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  1. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 1 - Standard leagueBoyd @ LACJ. Wilson vs DEN Ware Watson Michel, TY, Diggs Ridley
  2. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 1 - Standard leagueBoyd @ LACJ. Wilson vs DEN I like John Brown this week. He hasn't done much lately, but that KC defense isn't great. Also a bit worried about Gallup seeing limited action where he's sick. WR - M. Thomas, TY, Sutton RB - Mixon, Jones Flex - Michel You definitely have to go with 3 RB with the guys you have. I am really torn between Jones, Michel, and Ingram, but of the three I think Ingram has the lowest floor so he'd be my sit. James White. He's been a top 10 RB all season long. ASYS. Ingram is the better back hands down. The issue is always with his usage, splitting touches with Kamara. Given Ware could also potentially be in a committee (to some extent) himself and that I expect the NO vs TB matchup to be high scoring, I'd be going with Ingram. Coutee is out, so obviously not him. I think I'd go Tre'Quan. Though both are really in a similar situation where they'll be boom/bust. Amendola. Vance isn't one of those "elite" TE I'd start over a WR. Steelers. Ware. I think he'll have more touches and plays on a better offense, even though they are facing a good Ravens defense. Chubb. Don't overthink it. Chubb's a top 10 RB that should get a ton of touches. Cohen's been good, but still competing for touches with Howard. I'd go Gus for the reasons you've said. Gus should get the volume and Drake hasn't been great all season. Ryan easily. I'd go Michel. He's got a better track record. Just because Wilson will be given a great opportunity, doesn't mean he ends up taking advantage of it. Michel is the safer bet. Gus. I like the matchup better and think he might be the better back.
  3. Last call!! Wentz or Trubisky???

    I'd be going Wentz myself. The main reason being that I have more confidence in the Philly offense vs DAL than the CHI offense vs the Rams.
  4. Lineup advice- 1st round playoffs

    Rodgers, Diggs, Ingram.
  5. Pick the Best Home Run Play

    Not Pettis. Like the others have been saying, probably Tre'Quan given the Saints are going up against the TB, which could be a high scoring matchup. If we weren't looking solely at upside I think Ware would be the start though. Strong KC offense and being the lead RB gives him a good floor. And he also still has a strong upside, as getting a couple TDs definitely isn't out of the question. So really depends how far back you are, but I wouldn't mind going with Ware here.
  6. Ugh lost too many players, help at WR2 Whir!

    1. Ridley - WR2 on the best offense of the bunch in what should be a high scoring game. 2. Goodwin - WR1, but on a weak offense. With Breida out I could see him getting healthy targets, so the potential is there. Just tough to trust over Ridley. 3. Conley - TD dependant and the matchup isn't great, but with this kind of KC offense the odds at getting a TD are pretty good. 4. Samuel - Funchess will likely see more snaps this week and DJ Moore also has a healthy presence. I see him taking more of a WR3 role. 5. Pettis - I think Pettis takes a hit with Goodwin returning. And that's not a great SF offense to begin with.
  7. Which 2 WW RBs should I start? WHIR

    Wilson and Samuels for me. I think Ekeler is a larger threat to Jackson that what Wilson and Samuels have to deal with.
  8. Week 14 TE: Burton or McDonald? WHIR

    I'd go McDonald. It is matchup based, but also with Conner out could see more passing in this game than usual. And I just think he's got a better chance at catching a TD than Burton.
  9. TE help WHIR

