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  1. QB start week 3: Rogers or Ryan

    I still would have started Rodgers over Ryan. Easier to question in hindsight. But I don't think many people had the Redskins winning by 14 and keeping the Packers under 20 points. I also don't think Atlanta putting up 37 points, with all TDs being passing TDs, was expected either. Josh Allen also had a better night than Rodgers, but I definitely wouldn't have started him over Rodgers either.
  2. Give Mahomes get Beckham!

    Definitely get OBJ if you can.
  3. RB depth depleted!

    I'd drop Ross for a RB. Like you said, you need RB help. So I'd try to resolve that issue by taking chances on as many RB as you can. Someone will break through. If you want to trade D. Thomas, set your sights lower. Someone like Hyde or Lynch would be closer to his value.
  4. Who to start? Sony Michel or Marvin Jones

    I like Marvin Jones. I just think playing any NE RB at this point is a risky play.
  5. rich at qb! What to do?

    Throw either of them up on the trading block and see what kind of offers you get. I doubt you would be able to pull anything off for a top guy, but you never know. There's nothing wrong with holding onto both of them either. As mentioned, you can still stream based on matchups and you'll need someone for bye weeks. I have Mahomes and Wentz myself and have no issue holding onto both of them.
  6. WR2 Hogan Tate or Sanders WHIR

    I'd just go with your gut. Either of them are decent options. I would lean Hogan because the Pats offense is better and that he should be competing with fewer guys for catches (J. Gordon is out, so Hogan/Gronk should be the primary targets). That being said... it is the Pats. For all we know Matthew Slater will be the WR1 and Hogan will go without a target. Stranger things have happened. So Tate might be the safer play.
  7. Tate, Golladay or Hogan? STD

    Either Tate or Hogan. I want to lean Hogan because I think the Pats will be the better offense on the night. J. Gordon is also out, so Hogan/Gronk will likely see most of the targets.
  8. Use #1 waiver on Calvin Ridley?

    I don't think so. Or at least I wouldn't drop any of those guys for Ridley anyway.
  9. Luck or Wilson?

    I'd take Wilson vs DAL over Luck @ PHI.
  10. Ryan or Bortles

    Play Ryan and DJ

    I'd go with Breida. I don't trust the productivity of Bortles.