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  1. Yeah pretty much in the same shoes as you, will prob start McGuire, but i'm thinking of doing Curtis Samuel over DaeSean. What a ****show this has become.
  2. so you don't think a heavy rain is going to affect throwing the ball and cutting on a wet field? Ohhhkkk.
  3. Thinking of starting Sutton over Marvin Jones, what do you think?
  4. That's an excellent point tbh. Will prob go LAC too!
  5. I'm in the same boat, I'm leaning LAC due to Bosa being back, but who knows, i'll prob flip flop another 6 times before Sunday.
  6. I've had Buf stashed for a couple weeks for the playoff run as well, but then someone dropped LAC and I managed to nab them. I'm truly torn.
  7. It's not Chao's fault that Rhodes is the best actor in the history of the world, faking that injury after getting torched by Adams
  8. Good rittens, nice bump for Aaron Jones.
  9. Yes, the ray rice video was 10x worse, but to play devils advocate, if Ray Rice had a group of friends with him, do you think that would have been the final outcome? And if Hunt and the girl were alone in that hallway, you think it would have ended up the same way?? Don't like playing what if's, but you gotta ask yourself.
  10. ITT: lots of people butthurt because Sutton isn't being hailed as the 2nd coming of Jesus.