    I'd go Brate this week, but I'd also drop CJ for Burton. As disappointed as you might have been with Burton, he's still a top 10 fantasy TE given how thin the position is this year. He'll definitely have some busts, but he's a better bet than most.
  10. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 1 - Standard leagueBoyd @ LACJ. Wilson vs DEN 1. Landry - Should be the best volume of the group. Not overly excited about him, but his floor should be decent. Volume = 1st, TD = 3rd/4th 2. Godwin - TB has a good passing offense, and NO has an okay defense. Still expecting this to be a high scoring game. Volume = 2nd/3rd, TD = 1st/2nd 3. Conley - He's TD dependant. And they're going up against a strong BAL defense. But on this KC offense, his shot at getting a TD is pretty good. Volume = 4th/5th, TD = 1st/2nd 4. Z. Jones - I really don't like the BUF offense, but the matchup is decent and Zay is getting decent volume. Volume = 2nd/3rd, TD = 3rd/4th 5. Pettis - He had a good week with Goodwin and Garcon out, but Goodwin is expected to play this week. So he'll likely be a WR2 on a SF offense that isn't much of a threat against DEN. Volume = 4th/5th, TD = 5th So I'd go Landry and Godwin. Definitely not Ebron. Leaning Ingram given that the NO offense should shred TB, but where it is PPR it does make it closer. There is some worries about Samuels jumping right into Conners role (could be a committee) and I don't think the CHI offense performs as well this week against LAR as the NO offense vs TB. I think I'd still reluctantly go Landry. I've just go more confident in Baker than I do Eli. I'm good with Cooper at WR given that I think he's the best WR of the group. Godwin is tempting given that I think he'll be in a higher scoring matchup, but I still think Cooper is your best bet. And with OBJ out, I think Engram is a good play at TE. For your RB and Flex, I'm torn between Jackson, Adams, and Godwin. I am a bit unsure about Jackson's volume, so I think I'd go Adams and Godwin. I'd go Landry. And no, I don't think I'd start Thompson until he gives us a reason to start him.
  11. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 2 (min 1 TE) - Standard leagueGronk @ MIA - TE eligible J. Samuels @ OAK - TE eligibleBoyd @ LAC DJ Moore @ CLETate @ DALJ. Wilson vs DEN I think it has to be either RSJ other Thomas. I think I'd go Thomas. But really at this point your just playing TE roulette. Pick one and hope for the best. I'd be going with Woods. ASYS. I'm thinking the offense of the Rams, Goff, and Woods has a better night against CHI than the Bengals, Driskel, and Boyd against LAC. Cam, Edelman. Richard. I'd go Dak. I feel like I have a somewhat similar dilemma. There might be some Pats fan bias here, but I'd go Edelman. I'd go Watson and DJ Moore. Just more consistent production from Watson, and I'm really not liking Drake at all this year. Stick with Lutz. Kickers are unpredictable so who knows. But I wouldn't worry too much about the weather. Could also result in more field goals being kicked. Rams. They've got the better fantasy D and the Bears don't worry me too much. Ingram, J. Samuels, and Reynolds. Sit Jackson Ryan, Sutton.
  12. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 2 (min 1 TE) - Standard leagueGronk @ MIA - TE eligible J. Samuels @ OAK - TE eligibleBoyd @ LAC DJ Moore @ CLETate @ DAL J. Wilson vs DEN Sanders tore his achilles, so go with Ware. I'm thinking Ware. Both are kind of in a similar situation, but I think Ware is the better back. I would argue that Chubb also isn't benchable at this point. So between the two, I think I'd go Chubb. Simply his volume is still higher than Lindsay. He's been getting low 20s for touches and Lindsay's been mid-to-high teens. Both are easily top 10 RBs though. Michel. Rodgers. Winston is intriguing, but still more confidence in Rodgers. Allen shouldn't even be in the conversation. Goff. I simply think the Rams win that game. Since it's PPR I'm leaning Wilson or Boyd. I'm really kind of in the same boat except it's standard. I'd go with Wilson right now, but could be convinced otherwise. I like Ware here. Hard not to go with that KC offense, even if they are up against BAL. I'd sit Blount. Herndon. Since it's PPR I'd be going Boyd. I'd go Humphries. Really not that high on the other two. Ware, Ekeler, Tate. The one I'm mulling over the most is your WR, but I'd take a shot on him. I probably would have went with C. Davis here, given he's the only one that's really shown any promise of a good return, even though in hindsight it didn't work out. But if you didn't start him, then I'd go with Tre'Quan. Enunwa shouldn't be rostered in most leagues right now, and Burton doesn't provide a WR level return.
  13. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    Start 2 (min 1 TE) - Standard league J. Samuels @ OAK - TE eligible Gronk @ MIA - TE eligible Boyd @ LAC Tate @ DAL DJ Moore @ CLE
  14. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 13

