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  1. Another Kingery Trade.

    Osuna is easily the best player involved. All the other players are borderline roster players in most leagues, and at this point I think I'd rather have Kingery over the other two because of the upside. So I'd definitely keep Osuna and Kingery.
  2. Gio or Sanchez? WHIR

  3. In my Yahoo league it's Thursday, March 29 to Sunday, April 8. I'm assuming it's the same for all Yahoo leagues unless there's some kind of setting that can be adjusted.
  4. Moncada over Kingery, kinsler, gennett??

    I'd stick with Moncada just because I like the upside more. But I'd give him a short leash. If he doesn't perform, he's an easy cut.
  5. Got both D. Murphy and Mad Bum... good deal?

    MadBum went in the 1st round (effectively a 4th round pick after 3 keepers) in my 10 team league and we drafted this past Sunday, after the injury. He might have went a bit early, but I was planning on taking him myself in the 4th round (effective 7th) at the latest if he was still available by then. So picking him up in the 11th round of a 12 teamer is a steal to me. Yeah he's hurt for a couple months. But he'll be back well before the playoffs, which is the most important thing. I'm sure you can live without until then.
  6. Kingery or Gleyber?

    Torres is going to start with the minor league club, so got to go with Kingery.
  7. Lineup Help - WHIR

    Same as above. I will add that for team #2, most days I'd start Beltre and Cutch. Just can't start Cutch vs Kershaw with Puig vs Blach on your bench.
  8. I know this is really driving it home, but just to make sure, you did actually take Britton off of your bench and move him into the DL slot, right? He's not just sitting on your bench, is he? I.e. Your roster should look something like this (note the screenshot is a hockey league, so it's IR, but same idea): If you do this, creating and empty roster spot, you should also have a warning from Yahoo saying you have any empty roster spot. The warning looks like this: If your team looks like this and you still can't add a player without dropping someone else, then I have no idea what the issue is. You can't directly add someone from FA and throw him into the DL without dropping someone, but you mentioned you dropped Gregerson to add Britton so it doesn't sound like that's the case. Maybe recount your players just to make sure you didn't add someone in your sleep. lol.
  9. Well that's what I initially thought... ...but then I keep seeing this everywhere in the forums. So I'm trying to figure out whether I should be adding him or not. lol.
  10. So Kingery is on the waiver wire. I'm just wondering I NEED to pick him up or whether I should stay pat. My issue is that I don't need a third 2B and kind of feel like I need to hold onto Moncada for now. Do you think Kingery will pick up another position? He's only listed as a 2B in my league. So if I drop someone else it kind of puts me in a bad spot for my positions. Another option is to drop a pitcher and take the extra bat. So do I pick up Kingery or does it screw up my positions too much? If I take him, who is the drop? Cats are:Bats: H, R, HR, RBI, AVG, OBP, SBArms: W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV C - W. Contreras (C)1B - J. Smoak (1B)2B - D. Gordon (2B)3B - A. Beltre (3B)SS - T. Turner (SS)OF - J. Martinez (OF)OF - M. Ozuna (OF)OF - K. Davis (OF)UTL - M. Castellanos (3B, OF)Bench - Y. Moncada (2B)Bench - M. Olson (1B, OF)SP - C. Kershaw (SP)RP - K. Jensen (RP)P - A. Chapman (RP)Bench - J. Paxton (SP)Bench - J. Lester (SP)Bench - D. Price (SP)Bench - G. Gonzalez (SP) Any help is appreciated!
  11. I feel like your offense will be good if you don’t get regressions from Beltre and Smoak. I agree with all of this. I expect some regression from Smoak. But my hope is that he'll be able to keep his average up will still providing some power. I drafted him later on, so there's not a whole lot of risk here. If he doesn't perform, I have no problem cutting him. For Beltre, the biggest thing I'm hoping for is that he stays healthy. Again, he was a later pick in the draft so I felt it was a good spot to take a shot on him. If healthy, again this is someone I hope can maintain a decent average while providing power. If not, I'll cut him and see what's in FA. Really anyone beyond 80th is probably an easy cut if they don't perform. Castellanos would be my current 3B backup if things don't work out. How does pitching work in this league? I know you don’t have a ton of pitchers but if that’s the format it makes sense. Also, I've got 6 bench spots that I can use on any batters/pitchers. We start 3 pitchers (SP, RP, and SP/RP) and 9 bats (all fielding positions). I went with 2 bench bats and 4 bench pitchers (so 5 SP and 2 RP overall). If I grab any more pitchers, that'll result in more RP benchings. And if I grab more bats, that just puts me in a situation where I'm sitting more players on days (almost) everyone plays. So I find the 2 and 4 is the best balance. Right now in my league, 3 teams have gone 1 bench bat, 5 teams have gone 2 bench bats, and 2 teams have gone 4 bench bats. Also just reviewing again you may want to look into acquiring more hitting depth. If Beltre gets injured you may be a little light. [pretext]...Kershaw puts you ahead in the pitching category by himself. That's one thing I might consider. 3B is probably my most concerning position (I'm not too worried about replacing a 1B). I'll probably ride it out for now and see how things go, but I could likely give up a pitcher unless they all end up flopping. Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks for the help! To answer your questions/respond to comments: How many teams? 10 Is this roto or H2H? H2H And you only start 3P? Yup. Positions are as shown in the original post. The last couple years we were rolling SP, SP, RP, but this year we decided to make one of the SP spots SP/RP. I had been rolling with two RPs in the past (one was a listed as a SP/RP), and with 5 SPs, I usually would have 1 SP and 2 RP in my lineup each day. One days I have two SP starting on the same day, I bench one of my relief pitchers. In hindsight I probably could have waited to pick up my second RP (Wade Davis went at 104, Ken Giles 137). But then again it might not have made that big of a difference anyway. Probably would have meant that I could have had Wil Myers over Justin Smoak, or Arrieta over Lester, or something like that. I personally think Osuna goes next level and finishes RP2 ahead of Chapman—personal preference. The teams these guys play for is the biggest difference for me. I expect the Yankees to be better than the Blue Jays. Because of that, I expect more save opportunities for Chapman. You could argue that the Blue Jays will have more closer games and that the Yankees are more likely to have a few more blowout wins, but I'm still just going to go for the team with more wins overall. I also think Chapman will get more K per 9. The big concern of course is that Chapman is aging and has several 100+ mph pitches on his arm. But then again Osuna also struggled a bit last year as well. Really no wrong choice here.
  13. As you mentioned, pitching is a pitch of a mess. No closers, and even the setup guys aren't great. Though if you did inherit this team and the team didn't have any closers to begin with, it's kind of hard to acquire one. Starters are kind of the same thing. I like Godley, but not as one of your best pitchers. Also not big on McCullers, but beggars can't be choosers. For your bats, Betts is obviously great to have based on age and how rounded his game is. Dee Gordon is also great to lock up the SB. Beyond that no real standout players. Hopefully Trumbo can contribute a bit more this season. So overall a lot of areas to improve, but you've also probably taken this team quite a ways from where it was when you got it. Hopefully the team keeps trending in the right direction!
  14. Just drafted

