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  1. I'd say I got pretty close with my prediction.
  2. Do I get bonus points for the added detail?
  3. I'd say my first half prediction was pretty close. Hopefully I'm right about the second half as well!
  4. Conference Championship Patriots - 27 Jaguars - 20 I think this is going to be a good game. Jags are going to come out strong, with Fournette scoring early, and the defense is going to keep Brady in check. Jags lead 13-7 at half. But Brady and Belichick are going to do what they do and adapt. They figure it out and come out on top 27-20. Vikings - 21 Eagles - 17 Toss up for me. I'm going Minny mainly because I'd like to see them play in the Super Bowl in front of their home crowd. Super Bowl Patriots - 28 Vikings - 17 "All I do is win win win no matter whatGot money on my mind I can never get enoughAnd every time I step up in the buildin'Everybody hands go upAnd they stay there" Pats just doin' what the Pats do... which is win. Another Vince Lombardi Trophy going back to New England.
  5. Trade Offer

    Both healthy, I like Hall a little bit better. Where your in a points league, I'm thinking the only difference in the secondary stats are that Hall might get more shots and Scheifele might do better in the +/- (though that really depends on how well NJ/WPG are playing). So you can almost ignore those stats and just focus on goals/assists/points. I like Hall a little bit better because I think he's finally playing up to his potential alongside Nico Hischier. Nico has more scoring ability than Nuge, who was more of a pass-first kind of player, so the defensive can't cheat as much to Hall now as they have in the past when he was in Edmonton. Plus, I also think Hall's been allowed to go wild offensively playing in front of a stronger defensive team with Schneider in net than he has in the past. I do think Scheifele will continue to be a strong offensive player, but I'm thinking Winnipeg's really trying to morph him into a strong all around player that can go up against the top offenses in the league. So I just feel a little bit better about Hall's ability to produce going forward than Scheifele. But there really isn't a wrong answer here. If you do decide to go with Scheifele though, I'd wait until he gets healthy. I know that the offer might come off the table by then, but I don't see the benefit in making this move with Scheifele hurt.
  6. With Crawford out, it looks like I'll need to pick up a goalie for the rest of the season. Here are my options: James Reimer - This is who I've been riding with so far. Florida's not the best team in the league, but I like them better than Vancouver right now. Plus, with Luongo out, Riemer's been getting plenty of starts. My concern is what his role will be when Luongo returns in February. Jacob Markstrom - Probably the most secure role of the group of goalies listed here. I just don't think Vancouver will be winning many games going forward. Jonathan Bernier - He's been playing well during Colorado's 8-game win streak. I don't think this kind of success will continue, but I do like Colorado over Florida and Vancouver. What I'm really is who will be the starting goalie in Colorado once Varlamov returns, which is expected to be pretty soon. Anton Forsberg / Jeff Glass - Despite the disappointing first half of the season, and the loss of Corey Crawford, I still feel better about Chicago than these other teams for the rest of the season. However, I'm not sure if Chicago plans on making one of these guys a starter (likely Forsberg) or just rotate back and forth between the two. Anybody else know more about this goalie situation? Nobody - I could avoid a 3rd goalie and add another skater to my lineup. My other goalies are Vasilevsky and Murray. But generally speaking I like having 3, as it gives me a better chance at winning the wins and shutout categories. Btw, we use two starting goalie spots. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  7. 3rd Round of Playoffs Lineup Help

    You're lineup looks good. You're basically banking on production from the Jags (5 players) and the Eagles (4 players).You could play Foles over Bortles, but it just depends on which passing game you trust more.
  8. Playoff lineup

    I'd rather have team 1. I just think the NE will get the most production of the remaining teams.
  9. Fantasy Basketball Noob... Any Advice?