    This will likely be a weekly question from here on out. Choose 3 to start (Sit 2): Breida @ SEA Ingram @ DAL Kerryon vs LAR Lindsay @ CIN Michel vs MIN I'm thinking I'll probably sit Kerryon anyway this week given he's still hurt and might not play, but really not sure about my other sit. I'm liking Breida and Sanders. Lamar would be a close #3. Hilton, Cooper, Edelman, and Lindsay are locks if healthy/playing. So really the question is who your other WR and Flex should be. I think I'd go Reynolds and Humphries. Really the entire group is very TD dependant, so I think these are the two with the best odds at a TD. I guess I'd go Gostkowski as I see him kicking more field goals (Butker more PATs). But really doesn't matter here. Humphries, since Cleveland doesn't want to use Landry. Go with White and Gordon. Don't overthink it. It's between sitting DJ and Adams for me. Where it's PPR I'd be sitting Adams. I just don't think his volume will be as high as the rest. Reynolds. Kerryon may be back which would make this an easier decision. But even if he isn't Theo is still competing for touches with Blount and Zenner. I'd go J. Gordon and Luck. I have more confidence in the Pats offense than Tennessee (even though the Pats are playing Minny). And Luck has had more reliable production. I'm liking Winston, but still more of an unnecessary gamble to start him imo. Brees for sure. See comments above, but even moreso where Brees is the other option. The only QB in the league that should even be considered to start over Brees right now is Mahomes. Sit Coleman if AJG is playing. If AJG is out then he's obviously the sit.
  15. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 13

    This will likely be a weekly question from here on out. Choose 3 to start (Sit 2): Breida @ SEA Ingram @ DAL Kerryon vs LAR Lindsay @ CIN Michel vs MIN I'm thinking I'll probably sit Kerryon anyway this week given he's still hurt and might not play, but really not sure about my other sit.
  16. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 12

    Which 4 to start? (i.e. Sit 1) Conner @ DEN - 7.50 points Ingram vs ATL - 6.60 points Michel @ NYJ - 20.50 points Breida @ TB - 14.00 points Lindsay vs PIT - 17.00 points In case y'all were wondering, I sat Michel. Ended up squeaking out a win on the last drive of the Packers/Vikings game (Had Adams, won by 1.02 points). Before asking anyone I was originally planning on sitting Lindsay (who also had a good game, but still shy of Michel's total). Nevertheless, way too close for comfort. Gotta pick up your game guys! I'm fighting for a first round bye. [Kidding of course. I ultimately set my lineup, and hindsight is 20/20.]
  17. Where Did the Timestamp Go?

    I believe it shows posted just now if it's under a minute, posted X minutes ago if it's under an hour, posted X hours ago if it's under 24 hours, posted yesterday at XX:XX if posted under 48 hours ago, posted [day of week] at XX:XX if posted less than a week ago, date if posted longer than that but in the current year, and date with year if posted outside of the current year. Examples: Posted just now Posted 48 minutes ago Posted 12 hours ago Posted yesterday at 1:00pm Posted Thursday at 3:15pm Posted November 11 Posted October 15, 2017 And as you mentioned, if you hover over the posting you get the entire timestamp (i.e. 11/24/18 at 07:21pm). Maybe this was a change from how it used to be, but this is how it is now. Honestly would just be easier to put the timestamp down and have people figure out how long ago that was.
  18. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 12

