't exactly be the case as the 6th best player on one team could be better than the 5th best player on another team, but you get the point). So the 1st round would consist of players ranked 51-60, 2nd round 61-70, etc. Looking at your roster, you should kind of estimate where you think your players will go based on their current and projected rankings and value players in that way. So the 65th ranked player today should be worth at least a 2nd. I would even argue that they are worth more than that due to timing, as having the 65th ranked player today is better than having a 65th ranked player next year. But I find that in actually it ends up working the other way around, as people often forget to factor in keepers. Also note that when you get into the top 50 players (i.e. potential keepers), it's a bit harder to value them as in order to keep one you'd have to let another player go. So their value may only be worth slightly more than a 1st round pick, depending on the player. Back to the players you mentioned, it's kind of hard for me to say for sure without knowing your scoring system. You mention that Voracek is the 6th best forward in your fantasy league this season. In the two leagues I'm in he's 9th (13th overall) and 13th (17th overall), so I'm going to base my assessment on where he fits in my league. His pre-season rank was 88, which was probably accurate given he doesn't get much for hits, blocks, and only has average shots. His production mainly comes in the form of points, specifically assists. Given his point totals over the last few years, I'd have him ranked right around the 50th area overall, making him a borderline keeper. To me, that would make him worth targeting a 1st round pick in a 10 team league. Looking at all the players you mentioned, here's what I'd be hoping to get for your players, assuming a 10 team league. A 5th round pick in a 5 team league is worth more than a 5th in a 20 team league, so adjust accordingly. Voracek - 50th - 1st round Trocheck - 60th - 2nd round Schwartz - 75th - 3rd round Barkov - 70th - 3rd round Hamilton - 65th - 2nd round Keep in mind I'm looking at this without knowing your scoring format, so my rankings could be off a bit. Also quite a few question marks in the bunch as well. Now... if you can't get this kind of return out of your players, there's nothing wrong with trading them away for less than they're worth. Beggers can't be choosers, and at the end of the day getting something for them is better than letting them walk for nothing. I would however try to package guys together and go for higher picks if possible than getting multiple lower picks, as once you get out of the top group of players there's not a whole lot of difference in value (i.e. the 100th ranked player might be just as good as the 200th ranked player). Anyway, I hope this helps!
  2. I think I would do that unless you're already loaded at C. I'd have the same concerns as you, but Bergy is still the better player. So as long as you can fit him until your lineup without really screwing up your positions, then I'd do it.
  3. I'd say I got pretty close with my prediction.
  4. Do I get bonus points for the added detail?
  5. I'd say my first half prediction was pretty close. Hopefully I'm right about the second half as well!
  6. Conference Championship Patriots - 27 Jaguars - 20 I think this is going to be a good game. Jags are going to come out strong, with Fournette scoring early, and the defense is going to keep Brady in check. Jags lead 13-7 at half. But Brady and Belichick are going to do what they do and adapt. They figure it out and come out on top 27-20. Vikings - 21 Eagles - 17 Toss up for me. I'm going Minny mainly because I'd like to see them play in the Super Bowl in front of their home crowd. Super Bowl Patriots - 28 Vikings - 17 "All I do is win win win no matter whatGot money on my mind I can never get enoughAnd every time I step up in the buildin'Everybody hands go upAnd they stay there" Pats just doin' what the Pats do... which is win. Another Vince Lombardi Trophy going back to New England.
  7. Trade Offer