    Added Aminu, dropped Chriss.
  10. So I ended up writing quite a bit. If you don't want to read it all, just look at the areas I highlighted in bold. I'm in a 10 team, 18 player (2x6 = 12 starter) + 1IR, 3 keeper, 8-cat league. I'm going to be honest, I'm out to lunch when it comes to fantasy basketball. I also traded picks 4, 5 and 6 last year, so I was at a disadvantage right from the get go. What I'm wondering is if there are any categories I should focus on or punt, specific players to drop/add/trade, or any other advice that might be able to help me out. My team is shown below: Player (Season Avg. Rank) -- POS --- FG%__ FT%__ 3PT__ PTS__ REB__ AST__ ST__ BLK CP3 (8) --------------------------- PG --------- .455__ .920__ 2.6__ 18.6__ 5.7__ 9.2__ 1.9__ 0.4 Klay (32) ------------------------- SG/SF --- .481__ .893__ 3.3__ 20.5__ 4.1__ 2.6__ 0.7__ 0.6 Khris Middleton (37) ------ SG/SF --- .460__ .886__ 2.0__ 20.0__ 5.0__ 4.3__ 1.2__ 0.1 Otto Porter (45) ------------- SF/PF --- .491__ .821__ 1.8__ 14.1__ 6.3__ 1.8__ 1.6__ 0.6 Donovan Mitchell (47) --- PG/SG -- .438__ .854__ 2.3__ 18.8__ 3.4__ 3.4__ 1.5__ 0.5 Kanter (57) --------------------- C ---------- .602__ .869__ 0.0__ 13.5__ 10.1__ 1.3__ 0.6__ 0.5 Caldwell-Pope (81) -------- SG/SF --- .406__ .759__ 2.0__ 13.3__ 4.8__ 2.1__ 1.8__ 0.3 Justin Holiday (90) -------- SG/SF --- .382__ .827__ 2.4__ 13.6__ 4.6__ 2.3__ 1.1__ 0.7 Kuzma (95) -------------------- SF/PF --- .459__ .737__ 2.0__ 16.7__ 6.3__ 1.8__ 0.5__ 0.5 Zach Randolph (99) ------- PF/C ----- .493__ .778__ 0.7__ 15.0__ 7.0__ 2.1__ 0.8__ 0.2 Kelly Olynyk (101) ---------- PF/C ----- .503__ .767__ 1.3__ 10.4__ 5.8__ 2.1__ 0.9__ 0.5 Jeremy Lamb (104) ------- SG/SF --- .449__ .856__ 1.2__ 14.3__ 4.7__ 2.5__ 0.8__ 0.4 TJ McConnell (112) ------- PG -------- .527__ .824__ 0.4__ 7.1__ 3.4__ 4.7__ 1.3__ 0.3 Delon Wright (117) -------- PG/SG -- .503__ .906__ 0.7__ 8.9__ 3.0__ 2.5__ 1.1__ 0.6 Jusuf Nurkic (122) --------- C ---------- .464__ .649__ 0.0__ 14.7__ 7.9__ 1.9__ 0.7__ 1.3 Tyler Johnson (123) ------ PG/SG -- .425__ .873__ 1.6__ 12.1__ 3.6__ 2.2__ 0.8__ 0.6 Marquese Chriss (197) -- PF/C ----- .419__ .620__ 0.8__ 7.2__ 5.0__ 1.3__ 0.7__ 0.1 Bismack Biyombo (244) - PF/C ---- .527__ .623__ 0.0__ 5.4__ 5.7__ 0.5__ 0.2__ 1.2 Season average ------------------- .465__ .804__ 1.4__ 13.6__ 5.4__ 2.7__ 1.0__ 0.6 IR - Mike Conley (118) ---- PG ------- .381__ .803__ 2.0__ 17.1__ 2.3__ 4.1__ 1.0__ 0.3 Available players: Al-Farouq Aminu DeMarre Carroll Michael Beasley Shabazz Napier Tyrone Wallace Gerald Green JaMychal Green Manu Ginobili De'Aaron Fox *Nerlens Noel *Gordon Hayward etc. Additional info: Multi-Sport League This is actually a multi-sport league where the overall standings are based off where we finish in our four fantasy leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). The buy-in is $50, with the top 3 teams in the overall standings getting paid (1st $250, 2nd $100, and 3rd $50). The winner of an individual league also gets $25. Note that the top 6 teams in each league make the playoffs, and that you can make inter-league trades (i.e. bad NFL player and good NBA for good NFL and bad NBA). Where I'm at right now, it's doubtful that I'll win the NBA league this year. However, I may be able to position myself into the top 3 overall. So my goal is to set myself up the best way I can for next year while still trying to shoot for 3rd place in our overall standings. Add/drop Right now I'm thinking about dropping Chriss and adding Aminu. I like Biyombo's value with Vucevic out (averaging a double-double over the last two weeks) and Wright with Lowry out. When Conley returns, Wright will likely be the guy to go, but we'll see when that time comes. I'm also thinking about picking up Noel and throwing him on the IR when Conley gets healthy (barring any other significant injuries). Then when Noels returns, I may consider picking up Hayward just in case he does end up returning before the season is over, but that would take up my IR spot for the rest of the season. Of course these guys could be swooped up before then, but that's my plan right now. Trades I'm considering shopping CP3. This is mainly because he's getting older, he's been injury prone, and I'm thinking he's probably at a high right now with Harden out. But I'm not really sure who to target and what's a realistic return for him. Kawhi, Wall, Boogie, Butler, Kyrie, Lillard, Oladipo, Porzingis... and more ambitiously Giannis, Westbrook, and Anthony Davis are some names that come to mind. My keeper situation also isn't great, so if there's a way to somehow package some players together to fix that situation, that would be ideal. Also, someone has show interest in my NHL Shea Weber. For those who don't know, Weber's pre-season rank was 44, his season avg rank is 29 (which ranks 4th amongst defensemen), he's an older player (32 yo), and he's currently hurt (out until at least February and won't be rushed back because he's on a non-playoff team). My NBA comparable for value would be somewhere between a Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge. Weber was a keeper for me. The guy that was interested in him has Butler, Oladipo, Kyrie, Horford, and Teague. I'm wondering who of this bunch I should target. Thanks in advance for your help!! I also usually try to return the favour, but my NBA fantasy knowledge is limited so I'm not going to provide bad advice on something I don't know. If you do need help in hockey, football, and baseball (to a lesser degree), leave a link and I'll see what I can do.
  11. Klay and wall for booker, lyles and murray

