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  1. Would you rather have Machado or Arenado?

    I'd prefer Arenado. He plays in a hitters ballpark and has a better supporting cast in Colorado than Manny does in Baltimore.
  2. 8-cat keeper league. If you had to keep 3 today, who would you keep? Chris Paul Khris Middleton Donovan Mitchell Klay Thompson Otto Porter Jr. Clint Capela Mike Conley
  3. Keeper trade

    I'm going to go with side A (after debating back and forth with myself). Really good trade overall. But I'm leaning side A because it makes your team better now and could still possibly be better in the future. Baez is playing well, but I'm not convinced he'll be able to maintain a high level over his career / the rest of the season. I think he's a good player, but not a great player. Severino looks like he'll be an elite young arm, but he's still not as good as Scherzer right now. He's probably more valuable right now because of his age, but not the better player right now. Also, pitchers are weird in the sense that they can look like they'll be one of the best pitchers in the league after a few seasons in the big leagues, then see their stuff vanish all of a sudden (see Matt Harvey, Tim Lincecum)... so who knows what happens with Severino. Then you've got Torres, who should be an elite player one day. Is he going to be better or worse than Severino? I'm not really sure. But he's got a decent shot at replacing a lot of the value you'll lose when Scherzer tails off / retires.
  4. Did I overpay for Goldy? WhIr

    I'd say adequate value was moved on both sides. Goldschmidt's been struggling to start the season, but it's hard to imagine he doesn't turn it around at some point. Segura on the other hand is playing extremely well. He played this well in 2016 as well and even 2017 was a decent year, so it looks like he has the ability to maintain this level over a long period of time. Martinez is also playing well, but where most his value is based on his hot hitting as opposed to crushing a bunch of home runs or stealing a lot of bases, I'm having a hard time believe he'll be able to maintain this level throughout the season. So while he still holds a decent amount of value, I don't think you'll be losing sleep over letting him go. It's also relevant to note Goldschmidt is a 1B (generally an easy position to fill) and Segura a SS (a tougher position to fill), so that's a factor as well. Overall, I think I like the Goldschmidt side better because I think he should be the better player. But I think it's tough to tell how good Jean Segura really is and whether Goldschmidt's play is just a bad slump or a sign of things to come.
  5. Gordon for Dickerson/Villar WHIR

    Do the trade for Dee Gordon. That's an absolute steal of a trade (pun intended).
  6. What SP to drop and add

    Hold onto Heaney. Keep an eye on Roark because of his low K count, but I'd hold onto him unless he starts to string in multiple bad games together. Fulmer I'd give one more start. If he pitched poorly, cut him. Because of his low K count he needs to be able to string a lot more good starts than bad, which we've seen in the past but not this year. So give a small window to see if he can show he's worth holding onto. First in line to be picked up is Pivetta to me. Out of the 10 games he's played this year, 7 have been pretty good. That's a decent enough of a sample size to me for the pickup. Next would be Flaherty. Decent season so far, but the sample size is small. Caleb Smith will give you Ks, but he lacks control. That makes him an intriguing pickup to me because of the potential upside if he does figure it out, but hard to trust. I currently own him, but as of right now he's my drop once Kershaw returns.
  7. Improve my lineup WHIR

    Rougned Odor should be traded/dropped. Not worth rostering at this point. Looks like you were going to drop him anyway when Myers gets healthy, but I'd move him now.
  8. Outlook on Clayton Kershaw? WHIR

    He's set to throw a bullpen session Wednesday and simulated game Saturday. So he'll probably be back later next week. As far as his play, he's definitely still expected to be elite. He is getting older, so a drop off is bound to happen sometime. But for now the only drop off that wouldn't be a surprise is if he goes from being the best pitcher in the world to just one of the best pitchers in the world. Definitely worth picking up if you can get him for the right price.
  9. Donaldson for Gordon? WHIR

    I'm going to throw out a random prediction for the two players for the rest of the season. I'm not sure which one would perform better in your points league format. Gordon: Games = 100 HR = 2 SB = 36 Runs = 65 RBI = 20 Hits = 116 BB = 16 2B = 15 3B = 2 AVG. = .290 OBP. = .330 Donaldson: Games = 100 HR = 22 SB = 2 Runs = 60 RBI = 65 Hits = 106 BB = 46 2B = 20 3B = 1 AVG. = .265 OBP. = .380
  10. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    You're probably right, but this makes no sense to me. Wasn't the point in sending him down in the first place so he can find himself again and build his confidence? I don't follow the Bisons that closely, but based on the stats he's batting .210 (.234) right now in AAA. And although it looks like he's hit in 9 out of his last 10 games played, .210 still isn't good. It would be different if he was there for a rehab stint, but he was sent down because he couldn't hit. So why bring him up if he's still not hitting at an MLB level?
  11. Greg Bird or Juan Soto?

