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  1. Trade for a QB? WHIR

    Alright, those aren't that bad. A bit surprised nobody had Lynch rostered before the draft in a dynasty. And there were a few questionable calls, but nothing too drastic. Kerryon making his way to the 2nd round was the biggest surprise of the group to me. Anyway, as mentioned, either deal makes sense to me.
  2. Trade for a QB? WHIR

    1) Right now, yes. First of all, Dalton is pretty much guaranteed to start week 12 barring an injury. I wouldn't say the same about Mullens. It wasn't that long ago that Mullens was the third string QB that got a shot because of injuries. He was able to take advantage his opportunity in a game against OAK, enough so to warrant another start. But he didn't do a whole lot against NYG. Beathard also hasn't been that bad this year. So if I were to guess I'd still say Mullens starts given it's a lost season and the curiosity factor is there (I think they already have a decent idea what Beathard can offer), but I don't think it's a lock. Even if he does end up starting though, who knows if he'll perform. He has looked good watching the games, but again the numbers weren't there against the Giants and neither of NYG and OAK have a great defense. Breida also looks like he'll be healthy after the bye, so SF could continue to lean on their running game more after the break. I'm really not that high on Dalton as an option either, I just feel he's a safer bet than Mullens. 2) Who went in your first round? I'm assuming a lot of free agents from the previous year ended up being drafted? I mean, it does make it a bit tougher when top 6 rookies are being drafted 13th or later, but I'd like to think you're drafting a future bench player in that slot than it is a future RB1/WR1.
  3. Trade for a QB? WHIR

    1) Yes, definitely trade for a QB is that's all you have to give up to get one. 2) The way I see it, the Mullens deal really doesn't change much on your roster aside from adding Mullens. So I have no issue going with this route. I do think it's ambitious to assume you will win the title in 2020 and that the guy you're trading with will finish dead last, but where it is a dynasty it's probably fair to assume you'll be a top team again and the other guy will probably be near the bottom. Even if the gap ends up being a bit wider than you've projected (20th overall pick for the 28th overall pick, or something like that), there still isn't much of a difference between the picks. However, I'm not sure what Mullens offers. He had a good first outing, but his second outing wasn't great. With a bye, it is likely he will still start again in week 12, but I don't think that's a 100% guarantee. The Dalton/Edelman does provide a bit more value to your team. You are giving up a bit more in Josh Adams and trading a pick without receiving one in return, but I'm not sure what kind of impact these guys are going to have on your roster anyway. Over the next few years, do you really expect Adams to crack your starting roster over guys like Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, A. Jones, and Howard? I get there are bye weeks, injuries, and whatnot, but you can likely fill whatever hole Adams leaves through drafting and FA pickups. Also the draft pick is likely to be the 13th best rookie fantasy player available at the draft where it's a dynasty. I'm thinking at the start of the year that likely would have been someone like Gallup, Tre'Quan, J. Washington, etc. Decent players, but again might have a tough time cracking your lineup. Meanwhile, this year you get Edelman, who although you don't need you could still possibly use. If he continues to roll the way he has been, and he gets a good matchup compare to bad matchups for your other guys, I don't think it's out of the question that get could be the 3rd best WR option in a given week. Right now he'd probably be your WR5, but with the NE offense rolling he could still have some value. But the most important part of the deal is Dalton. He is a much better week 12 stream vs CLE than Mullens @ TB. Furthermore, in the event that Mahomes does ever get hurt, you've got a much better backup. Looking at your roster, I think you'd be fine with Dalton as your QB through a playoff run. If you have to rely on Mullens, who again I'm not sure 100% has the starting job ROS, you could possibly be in a bit of trouble. So I think Dalton gives you a bit more security if you did have any QB issues. So I'd be leaning Dalton/Edelman for the reasons above. Either deal is worth doing, but I think the Dalton deal works better for your team.
  4. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 11

    1. Lamar Miller - He last outing wasn't great and his workload was scaled back, but I still think he'll get the majority of touches in the backfield. I'm liking his floor better than the rest. 2. Josh Reynolds - WR3 with Kupp out. Competing for touches with Gurley, Cooks, and Woods, I'd still expect his targets to be low. But the LAR vs KC matchup is expected to be high scoring. There's a good chance he'll be TD dependant, but the odds of him getting a TD aren't bad. 3. Anthony Miller - Possibly worked his way in as the team's WR2 between ARob and Gabriel. Had a good game last week, but most of his production came of two chunk plays. I see his volume being marginally better than Reynolds, but with a matchup against MIN I'm thinking his production could be limited and that TDs could be hard to come by. 4. TJ Yeldon - RB2 behind Fournette. He'll still be involved in the passing game, but we're still talking about just a few looks for short yardage plays. Would kind of be betting that Fournette suffers a mid-game injury, which definitely is not out of the question. But I'm not sure that's a gamble I'd take.
  5. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 11

