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  1. I know you're saying these are your only decent options, but just in case any of these guys are available, here's how I'd rank them (from best to worst). 1. Garoppollo 2. Foles 3. Bortles 4. Flacco 5. Taylor I'm going to put Flacco above Taylor because of your scoring format. Very TD dependant. I think Flacco vs CLE has a better shot at getting more TDs than Taylor vs MIA.
  2. Jonathan Drouin

    I'd look somewhere else. He doesn't really help in secondary stats, so his value is all in the amount of points he gets. I just don't see him putting up any massive seasons anytime soon in Montreal... or at least not with enough confidence to hold him. You're better off picking up whoever's hot right now.
  3. Playoff tweaks? WHIR

    1. I don't think the Rams play Houston again this season. I'd keep both D/ST, playing NO this week and PIT next week. 2. Play Cousins both weeks 15 and 16. Drop Winston for Foles just in case the Philly offense doesn't skip a beat in Wentz' absence. I don't see Winston ever starting, and he's not much better than waiver wire options. 3. I want to say Agholor, but where you have Ertz that might be putting too many eggs in one basket with Wentz now out. I'm just not big on Coleman now that Gordon is back. I guess just go with whoever you think has the highest upside. More than likely whoever you pick up will just be a bench player, so go with the high risk/reward pickup.
  4. Who's lineup do you like better?

    Team 1. AB + Gurley in PPR = Deadly.
  5. A few buy low golies? WHIR

    Matt Murray, Cam Talbot, and John Gibson are a few that come to mind. All have been playing on underperforming teams and have underperformed themselves. But I think PIT, EDM, and ANA will turn it around. But more than likely to get any decent goalie you'll have to "overpay". There are 31 NHL teams, of which maybe 20-25 have bona fide starting goalies. Then of these starters, maybe 10-15 are on "good teams". So depending on the size of the league and the number of goalies used, there probably aren't many goalie options out there. Some owners might not want to give up a goalie because of this.
  6. Trade Offer

    Who do you think will do better this season the rest of the way, Anaheim or New Jersey? Anaheim is 12-11-7 this season and NJ 16-9-4, so obviously New Jersey has been having a better season so far. But I have a hard time believing these trends will continue. Like Vegas, I have no idea how NJ is doing as well as they are and feel like they'll eventually fall off and miss the playoffs. But who knows, maybe they'll be able to keep this going. And then Anaheim has had a rough start, but they've also had some key injuries. Getzlaf and Kesler should be back in the lineup soon. I think they're a better team than what they've shown so far. I'd go with Gibson because I think Anaheim will do better than NJ in remaining 50-ish games left in the season. But If you think NJ will do better, keep Schneider.
  7. Goodwin and DST Streamer? WHIR

    Whoops... I think I might have jinxed you...
  8. Down 33

    Oh in PPR you're in better shape. Bell has averaged 21.2 points in PPR leagues this season and Burkhead 13.1 points. You're definitely still going to need both guys to produce and I'd still say you're opponent has the advantage, but your odds are a lot closer to 50/50 in PPR. Also, I'm assuming all of his players are done and that these are the only two players left to play overall.
  9. Down 33

    Is it PPR or standard? Assuming standard, you'll need 210 yards and 2 TDs (or 150 yards and 3 TDs). That's definitely not out of the question, but obviously not an ideal situation. I'd say you've got a 10% chance at winning.
  10. I would rather play Team A. Team A has the bigger names, but there's a lot of players on that roster that are having an off-season. Team B has more players that have been producing as of late.
  11. This probably should have been made clear at the start of the season. Hard to say what the right answer is now because you already know that you'll be the winner if it's based on the regular season. Since this wasn't made clear, I would say probably go based on the entire year (regular season + playoffs) so that everyone still has a chance. For next year I think I'd make it solely based on the regular season. As you mentioned, you shouldn't have to worry about your player's points on a bye week. Playoffs should be geared towards trying to win the championship prize and nothing else.
  12. I'm not sure I fully understand what's going on. Do you have a side prize for the most points, exclusive from the championship prize that goes to the winner of the playoffs?
  13. Need 25+ points... Mike Davis or Fournette?

    I think Fournette has the higher ceiling
  14. Goff or Jimmy G ? Pats D Or Bengals D

    Just so you know I think I'm going to go with Goff. At the end of the day the Rams offense is better than the 49ers. Even though they've got a tougher matchup against Philly, I'll believe the hype that this game will be a shootout. Plus I'm favoured to win my matchup and think Goff probably has a higher floor.
  15. Drake or Lynch? WHIR!

    Lynch. I think he gets more touches than Drake. NE's going to be hogging the ball all game long.