    Don't do it. I think I'd still rather own Wall than Booker at this point. But you could make an argument Booker. Either way it's close. So I see you essentially giving up Klay for Lyles and Murray. And who else do you have on your team? I think I'd be adding Gobert and Mirotic anyway unless your team is completely stacked.
  12. General Rule of Thumb - WHIR

    Benintendi is probably a 4th round pick. So if he took him in the first two rounds over guys like Judge, Seager, Ramirez, Lindor, Springer, etc. then it's kind of hard to assess how you did. But either way I like the trade that you made. Something like C. Seager + Hosmer for Arenado + D. Murphy is what it should work out to in value.
  13. General Rule of Thumb - WHIR

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Really have to look at who you realistically think will be available in those spots and look at it from a player perspective. For example, let's assume it's a 10 team league and you have the following picks: 1.02 2.09 3.02 4.09 etc. I would probably offer 1.02 and 4.09 for 1.09 and 2.02. That would probably result in something like Altuve/Arenado + Marte/Hoskins for Correa/T.Turner + Bryant/Machado. Now I'm not sure if the other side would take that; I'd be willing to provide them with a move up later in the draft if needed. But that's the kind of value I'd be looking for.
  14. Who's my drop?

    I'd drop Chriss. I think Aminu is the best of the group, Biyombo should continue to produce with Vucevic out, and Hollis-Jefferson has been more consistent than Chriss. I personally own Biyombo, and just dropped Chriss for Aminu... if that helps at all. But I would still keep an eye on Chriss. Biyombo will lose his value when Vucevic comes back, so if he's still available could maybe resort back to Chriss in a couple of weeks.
  15. We're at the midpoint of the season, so I figured now would be a good time to look at some of the guys contending for rookie of the year. Based on what I've seen, here are some of the guys in contention. Matthew Barzal Brock Boeser Alex DeBrincat Yanni Gourde Danton Heinen Nico Hischier Clayton Keller Charlie McAvoy Mikhail Sergachev ...anyone else you can think of. So my questions are: 1. Who are your top 3 contenders? 2. Who is your mid-season winner? 3. Who wins it at the end of the year?
  16. Mid-season Calder Conversation

