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  1. I'm desperate for a TE this week with Waller on his BYE. Hoping he can do the trick as he has seen encouraging usage recently. Going to cry if Higbee puts on a show.
  2. Title. 12 Team half-ppr My roster QB: Stafford RB: Connor, Chubb, Murray, Howard WR: Thomas, Thielen, Woods, Jeffery, Washington, Mclaurin TE: Waller, Andrews
  3. If the reports about Tyreek being out of the picture until late October are true I would pull the trigger.
  4. I would go Lamar. Home field + weaker opposition, coming off the back of a strong performance.
  5. Am I overthinking this or is it not so simple as it seems? I already have Mark Andrews and Waller as my TE's, but he's offering me his Kelce for Sammy Watkins. My other WR's are Thomas, Thielen, and Woods. I was planning on using Watkins as a trade piece for a RB with Tyreek out of the picture anyway, but I feel like this opportunity is too good to pass up.
  6. Cowboys vs Giants Buccs vs 49's .5 ppr, 4 point touchdowns. My opponent is probably going to start Godwin and O.J. Howard if that makes a difference.
  7. Barring injury this trade will work for both sides it's just dependent on which duo you like more.
  8. Jacobs, he'll get plenty of touches. Williams has question marks over his head and I had Ekeler last year and he didn't impress aside from a game or two when Gordon went down.
  9. Your WR position would be much weaker without Adams, and your RB's are good enough to get you over the line even if Zeke sits a few weeks. Not a great situation but I think you're better off keeping what you have.
  10. Love this team. WR is stacked, RB is serviceable and should be able to perform. Goff is also a good qb to have. You had to sacrifice TE but that's understandable (if Mark Andrews is available, I'd take a look at him).
  11. Barkley 100%. Don't overthink it. Might be a bit biased though
  12. A very good team on paper as long as Jones and Montgomery live up to their billing./avoid injuries.
  13. You have three solid if not great RB's and good depth at WR all things considered. You should definitely make playoffs IMO.