    Which 3 to start? (i.e. Sit 1) Conner @ DEN Michel @ NYJ Breida @ TB Lindsay vs PIT Shady and Lockett. Sanders Good call here. Go with Brown. I like Brate this week. And for sure you've got to start Michel.
  19. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 12

    Which 3 to start? (i.e. Sit 1) Conner @ DEN Michel @ NYJ Breida @ TB Lindsay vs PIT I go Gordon. Sanders has struggled so far since DT left. Brady has a man crush of Josh. Baker. Better matchup and I really don't trust Eli at all. I'd take a shot on Adams here. Lamar. Really close between him and Kittle, but I'd have a hard time going with a TE here. I remember answering something similar to this in another post. Though I think you had Tyrell Williams as a WR option. Out of the three listed, I'd go Samuel. But I'd go Tyrell over all of them. The Jalen and doesn't really matter at D (Jags I guess). Sutton. The TDs have been there for Fitz lately, but the yardage hasn't been. Not at all confident in the ARI offense against LAC enough to bank of on TD from Fitz. Doyle. Coutee is no longer listed as questionable, so I'd go with him. Gordon. I'd go Gus. Not high on Duke. Been really TD dependant. Baldwin if he's good to go. If not, David Moore. Chargers RB and Josh. I hate both options, but I guess Westbrook. Ekeler, regardless whether Gordon players or not.
  20. Half PPR: C. Samuel, John Ross, or MVS...WHIR

    I'd go with Samuel. A bit concerned about MVS' usage if Cobb returns. And not a fan of the matchup.
  21. I agree with @mhavens. I think AJG is more valuable to your lineup than any upgrade DJ would give you over Lindsay.
  22. Team to Post Highest Week 12 Total Points. WHIR.

    I'd be more concerned about the fact Winston has already lost his starting job twice this season. And I don't buy in too much to stats against a specific team over multiple years. This isn't the same Seahawks D that won the superbowl. They're still good and definitely a tougher matchup than what Winston is facing, but Cam's the better QB. Set him and forget him until Winston can start showing some consistency.
  23. My team: 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 DEF, 7 Bench, 1 IR QB: Wentz, Mahomes (bye) WR: AB, Adams, Boyd, Hill (bye), Tate, Sutton, DJ Moore RB: Conner, Ingram, Michel, Breida, Lindsay, Kerryon (IR) TE: Gronk K: Elliott DEF: Buffalo vs JAX, Minnesota vs GB If Gronk is unable to play, do I drop: Buffalo Tate Sutton DJ Moore Right now I'm leaning Buffalo because I'd like to see at least another week out of the 3 WR before I drop someone (I would like to have another TE as security). But that would leave me with Minnesota vs GB in my lineup. Anyway, let me know what you think!
  24. Team to Post Highest Week 12 Total Points. WHIR.

    So if I understand your setup correctly, you really should be looking for high floor players, not upside players. You just need to be "above average" to get in that top 6 and win your matchup... you don't need to be 1st. So really you just want to avoid as many busts as possible. With that in mind, I'd be going with the following: - Winston, would be you're "upside" play, but again I just think you need a safe play. Cam should be your starter here. - I like Tyrell here. Should be able to produce against ARI. MVS' matchup scares me a bit, and I don't have a whole lot of confidence in Samuel. Also don't really want to double down on the CAR offense. - I do with Jalen. Drake's usage scares me. Not big on the WRs. - I don't think you can go wrong here. Both good defenses and both are against bad offenses with rookie QBs that get sacked a lot. I'd go with Jacksonville though if I had to choose.
  25. Who to drop if Gronk is out?

    He did say he's "good to go", but players are always optimistic about their status. He's had enough time off and should be good to go, but he's still being listed as questionable. And it is Gronk. If he sleeps the wrong way that questionable quickly switches to doubtful, so I want to be ready if he can't go.