    I should probably say my picks as well. 1. I think the three finalists at the end of the year are going to be Brock Boeser, Charlie McAvoy and Matthew Barzal. Boeser lead all rookies in points when I initially created this thread with 40, but has recently been passed by Barzal. He still sits at #2 with nearly a point per game. He's been good defensively, with a decent plus/minus of -2 on a bad Vancouver team (his linemates are -10 or worse). But the biggest thing is that he's been the best play on Vancouver this season and really the only bright spot on the team. Being able to take over the team like that as a rookie deserves a lot of credit. McAvoy is the top defenseman on Boston, period. Ignore the fact he's a rookie, he's playing on the top pairing, lugging PP minutes, PK minutes, playing against the oppositions top players on a nightly basis... and succeeding. He's been a big part of the Bruins success this season. What will hurt him is that he's only put up average points (21, which is only 3rd amongst rookie D) and that his strong stats are things like plus/minus and TOI, which aren't as "sexy" on paper. Barzal is the current rookie leader with 44 points, which is a point per game. He's provided a strong 1-2 punch down the middle in NYI along with Tavares, something the Isles have been looking for for awhile. If he's able to help push the Isles into the playoffs, he'll likely get a stronger consideration for the Calder. Sergachev would be my #4, but I think his lack of ice time will hurt him. He'll have a larger role in the upcoming weeks with Hedman out, so he might be able to prove he's worth more minutes in that time. But if not he'll probably go back to his current role picking up a few PP minutes and moderate time 5-on-5. Keller is also someone who was maybe the Calder winner by the end of November, but has slipped a little bit on a bad Arizona team. My sleepers would be Danton Heinen, who has been really hot of late after playing part of the season in the AHL, DeBrincat if he gets put on a line with Toews or Kane and performs like Panarin did, and Hischier is NJ continues to roll. 2. My mid-season winner would be Brock Boeser. To me he just edges out McAvoy, though if it did come down to an actual vote I think he'd probably win a little easier just because of his points (which is an easy metric and common measure for voters to use). Ultimately the difference for me is that Brock was able to become the best player on Vancouver and succeed on a team that hasn't been strong. Although McAvoy has been great, he hasn't been quite as dominant as Boeser has been. 3. My end of season winner is Charlie McAvoy. This is who I think will ultimately be the most deserving in my own mind, not necessarily who I think will win. As mentioned, McAvoy doesn't have the outstanding points, which might hurt him. But the reason why I think he surpasses Boeser is because I think he'll be the more consistent player the rest of the way. If Boeser is able to finish with a point per game or better at the end of the season, then he probably wins. But I just have a feeling he'll drop off somewhere along the road as other teams start to match up against him better and make it harder for him to produce. I also think McAvoy's minutes will continue to increase as the season progresses and that he'll be able to polish up his stat line a little better than it is now. As well, going into the season the Bruins had huge question marks surrounding their D core. With Chara aging, Torey Krug was probably your top guy pre-season. So to be able to take over the Bruins D squad, which ranks 2nd in goals against, and to take a team that should have been fighting for a wild card spot (I had them missing the playoffs) and put them in a secure playoff spot... I think that has value. I know he hasn't been the only reason for their success, but he's been a big part of it. I'm also a Bruins fan, so yes I'm biased. But I think the top D emerges over the top forward unless he continues to be a dominant force in the league.
  17. Pick three keepers from the list below. League is H2H, categories are: Hits, Runs, RBI, HR, AVG, OBP, Steals W, K, ERA, WHIP, Saves Xander Bogaerts Clayton Kershaw J. D. Martinez Daniel Murphy Buster Posey Robbie Ray Victor Robles Jonathan Schoop Noah Syndergaard Gleybar Torres Trea Turner
  18. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Overall love the assessment. I'm on the same page with slightly different outcomes. I'm going NO simply because I think Ingram/Kamara/Brees/Thomas find a way to get it done against one of the best defenses in the league.
  19. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    New England - 38 Tennessee - 13 Atlanta - 27 Philly - 24 Pittsburgh - 27 Jacksonville - 9 New Orleans - 25 Minnesota - 16
  20. 2nd Round of Playoffs Lineup Help

