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  1. Well he only has 7 catches for 99 yards, and Freddie Kitchens seems to be struggling with his play call. He’s looking like a WR4 as of now. There are guys like McLaurin, Metcalf, & the Chiefs wide outs that could be a flex play, while Landry is barely getting any run. I know it’s week 2 but it doesn’t look like he’s being featured too much in this offense. Then again, he’s an OBJ injury from being the number 1 guy.
  2. What’s the feeling on this guy after 2 weeks? I personally will probably drop him for a hot FA
  3. I wasn’t really impressed w/ AP’s game. He just seems older now. Not sure if I wanna keep him or breida ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Julio is def the number 1 receiver after week 2, but Nuk is no slouch he will get back to normal week 3 vs the chargers. I’d says overall Nuk is the better player but Julio is a beast! He came up big for me yesterday!
  5. How is everybody feeling about JB after today?
  6. I rather start Brown with the giants secondary being very bad. Breida will be in a timeshare I see about 12 fantasy points. John Brown could blow up for 20+ easily
  7. I’m starting him with a 7/10 confidence. My reason is the dolphins are possibly the worst team in the league this year, so Pats will score a lot of points. There will be plenty for everybody to get a slice of the pie. I think he does well this week.
  8. I have Golladay and I am definitely starting Brown against the giants secondary. Although you might be able to make a case for both since the Chargers have two CB’s out, but will still have Hayward switching on and off from Marvin to KG. Based off this I would say Brown has the higher floor, knowing KG might get a TD as well. Hope this helps.
  9. Damn traded this guy before the deadline. I am a guru
  10. I think he starts to pick it up over the second half of the season. I traded Nurkic (they just got Kanter) and WCS for him yesterday. My team is stacked so i had the expendable piece. I am banking on this guy to resume his early season form and take me to a championship!!
  11. 100% trying to sell high. CJ is a very streaky player. He gets in rhythm but he’s always very consistent since he never misses games. Packaged him with Draymond for Kawhi and ingles!
  12. This guy can win it all for you. He did that for me a few years back. Just traded for him! Joe Ingles and Kawhi for Draymond Green & CJ McCollum. My team is deep so I’m willing to gamble!
  13. Idk Kamara hasn’t taken the lead back role so I’m kind of afraid of going with him, and thielen I have started every game and he hasn’t had one TD! You really don’t think AA does anything?
  14. I’m starting abdullah this week over thielen and kamara