    Both healthy, I like Hall a little bit better. Where your in a points league, I'm thinking the only difference in the secondary stats are that Hall might get more shots and Scheifele might do better in the +/- (though that really depends on how well NJ/WPG are playing). So you can almost ignore those stats and just focus on goals/assists/points. I like Hall a little bit better because I think he's finally playing up to his potential alongside Nico Hischier. Nico has more scoring ability than Nuge, who was more of a pass-first kind of player, so the defensive can't cheat as much to Hall now as they have in the past when he was in Edmonton. Plus, I also think Hall's been allowed to go wild offensively playing in front of a stronger defensive team with Schneider in net than he has in the past. I do think Scheifele will continue to be a strong offensive player, but I'm thinking Winnipeg's really trying to morph him into a strong all around player that can go up against the top offenses in the league. So I just feel a little bit better about Hall's ability to produce going forward than Scheifele. But there really isn't a wrong answer here. If you do decide to go with Scheifele though, I'd wait until he gets healthy. I know that the offer might come off the table by then, but I don't see the benefit in making this move with Scheifele hurt.
  8. With Crawford out, it looks like I'll need to pick up a goalie for the rest of the season. Here are my options: James Reimer - This is who I've been riding with so far. Florida's not the best team in the league, but I like them better than Vancouver right now. Plus, with Luongo out, Riemer's been getting plenty of starts. My concern is what his role will be when Luongo returns in February. Jacob Markstrom - Probably the most secure role of the group of goalies listed here. I just don't think Vancouver will be winning many games going forward. Jonathan Bernier - He's been playing well during Colorado's 8-game win streak. I don't think this kind of success will continue, but I do like Colorado over Florida and Vancouver. What I'm really is who will be the starting goalie in Colorado once Varlamov returns, which is expected to be pretty soon. Anton Forsberg / Jeff Glass - Despite the disappointing first half of the season, and the loss of Corey Crawford, I still feel better about Chicago than these other teams for the rest of the season. However, I'm not sure if Chicago plans on making one of these guys a starter (likely Forsberg) or just rotate back and forth between the two. Anybody else know more about this goalie situation? Nobody - I could avoid a 3rd goalie and add another skater to my lineup. My other goalies are Vasilevsky and Murray. But generally speaking I like having 3, as it gives me a better chance at winning the wins and shutout categories. Btw, we use two starting goalie spots. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. 3rd Round of Playoffs Lineup Help

    You're lineup looks good. You're basically banking on production from the Jags (5 players) and the Eagles (4 players).You could play Foles over Bortles, but it just depends on which passing game you trust more.
  10. Playoff lineup

    I'd rather have team 1. I just think the NE will get the most production of the remaining teams.
  11. Fantasy Basketball Noob... Any Advice?

    Added Aminu, dropped Chriss.
  12. Klay and wall for booker, lyles and murray

    Don't do it. I think I'd still rather own Wall than Booker at this point. But you could make an argument Booker. Either way it's close. So I see you essentially giving up Klay for Lyles and Murray. And who else do you have on your team? I think I'd be adding Gobert and Mirotic anyway unless your team is completely stacked.
  13. General Rule of Thumb - WHIR

    Benintendi is probably a 4th round pick. So if he took him in the first two rounds over guys like Judge, Seager, Ramirez, Lindor, Springer, etc. then it's kind of hard to assess how you did. But either way I like the trade that you made. Something like C. Seager + Hosmer for Arenado + D. Murphy is what it should work out to in value.
  14. General Rule of Thumb - WHIR

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Really have to look at who you realistically think will be available in those spots and look at it from a player perspective. For example, let's assume it's a 10 team league and you have the following picks: 1.02 2.09 3.02 4.09 etc. I would probably offer 1.02 and 4.09 for 1.09 and 2.02. That would probably result in something like Altuve/Arenado + Marte/Hoskins for Correa/T.Turner + Bryant/Machado. Now I'm not sure if the other side would take that; I'd be willing to provide them with a move up later in the draft if needed. But that's the kind of value I'd be looking for.
  15. Who's my drop?

    I'd drop Chriss. I think Aminu is the best of the group, Biyombo should continue to produce with Vucevic out, and Hollis-Jefferson has been more consistent than Chriss. I personally own Biyombo, and just dropped Chriss for Aminu... if that helps at all. But I would still keep an eye on Chriss. Biyombo will lose his value when Vucevic comes back, so if he's still available could maybe resort back to Chriss in a couple of weeks.