    Both are borderline fantasy roster players (in 12 team league) right now, so I'd easily go with Soto because of the potential upside.
  12. Enough to sell my Mookie?

    For the ROS, I would expect both Betts and Bryant to have similar stats except that Mookie will get a ton more SB. Mookie could perform better in the other stat categories as well, but I doubt it would be significant. So I think it's probably worth making the move to pickup someone like Syndergaard. Definitely a tough call where he's easily the best player in the league right now, but I'd take my chance on him not hitting above .350 the rest of the way. Also as a side note, do you really think you need 4 bench bats? I think if I were you I'd go with 2 bench bats to pick up 2 more arms. I think the extra wins and Ks are worth more than the small impact they could have on ERA and WHIP, especially where your arms aren't necessarily elite anyway. And the bench bats your losing would likely only play once or twice a week anyway.
  13. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Depends what the goal is. If we're talking about winning a championship, probably not. If we're just talking about getting that 2nd wild card spot, he might be enough to get them over that hump if he can produce at the level we hope he can. Bottom line, the Jays pitching needs to be better. All 5 of their starters have an ERA above 4.00. That's not going to get the job done, regardless who their bats are. I think the plan at the start of the season was to start him in AA, then move him to AAA at some point during the year. Then in 2019 he makes the jump, whether it's right away (if Donaldson if gone) or part way through the season. Shapiro and Atkins are also guys that like to veer away from their plans too much, so even if Vlad is putting up insane numbers in AA I don't think it's guaranteed he gets called up. They still want him to develop as a 3B, so bringing him up now would likely take away from his 3B reps. If I were to guess, I'd say he gets the call up to AAA shortly and stays there for the rest of the season (aside from maybe a few big league reps in September). If he does get the big league call up before then, it would be because they either traded Donaldson, or because they think they have a shot at winning this season (pitching improves, Donaldson and others start hitting better, and they put themselves in a wild card spot in the standings). Of course, this is also assumes Vlad keepings on producing. Now, do I think this is the right thing to do? Absolutely not. I'm a believer if the guy is this ready with his bat, bring him up now. He might not be there defensively quite yet, but who says he can't learn in the big leagues alongside big league players and coaches that could teach him a thing or two? Even if he's a bad defender, the bat makes him worth having on the roster. So you could probably play Vlad at 3B 4/5 days so he can continue to improve, then play Donaldson the other 1/5 days (DH on off days). You also have the option of trying Donaldson at 2B (though not sure how well that would work). Either way, you could set up your lineup to meet the needs of the 19 yo sensational and worry less about the 32 yo with an expiring contract. But I believe Shapiro in particular prefers the more traditional approach of making sure his elite players are good enough at all aspects of the game before bringing them up. So I'm just having a hard time seeing him bringing a 19 yo into the big leagues as an every day player. I really do hope I'm wrong though.
  14. does this staff need an ace? WHIR

    You can survive with that pitching assume your bats are your strength. That being said if you could definitely benefit from landing one of Kershaw, Sale, Scherzer, Kluber, deGrom, Strasburg, Syndergaard, Severino, Verlander, etc. is you get them for the right price.
  15. Harper trade!!

    It probably really depends what you think Harper's going to be like. He's going to get his home runs and his OBP should be strong, but do you expect his average to be .300+ or do you think it's going to be more in the .270 area? It really makes the difference between him being an elite "untradeable" player or just another top player. I personally don't think he'll be at the same level as guys like Trout and Arenado. He definitely has the potential to be at that level, but in the end I see him being a notch below and closer to Springer's value. So because of that, I'd make the trade. That being said I'd try to get them to add in a 1st for 3rd or something along those lines. You are giving up the best player in the trade, so if someone wants him that badly they probably would be willing to add something like that.