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  1. Wouldn’t trade for either. You should get better than that considering how thin the TE position is
  2. Might go Mixon or Brown here. No trust in Evans versus Panthers, Bradberry very clearly has his number. Might go Malcolm Brown here just due to sheer TD opportunity
  3. Haha absolutely no consensus here 1 for Keenum 1 for Stafford 1 for Cousins
  4. These guys are out of their minds. Let these back up qbs rot on their bench then... I’d drop Hollywood and take Allen
  5. Lame man I can relate. Feel like trades become more likely once it’s mid season. That offer you got isn’t bad considering you have 3wr and two flexes in your format. Is this full ppr?
  6. How about Keenum over stafford? This is a dilemma in two other leagues
  7. This is an absolute no brainer regardless.. not even a question considering you have Kittle too
  8. Out of all your receivers, Hollywood surely is most droppable. I’d consider it but Allen just doesn’t strike me as a reliable QB. Seriously no one wants to trade? In that case I’d make the drop knowing Cam or AJ Green are going to get activated down the line anyway
  9. Easily do this trade. Mixon is a bit of a drop off but Golloday definitely outweighs that
  10. With Tyreek coming back your need for a WR is less pressing. It is an absolutely enticing deal, but you do have very limited RB depth. McCoy and michel can’t be trusted. I’d try to do some sort of package to upgrade at RB here instead
  11. Absolutely Chargers D vs third string quarterback and the lowly Steelers
  12. Definitely samuels vs TB, especially in 0.5 ppr since he had way more big-play ability and upside
  13. As a gurley owner? This is an absolute must-do....it’s shocking Brown is even available. You definitely have to cuff Todd
  14. Absolutely Fuller here. Way more upside, gotta shoot for that