    I think the team looks pretty good for 16 teamer. Having Altuve, Blackmon, Posey, and Paxton as keepers was a good start. Marte and Nola look like a great pickup for a 16 teamer with 7 keepers, though I'm assuming your keeper setup is pick based. Also getting 3/4 closers is a big deal, although none are on great teams. I honestly can't give any criticism without comparing it to other teams.
  15. Long story short, I usually draft on my laptop, but it wasn't working, so I drafted on my phone. Threw me off a little as I didn't end up looking up any stats and only had a general idea of what my team needs/wants we throughout the draft. Anyway, this is the team I ended up with. Cats are: Bats: H, R, HR, RBI, AVG, OBP, SB Arms: W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV C - W. Contreras (50th) 1B - J. Smoak (126th) 2B - D. Gordon (36th) 3B - A. Beltre (96th) SS - T. Turner (Keeper, 16th) OF - J. Martinez (Keeper, 26th) OF - M. Ozuna (47th) OF - K. Davis (76th) UTL - M. Castellanos (136th) Bench - Y. Moncada (146th) Bench - M. Olson (156th) SP - C. Kershaw (Keeper, 6th) RP - K. Jensen (46th) P - A. Chapman (66th) Bench - J. Paxton (70th) Bench - J. Lester (86th) Bench - D. Price (91st) Bench - G. Gonzalez (166th) Personal assessment/comments: 1) I probably shouldn't have went with Gordon as my first pick where I already have Turner. I was hoping to getting Strasburg, who went right before I picked. Bregman was the other guy I was considering that I probably should have went with. At the time I was thinking the 2B was more valuable than 3B, SS (didn't need to SS part as much with Turner). But Bregman probably fit my team better, has more upside, and would have given me a backup SS. Also, I figured I was going to draft Moncada at some point so I shouldn't have worried as much about getting a 2B. 2) General comment: Hoskins went right before I picked up Jensen and Ozuna... 3) I had the choice between Contreras and Posey and went with Contreras. Was that the right move? Contreras and trending upwards while Posey is trending downwards, but Posey is multi-positioned and likely to play more games, right? 4) General comment: Kimbrel and Posey went right before I picked up Chapman. Part of the reason why I went Contreras is Posey was ranked lower and I thought I might be able to pick him up as a backup catcher/1B. If I didn't get him, I was hoping to pick up Kimbrel. Anyway, I was still fine with Chapman here anyway. Figured having Kershaw, Jensen, and Chapman would be a good enough start where I could focus on getting more bats on my next picks and worry about pitching near the end of the draft. There probably wasn't a huge difference between the upcoming guys and guys near the end. 5) I ended up taking pitchers with 3 out of my next 4 picks. So much for that plan. I went with Paxton, Lester, and Price. Higher risk guys, but given my options I like these picks. 6) I usually try to get enough multi-position players so that I have at least 2 at every position (and 5 OF). Right now, I don't have a backup for SS and C. The C is less of an issue as I was prepared to go with one if I didn't get both Posey and Contreras, but I kind of with a had an extra SS. Not really a way I can address this now without eliminating the backup of another position or finding someone that plays everywhere in the infield. 7) I'm thinking my biggest strengths (I think) is SB and SV. I also would like to believe I should be above average in H, R, AVG, W, ERA, and WHIP. 8) My biggest weaknesses (I think) are probably HR and RBI. I'm not really sure where I'm at with OBP and K. Anyway, let me know what you think of my personal assessment and what your own assessment is. All comments are appreciated!!