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  1. Here for the overreaction pats always run it more as the season goes on. He had 12 in half that's not awful granted the 3 vultures is really rotten luck
  2. I bought him in a trade a week ago and I was disappointed by the browns on Monday night but if you're thinking about benching him or trading him for crap you're dead wrong he's gonna have weeks where he busts out. This is a team that still has two games each with the Steelers and cincy and also plays Miami and Denver who stink I still have faith
  3. If I even gave a s--- about the rest of my season I'd drop juju and pick him up but I really don't
  4. what are you going on the one game he played
  5. If I even cared about the rest of my season I'd pick up diontae Johnson
  6. Hey they might grab a free agent give testaverdes kid or Tebow a shot though they can't be worse than mason
  7. Probably droppable in ten team leagues Rudolph makes this a high school offense. My seasons finished only saving grace is it's keeper and they might have Ben or a real qb next year
  8. Need a big performance tonight down 20 and change
  9. With Hilton questionable he's been moved into my flex spot and I am rolling with mvs as my second receiver tonight behind JSS
  10. I realize the chargers no longer play in San Diego I don't really care where they play in that wretched state gordon is done with them
  11. I don't own ekeler or gordon but in my opinion gordon is finished in San Diego
  12. If it wasn't for a 75 yard catch his first game with Rudolph was a no show and if my aunt had a c--- she'd be my uncle
  13. I'm like shanahan I now have all 3 except Wilson. Drafted coleman traded for Breida and got Raheem on waivers