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  1. As I was saying... Sorry not sure how to embed the tweet. Kingsbury named Christian Kirk as a player who is ahead of the curve understanding his offense after playing in a similar system at Texas A&M.
  2. Another tidbit about Murray specifically is that his dad played QB at A&M, so Kyler certainly wanted to be there. But Sumlin botched the whole situation so poorly that Kyler got out of town, and it was obviously a great decision for him. All that to say, I don’t think there’s any hard feelings over the A&M connection between KK, Murray, and Kirk. In fact I’d say it’s reasonable to say the exact opposite. Kirk has shown he has electric playmaking ability in both college and the NFL. KK’s system and Murray’s play style fit with Kirk perfectly. IF that translates to the NFL, the upside for Kirk is immense. That is a big if and Fitz also potentially stands in the way, as well as the overall quality of this Cardinals team (though not as big of a fantasy issue for a WR). There’s absolutely downside. But we’re not talking about drafting Kirk as a WR2. We’re talking about a later round WR, and he has a lot of potential that I think many people are sleeping on because he was drafted under the “old regime” and KK drafted two more WRs.
  3. If that is the case then I certainly apologize for my response. Your two sentences together certainly sounded sarcastic, but I misinterpreted. Cheers!
  4. You can either be dense a** or try to have a productive conversation. You went the dense a** route. Who cares that they decided to go to A&M and not follow KK to Tech? You think they’re not going to play for KK now or KK is going to spurn Kirk because he didn’t follow him to Tech? Ok. The argument from some people was that Kirk was from the old regime and KK has no connection to him. It’s absolutely not true. You said there is no connection, and I responded with an article showing that KK has been targeting Kirk since high school, and you decided to argue back with a sarcastic response that adds nothing to the conversation. If you have nothing to add to the conversation, then that’s fine. There’s lots of other players to discuss.
  5. KK was absolutely involved in Murray’s recruitment while he was at A&M. Looked it up and same with Kirk. See both below. Murray left A&M because Sumlin was an a** in the way he handled Murray and Allen. Nothing to do with KK. I’m not saying this automatically means some fantastic connection between these players and KK. I’m just debunking the myth that Kirk is from the old regime and KK has no allegiance to him. KK has had a connection with both Murray and Kirk since their sophomore years of high school.
  6. Kirk and Murray were teammates at Texas A&M. Actually RSJ too. KK was at Texas A&M before Kirk’s time, but I believe KK was involved in Murray’s recruitment and possibly Kirk’s too. Murray and Kirk will already have a connection, and Kirk is familiar with this type of system. There’s been comments that KK must not like Kirk because he drafted two WRs and Kirk was drafted by the old regime. That can certainly be true in some cases, but in this case I believe it’s overlooking KK, Murray, and Kirk’s history. I highly doubt KK doesn’t like Kirk (in fact I suspect just the opposite). He was just bringing in offensive fire power in the draft for a system that runs a lot of plays. Don’t sleep on Kirk.
  7. It may be pretty, but it’s still just a penny.
  8. Am I overlooking this or has it really not been posted yet? Le'Veon Bell could be traded sometime this offseason. In the aftermath of the the New York Jets firing GM Mike Maccagnan as well as VP of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger on Wednesday, longtime NFL reporter John Clayton believes that the team may trade Bell before the start of the 2019 season. "If there's a suitor, I could absolutely see the Jets trading him before the start of the season," Clayton said, via Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan.
  9. Don’t pay attention to coach-speak hype at this point in the year, but DO take note of any negatives (if even only a hint). I take this quoted part above as a significant negative from a 2019 FANTASY perspective. It could mean nothing. But it could also mean exactly what Gruden is saying - they might take a while to work him into the offense. I’m just saying that drafting Jacobs with the expectation that he’ll be a workhorse in the 1st half of the season may be overdrafting. Gruden’s words here are important.
  10. Makes sense. But note that Andrews had solid games from Week 10 on when Lamar was starting.
  11. Would a run-heavy system like the Ravens’ traditionally be one that favors pass-catching TEs or no?
  12. Nice. Ok I’m intrigued. 3rd round pick last year by the Ravens out of Oklahoma Baltimore All-Time Rookie Tight End receptions, receiving yards and touchdown record holder Oklahoma Sooners All-Time Tight End receiving yards record holder PFF NFL all-Rookie team last year
  13. It’s more likely that it’s 10 teams
  14. Thanks for the info. I know it’s a loaded question, so thanks for responding. Edit: I responded with more, but realized I misread what you said, so nvm