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  1. How was he not wrong? Id like to hear your argument, honestly. With eli, odell was a top 3 wr in the league, with trashfield? Im guessing in the 25-30 range, im too lazy to look it up.
  2. We’ll agree to disagree i suppose. His value has never been lower at any point in his career and it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.
  3. Odell is reaping everything he has sowed. Bitching about a future HOF qb, talking bout how its nice to catch a ball from someone who has an arm 😂 seriously, i could not be more happy for this diva.
  4. By buying you mean youve already bought, and are trying to convince yourself it was a good move.
  5. Yo any word on this jabroni? I know its a monday night game, but its thursday and we normally would have heard something by now. What gives
  6. Expect a blowup game this week. Something to do with a squeaky wheel and some grease. And also the giants secondary.
  7. Haskins does NOT look like an NFL qb at this time, and if they continue with him, i dont care about some random college connection, this would be a huge downgrade for Terry. Haskins looked beyond bad.
  8. Playing preston over him, pray for me fellaz.
  9. Baker trashfield, Mr “1 read and panic” should be his new nickname. This turd is hot garbage.
  10. If you say so, ive actually watched this whole game and the guy looks like a corpse out there. No amount of blocking is going to fix that.
  11. Wow what happened to fournette, he looks like how frank gore should be running. Dude is cooked.
  12. Damn your hindsight is pretty good. Thats where he went in most drafts.