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  2. Gotchya. Bumped the draft day and time back hopefully to fill the league.
  3. Still have openings for tomorrow nights auction draft if anyone is looking to jump before the season starts.
  4. Looking for some harcore ballers to join a league. Auction Draft is Sun. 8pm Est. Basic yahoo scoring cat. 1 PG 1 SG 1 SF 1 PF 1 C 1 Util 6 BN 2 INJ First come first serve. Hit me up for info.
  5. Just looking for people willing to participate. Good or bad doesnt matter. I myself am more versed in the DFS on Fan Duel the past 2 years (where I also have a friends league if interested). But I was looking to draft my team this year in at least 1 league. Leave some contact info if interested in either. Thank You
  6. if you are still looking for someone.
  7. First come first serve. I've never done an auction league but it sounds pretty sweet. Last few years I've done DFS on Fan Duel. I have a league there too if interested. Join here:
  9. Me and my brothers are looking for more people to join to play for some $. I got the games set to everyday, but were looking mostly to play when theres a full slate of games. We need 7 more to play for pay. The more the merrier.
  10. I just started this league with 2 of my brothers. I'm looking to get a core group of guys, most of em will be free, but once we get a core group of people Ill look to likely invest some $ into it. Trying to recruit guys from work. PM me or if you want leave your FD name on here and ill send the invite.