    Start 3 (sit 1). Standard league. Ingram vs PHI Kerryon vs CAR Lindsay @ LAC Boyd @ BAL Tate @ NO is another option, but I'm like 99% sure I've got to sit him this week given my other options. I think you've got these backwards. Cook @ ARI, Doyle vs TEN. I'd go with Cook here.
  6. Demar, Poetl, and a 1st is a better package than RoCo, Saric, Bayless, 2nd imo. Demar is "the guy" in SA. I don't think RoCo is that capability. Philly got better because of this deal. The East is really a 5 team comp between BOS, TOR, PHI, MIL, and IND. None of these teams are clear runaways to win the conference. So a trade like this could potentially give Philly the push to have a successful playoff run. I'm still liking TOR and BOS better for now (though BOS does need to be much better than they have been so far), but Philly's right there. If you're a Philly fan you're happy with this deal.
  7. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 10

    Pick 1 to flex, standard league: Kerryon Johnson @ CHI Matt Breida vs NYG Mark Ingram @ CIN Chubb and MVS I'd stick with Parker. Not Fitz. Big Ben has a ton of tools around him which makes him a great option, but right now I'd lean Trubisky given how well he's played as of late. Last week was just a fluke given Chicago's defense was doing all the scoring, given Trubisky limited action. Neither. But I guess I'd go with McGuire between the two. Kerryon and MVS. Even if Carson ends up being out and Mike Davis gets the majority of the workload they're still going up against the Rams. In short, yes. I see him ROS being the WR2 on this team, behind Jeffery and ahead of Agholor. Given this is the first game with a new offense, his looks might be about the same as Agholor's this week. But he did also get a couple weeks to learn the playbook so I don't see them keep him on the bench much. So yes you can start him if you don't really have much for other options. LAC for sure. They're the best D of the bunch, and they have the best matchup. Then I'd still be leaning Luck. Baker of course has a much better matchup, but I'd still go with the better QB. I'd go with Dak. Reed ARob or Breida. Leaning ARob given Breida is probably still hurt.
  8. I'd be willing to take over a team for a little while if you want. Not sure I can commit for too long, but I'd definitely be better than a vacant spot. I'd be willing to take over whoever you believe is the worst team (probably Slovakia or Norway?... not sure what the full scoring details are and how some of these players rank). Anyway, let me know if you want someone.
  9. Trade Mookie

    It's essentially Mookie + $1 player for Mondesi + $43 player (or something along those lines), as it's been discussed. The $43 player will likely be someone else that's a good high-end player, but probably won't be someone near Mookie's value. Mondesi has looked like a 5-tool fantasy player and could be one of the biggest steals in the upcoming drafts this season, but again I don't think he's anywhere near Mookie. So really it's whether the gap between Mookie and the $43 player is larger than the gap between Mondesi and the $1 player. Generally speaking, in a 12 team league, I'd go with the Mookie side. It's no slight to Mondesi or what the $43 player can offer, but Mookie is that good of a player... and the $1 player likely won't be that bad. Really when we're talking about $1 players, we're talking about guys that are going to be dropped and replaced by free agents throughout the season. But the end of the season that $1 player is going to look better than they did on draft day. So to me having Mookie + a roster spot that can be improved upon throughout the season, is better than having a lesser top guy + Mondesi.
  10. Who to use #1 waiver on? WHIR

    Who would you be dropping? Not really thrilled about anyone here, especially if it's a decent player that you'll need to drop.
  11. Yeah, in Yahoo the team for a free agent is the last team they played for. So Dez is still listed as a Cowboy and would have gone on waivers when tonight's game started. But anyway, sounds like he's still available to be picked up. I have no issue dropping Hyde. In his current situation he's not providing much fantasy value, and that's going to get much worse if Fournette can come back healthy. I do think there are probably quite a few guys I'd pick up over Dez. Really, we're looking at someone who's trying out to be the WR3 on a team. But the is upside there. I think I'd drop Hyde for him now, but could easily drop him by Wednesday if Tuesday's try outs don't look promising or there's someone on the wire you really want.
  12. Is this enough for Kawhi?

    Lillard likely needs to be involved. Possibly could do something involving Ben Simmons. But if you're not willing to move either of those guys I'd move on.
  13. CONLEY for WALL? WHIR!!!

    I don't think either offer is really that fair. We're talking about acquiring a top 30 player for at best a top 50 player with an injury history and someone who is on the verge of possibly losing their starting role. And then adding Porter for Draymond just makes it worse. Offer away, but I wouldn't be too optimistic.

    Nope. Prince is the much better option right now. If you wanted to pick him up, I think Mitchell or Kanter would be the drop. But I'd just keep Knox on the wire for now. Just keep an eye out on how the minutes are shaping out with the Knicks.