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  1. Vying for the championship, having ridden Jacksonville's D all the way. Thanks, those who recommended them preseason.
  2. Following up on this, I did all this and won by over 50 this week. (Marshall had a respectable 0.5 ppr showing, Koo was my second lowest scorer. My studs went off this week.) I knew the improbably close games would probably not continue and sure enough the buck stopped here. Which is what made it appropriate for a cool story instead of something more. Because when you say, "Cool story bro," to someone, it's usually because it isn't really that interesting. And now that I have Snead and picked up Carson I can think about benching Marshall, who improbably swung my first 2 matchups on his own.
  3. I just had my 2 closest matches ever, both in a 0.5 PPR league. Week 1 I lost by 0.42, Week 2 I won by 0.44. Week 1 was a heartbreaker because I had Younghoe Koo for MNF. My opponent had MGIII and took the lead on a little dumpoff on the final drive of the game. This week the only MNF player in my matchup was (my) Brandon Marshall. His one and only reception eked out the narrow win for me. I had Marshall in my lineup both weeks and both times he was my lowest scoring player. Week 1: 1 for 10 = 1.5 points Week 2: 1 for 17 = 2.2 points If Marshall's meager production had been in the reverse order of what it was, I would have won Week 1 and lost Week 2 which amuses me. Since there's no $ on the line, now I'm tempted to keep Marshall in my lineup to see if anything else lulzy happens. I'm keeping Koo as well as long as he has a job. And btw, Sunday morning I was so close to subbing in Rawls for Marshall which would've made me 0-2 so don't knock my judgment.