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  1. Sit him if you have other viable options. Start him if you don't. The low snap count in week 1 is definitely a concern. And although he did perform well during those snaps, I wouldn't bank on that resulting in an increase in his playing time.
  2. Reality is you win your league based on your team's performance in the playoffs, not the regular season. So ultimately your playoff roster is what's most important. Yes, you still need to make sure your regular season roster is good enough to make the playoffs. But one bench spot likely isn't going to make/break your playoff chances. If it is, then your roster likely isn't good enough to win it all anyway. Gordon's a great hold right now at his value for contending teams.
  3. People in 2 QB leagues that currently only have 1 starting QB on their roster. lol.
  4. Thoughts on him while Darnold is out? Do the Jets give Luke Falk a look at all if Siemian doesn't perform this week or is this Siemian's team until Darnold returns?
  5. Miami has also beaten New England 5 out of the last 6 times in Miami, even though NE was the better team on paper each of those games. I'd still recommend going with NE this week.
  6. Unfortunately, that's not really how business works. The Chargers tried to make something work and extended an offer out for $10M a year, but Gordon turned it down. The Chargers have since retracted this offer and aren't willing to negotiate at this point. So really, it's up to Gordon to decide how many games he wants to play at $330k a game this year, knowing that he needs to return by week 10 in order to become a free agent. There's an outside shot that Gordon could be traded, or that the Chargers would reconsider putting their offer back on the table if Gordon was willing to sign for $10M a year beyond this year, but I wouldn't hold your breath on either of those happening. Just going to have to wait to see when Gordon wants to return.
  7. I only have 1 QB in my 12-team superflex and was really hoping to get him to fill the void. Let's just say the guy with 5 QB decided to spend 100% of his FAAB to get a 6th QB that he'll never play. Anyway, I think he's a good 3rd QB flier in most superflex leagues. Hard to rely on 3/4 of a game's performance, but he did look good last week. Definitely some promise there. We'll just have to see how it goes.
  8. It took time though before the NFL decided to hand down the suspension. Not saying there won't be one, just saying it's highly unlikely they come to a decision before the Patriots next game (and likely the next few after that). Gordon's still 3rd on the depth chart heading into this week's matchup against MIA, but should still be able to feast on this defense.
  9. Quite frankly, not really sure how to comment on Josh Gordon’s outlook without bringing up the “other situation”, as it definitely has an impact. But I’ll try my best to keep everything focused on Gordon. I’m expecting everything to be the same as it was 24 hours ago, aside from the DT trade news. The DT departure probably affected Dorsett and Meyers more than anyone, but still thinning up that WR depth still helps Gordon’s, especially if there are injuries or other incidents with other NE WRs higher up the rankings than him. Means that there’s less depth to rely on and that they’ll need to lean on the top guns like Gordon more. Also any off field incidents usually take some time for the NFL to investigate before they make any ruling, unless there’s clear an obvious evidence (such as videos) to support the incident. So for the immediate future I’d still expect Gordon to be competing with the likes of AB, Edelman, Dorsett, and Meyers for targets.
  10. Yeah definitely not real sure about Hockenson either. Like you said, week 1 could be his best game of the season. But I'd have him on the same tier as Waller. Both have promise and a good week 1, but we'll have to see how they perform. And for Engram, I know I didn't move him from your ranking. But I just wanted to point out that I'm really borderline between tier 2 and tier 3 for him. NYG really doesn't have much for options, so they kind of need to give him his volume. But also not really sure how effective the NYG passing game is going to be. They didn't look that bad in week 1, but we'll see how it goes from here on out.
  11. This is pretty accurate. Tough to tell for sure after only 1 week, but going into the year I figured there'd be a decent amount of good TE options. Main reason why I waited on getting a TE if I didn't get one of Kelce, Kittle, or Ertz. If I were to make some changes, these would be the ones I'd make. But again, really tough to tell off of a 1 week sample size. Tier 1: Kelce Tier 2: Kittle, Ertz, Engram (I'll keep him here for now, but still feel better about Ertz and Kittle) Tier 3: Henry, Waller, Howard, Hockenson Tier 4: Cook, Walker, Hooper, Andrews, Njoku, McDonald Tier 5: Burton, Reed, Olsen, Graham Tier 6: Witten, Indy TE's, Rudolph, Other starting TEs / tandems (Eifert, Uzomah, Goedert, Higbee, etc.) Tier 7: Backup TEs
  12. Still planning on dropping him in all my leagues except for one (deep benches and TE is really the only thing I'm lacking). But I also don't want to look like the idiot that drops him the day before he announces he's returning. lol.
  13. Saturday (9/7/19) Monday (9/9/19) Tuesday (9/10/19) What does this all mean? I picked Gronk up before the Pats game Sunday as a flier with the intention of dropping him for a waiver pickup if there wasn't any news. Do we still avoid him until news drops or what?
  14. In a standard league Jacobs outscored M. Thomas 23.30 to 12.30 (11 point difference). So he should have won this.
  15. Finished 6-2, but not the way I thought I would. I had the guy in the first matchup until that Sanders TD with just over 2 min left in the game (followed by a McManus made kick).