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  1. Also in case anyone was wondering, the guy that let JRam walk kept Yelich, Altuve, and deGrom. Either way, he was going to let a stud walk, by personally I don't think JRam should have been the odd man out.
  2. 10 team, 3 keeper, 7x5 cats (add Hits, OBP) Completed the draft of my ongoing keeper league. After having good keepers to begin with, a few high picks, and some poor keeper choices from my opponent (in my opinion), I feel like I've got a pretty good team. See below. C - J.T. Realmuto (21) 1B - M. Muncy (110) 2B - J. Ramirez (1) 3B - V. Guerrero Jr. (10) SS - T. Turner (Keeper) OF - M. Trout (Keeper) OF - J. Soto (Keeper) OF - B. Nimmo (120) UTL - G. Torres (41) BN - A. Meadows (140) SP - L. Severino (20) RP - S. Doolittle (61) P - C. Knebel (100) BN - P. Corbin (50) BN - C. Morton (80) BN - J.A. Happ (90) BN - L. Castillo (91) BN - H.-J. Ryu (130) Pitchers are just "meh", but I'm really liking my bats. Just wondering what kind of suggestions you guys would have for improving this team. Specifically, should I move Vlad? Good value at 10 (40th effectively) in my opinion with 3 keepers, but with Trout, JRam, Turner, Soto, Severino, etc. I might not be keeping Vlad even if he does produce. And I could probably trade him for someone that will be better than him in this season alone. So do I move him? Or are there any other moves I should make? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm not a doctor, but where it's a core muscle strain I don't think his weight would have contributed much to this type of injury. Typically the biggest contributor to core muscle strains are the lack of flexibility in the muscles (caused by improper / infrequent stretching). And baseball players would be at high risk to these kind of strains given the movement of their baseball swings / throwing. But yeah, the timing of the injury does look suspicious. I'm sure it is a legit injury as he'd still benefit from minor league games and I'm sure they'd want Vlad in mid-season form when they bring him up to the big leagues. But I'm also pretty sure they'll take time with this injury, give him a few minor league rehab games in, then bring him up to the big leagues sometime after the service time "deadline" (or whatever we're calling it). Really an easy way to justify keeping him down.
  4. I would think he'd have his own nutritionist, but if he doesn't I'm sure there's someone advising him to some degree on what he needs to do in order to get in major league shape. I would also assume that once he gets to the majors he'd be exposed to more resources in terms of training and dieting than he would be at the minor league level. So l don't think it'll be an issue that'll keep him down in the minors unless it starts to affect his performance to the extent that he's not playing well enough to earn the promotion.
  5. My guess is that there's a slim chance he's still in the minors by the start of May. The Jays can't come right out and say the reason they're keeping him down in the minors is in order to manipulate with his service time. If they did, Vlad could probably use it against them if he ever decided to go to court over this matter. So the Jays have to come up with another reasonable excuse for keeping him down. They decided to go with the "he's not ready" excuse, which is pretty valid given he's only 19. In fact, I would have been more surprised had they said anything else. So the news that the Jays say he's "not MLB ready" means little to nothing to me. If he's not on the major league roster come May, my guess would be that he either: 1) Got hurt. 2) Is struggling with the bat (I don't think he even needs to perform at an elite level, just good enough where calling him up can be justified). 3) Had an off-the-field incident. Basically, I'd be treating him like a major leaguer on a minor league rehab stint. Unless something really goes wrong, we'll be seeing him in the majors sooner rather than later.
  6. Atkins just has to say this so it doesn't look like he's keeping him down because of the service time. I fully expect him to be up within a couple of weeks of the service time cut-off. The only real reason I could think of if they wait longer than that is that they're afraid of a lawsuit. But leaving him in the minors for performance reasons is highly doubtful. I think he would have to either get hurt or really start to struggle with the bat next year in order for that to happen.
  7. Might as well rename this this Vlad Jr. Call Up thread. But really we're talking about guys here that would be held down in the minors in order to manipulate with a player's service time in the big leagues. And the only other relevant player that I can think of is Eloy. Most other prospects will either start on the year in the big leagues or would have to play their way onto a big league roster (i.e. would fall into your waiver wire category).
