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  1. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    So no further clarification it appears.... gotta avoid this one if you have some better, more proven options available. Damien Willliams is the quintessential JAG, and as others have pointed out, he has never been capable of - or at least trusted with - handling the full workload. Its a risky play, and I'm not sure it's one that warrants sitting some of the players other people here have been mentioning.
  2. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    Will most likely start DWill, but it would be a real nice confirmation to hear some definitive report about him being lead dog today.
  3. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    Just looking back at all of Williams' game logs the past couple of years doesn't really make me feel that convinced he's the surefire RB1/2 people are making him out to be. You obviously use him over middling options like a Matt Breida, and most likely over above-average options like Michel and A.Jones who have somewhat bad match-ups or usage concerns. I'd feel much more confident if we get a definitive update from the team or a reliable reporter stating that he is a sure-fire bet to get the lion's share of the carries.
  4. George Kittle 2018 Outlook

    How are we feeling about Kittle vs the Seahawks this weekend. He's obviously a sure-fire starter for most, but there's a lot of us who also got him as backup in the later rounds when we had some of the top-tier guys like Ertz, Kelce, Gronk. After looking at the game logs, no tight ends have posted more than 70 yards on the Seahawks (Kittle two weeks ago), and they've only conceded a touchdown in three out of thirteen games (to random non-factor type of guys too.) So they've obviously been great vs tight ends the season, and have also turned it up several notches on defense in general as of late. Proceed with caution here?
  5. WR HELP!!!! PPR (WHIR) Pick 2 out of 3

    I'd go Evans and Boyd here as well. Not the best matchup for Evans but those two other options are too volatile and unproven to be considered better options than a stud like Evans
  6. I personally prefer the Vikings in this scenario as I can see them picking of Tannehill and causing some fumbles against the Dolphins. As impressive as that performance was against the Rams, Rodgers isnt as bad as Goff when facing a fierce pass rush.
  7. fournette cook gordon (williams if melvin is out). all are solid rb options and samuel
  8. Which QB would you start?

    Allen has been on a tear lately on the ground, which makes him tempting. I somewhat like Foles for some reason, I feel like he'll play with a chip on his shoulder and outperform his expectations, but it is very risky. Allen would be my first choice, but Foles a close second.
  9. Damien or DJ Moore? PPR WHIR

    Agree with everyone above - williams for sure
  10. Hill and Allen without question. Hill should be good to go and is always such a threat
  11. Full ppr matchup Who would you play at flex? Gronk vs Steelers ( I have Kittle at TE) D.Williams vs Chargers ( Ware is out) Lockett vs 49ers (no Baldwin potentially) I'm leaning on going with Kittle at TE and Gronk at flex, since he has historically owned the Steelers and they're achilles heel are tightends, but i'm also almost tempted with going Gronk at TE and D.Williams at flex and benching Kittle considering how good the Seahawks are playing defense right now. What do you all think? thanks
  12. The absolute smartest decision to make here. Samuels at TE with that yahoo eligibility and Landry vs reeling Panthers secondary http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737079-playoff-flex-help-whir/
  13. WSIS ? (WHIR 100%)

    Justin Jackson for sure and probably graham vs Atlanta http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737079-playoff-flex-help-whir/
  14. Would you DARE!!!???

    I’d go Ingram first white second in standard. Reverse order in ppr
  15. I like the safety that Watson affords you. I’d go with him http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737079-playoff-flex-help-whir/