    Play Saints DST For DST it's between Saints and Falcons. I'd base your decision based on whatever offense you think it worse, PHI with Foles or MIN with Keenum. I still think Philly has a decent offense (though obviously not the same without Wentz), so I'd go with the Saints vs MIN. Prediction: Saints hold the Vikings to under 20 points. Both Philly and Atlanta score 20+. Play Amendola I'd also put Amendola in the lineup. Not the most impressive stats throughout the season, but I'm expecting big nights from almost all NE receivers against one of the best run / worst passing defenses in the league. Hogan isn't 100%, so I wouldn't be surprised if Amendola sees a decent amount of targets. Prediction: Amendola gets 8 targets, 6 receptions, 65 yards, 1 TD. Sit Dede My sit would be Dede. I don't feel comfortable at all with Jacksonville's pass game... especially against PIT. To me, for Jacksonville to win that game, they've got to hold PIT under 20 points and have a big night out of Fournette (similar to when the beat them in week 5). But I don't see that happening this time around. If you do feel better about Jacksonville's passing game than I do, then Westbrook is the receiver to go with on that squad, and Ted Ginn Jr. would be the guy to sit. Minnesota has one of the best defenses in the league, and given how far Ginn is down the depth chart and the run game NO has this season, I like my chances with Amendola better. Prediction: Jacksonville doesn't score a single passing TD in the game. Hope this helps!!!
  21. Kershaw and Trea are the two I'm 99.99% sure I'm keeping at this point. And as of right now, I'm leaning towards keeping Thor as my third guy. I typically value pitching more, as there usually seems to be more bats that emerge in the FA pool than arms. But Thor's lengthy injury does have me worried about the player he'll be next season. If I were to avoid Thor, I had Bogaerts in my head as the next guy up. Mainly has to do with the fact he's a SS, which is typically a tough position to fill, he's young, and he should be on a good Red Sox team. Posey was someone else who caught my eye, because after the top 3 or so catchers there's a huge drop off in usage and talent. But he's not as strong of a bat as the other guys and I should be able to draft him if I really want him. I initially had JD further down the line because he's an OF, which is typically an easy position to fill, and he's 30. A drop off in talent and possible move to DH (which is where he'll probably be if he plays for the Red Sox) could happen. But there has been a lot of hype around him, which is why I included him above. And where I'm keeping Turner, having someone that can give me HR and RBI would be nice. Anyway, the point in me asking was to get a sense of what other people were thinking. I am considering JD now more than I was before. I guess my new question is, why pick JD over Thor and Bogaerts? Thanks for all the comments so far!!!
  22. What Keepers to hold onto for next year

    I'm leaning Murray and Carlson. I haven't played with a scoring system quite like yours, so take this with a grain of salt, but in general I like to address the positions that are hardest to fill first. Goalies are more valuable than D, which are more valuable than wingers, which are more valuable than centers... generally speaking. Now by the looks of things, you only get to start one goalie (?), which would make it understandable just to take one goalie. But even then I think I would take 2 just because given that your other keeper options are nothing spectacular and that both LAK and PIT have decent chances at being good teams next season. And in a 12 team league with 5 keepers, I'm assuming the top 12+ goalies will be kept. So before the draft starts your 2nd goalie options are slim, which means you'll either have to draft one early or windup up with a backup goalie / starter for a bad team as your #2 goalie. If you do have 2 or more starting goalie spots, then definitely keep Murray. For your other keeper pick, I'm not really sure. Carlson, Sergachev, Ekblad, Trocheck, Couture, and Barzal caught my eye. I think I'd probably lean towards a defenseman. I'm saying Carlson mainly because he's the #1 D on a team that can score, but I also see the upside and potential in Sergachev. Barzal is also an interesting one, but could be greatly effected by whether Tavares ends up staying in NYI or not. Hope this helps!
  23. 3 Questions

    Week 17, I'm playing for the bronze medal in a standard league. 1. QB: Bortles or Garoppolo? 2. FLEX: G. Olsen, McKinnon, or is there a better backup player that's getting a start this week? 3. WR: Is there a better WR out there? Playing Goodwin, Cole, Parker. Benching Wright. In FA there's Doctson, C. Davis, etc. and likely some decent guys that will have larger roles due to guys sitting.
  24. 3 Questions

    So Malcolm Brown over Jerick McKinnon and Greg Olsen? Edit: Malcolm Brown and Stevan Ridley have just been picked up, and are no longer options.
  25. Trade Offer

    I think Letang is naturally a stronger offensive player than Giordano on a strong offensive team. But Letang is also injury prone (and currently hurt), so for that reason I'm indifferent.