  8. This deal probably would have looked better had you made it a 3-for-3 or 4-for-4. Anytime you heavily skew the quantities like this, it's a dead giveaway that you don't even believe you're giving up enough players. I honestly can't even remember the last time I sent out an offer where there wasn't an even number of players being exchanged. Even if it's 3 B+ players for 1 A+ and 2 D players, it's better just to throw in those bad players to make the deal look more legit. As going trading for Vlad in a dynasty in general, I wouldn't get your hopes up. He's basically untouchable in most leagues. We all know the potential is there, but it's the unknown factor of where he'll end up that makes it hard for the buyer to give up enough to get him, and the seller enough in return to let him go. I also think that there are a lot of people that are slightly overvaluing him. I'm a big Vlad fan and think he's got a good shot at being one of the better players in the game, but from a fantasy perspective he is somewhat limited because he doesn't steal bases. Arenado and J.D. Martinez also don't steal bases either and are great fantasy players as well, but when there are guys like Trout, Betts, Ramirez, Lindor, etc. in the league that contribute to all aspects of the game, it's going to make it tough for Vlad to be a top 5 fantasy player even if he hits his potential. So I have a hard time putting him in the top 10 in a dynasty just yet given there are some limitations to his potential.
  9. Hahaha, his quotes are great too. How did you come up with the idea for your science fair project? Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught. If you could share a message with Tom Brady what would you say to him? Gimme some of your money, you don’t deserve it. We heard you won the event at the school and are off to states? Yep and I’m gonna win that too.
  10. Well, I didn't get quite to March. But I was close. Nevertheless, scanning through the 13+ pages since this post it doesn't look like the conversation has changed much. Hopefully all goes well so we see this guy in the majors sooner rather than later.
  11. Based on my understanding, there are 187 days in the 2019 MLB regular season. To count a "full year" of service time for a player, he must be in the majors for 172 days. Therefore, in order to avoid the "full year" and gain the extra year of control, the Jays must wait until 171 days or less remain in the season. Opening day (i.e. the day 187 days remain) is March 28. Therefore, 171 days would remain on April 13. Note that the Jays play game #2 of 3 against Tampa at home April 13. Immediately following that series, the Jays go on the road for 4 games @ MIN, then 3 games @ OAK. They then have a day off April 22, followed by a 2 game series at home vs SF, another day off, a 3 game series at home vs OAK, then another day off before hitting the road again. Also note that the Buffalo Bisons (Jays AAA Affiliate) are on the road April 13. They stay on the road until April 18, in which they have a day off, followed by 3 games in 2 days at home, a day off the 21, then back on the road April 22. Nobody knows for sure when he'll be called up. There are so many factors in play, including whether Vlad's even healthy or playing at a major league level at the time. But I'd like to think ownership would probably want him up before those 5 home games that follow April 22. So barring any setbacks, my guess is that he's called up sometime between April 13 - April 22. I would lean closer to the 22nd, just because it works out well in the scheduling and it looks bad if they call him up immediately after losing the full year of service. But again, who knows what will happen. Just going to have to wait and see.
  12. I'd prefer this over the current system, but I'd even take it a step further and see each team should have the same number of offensive drives for the game to end. So in this game, if the Pats start with the ball in OT, the game will end with KC having the ball (either because they did better or worse than what the Pats did on the previous drive). If they match what the Pats do, the game continues. The only exception would be a defensive score, which would automatically end the game. Would possibly mean longer OTs, but at least it's even. And if there is concern about the game dragging on that absolutely must be address (for safety reasons or whatever), then do a 2-pt convert shootout or something after a certain number of tied drives. But either way the coinflip shouldn't give one team a significant advantage over another team.
  13. I'm a Pats fan, so I'm obviously happy with the outcome. But the OT rules could be improved. Especially when you're looking at two high-offensive teams like these two. Each team should get a shot. Keep it even.
  14. I agree. The team that doesn't start with the ball should get a chance to match/do better, whether it's a TD or FG. A coinflip essentially decided OT (or at least gave the Pats a significant advantage).
  15. Or fumbles, or even when there's "something there" he ends up over/under throwing the open guy and gets picked off. Or connects with someone before the end zone and runs off the clock. Also keeping in mind you're probably talking about a kicker throwing the ball here. Not saying I'm against this kind of call, just saying there is some risk if it's not executed properly.