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  1. I don’t know what to make of him. Breaks huge plays on catches, but can’t run between the tackles. Seems like it’s going to be difficult for him to get any meaningful volume this year (or ever) and will be hard to trust. Just doesn’t seem like a good runner, or at least has a ton to learn at the NFL level.
  2. PIT is notoriously bad against TE’s right? How’s TEN (next week)?
  3. Yea now I’ve gotta decide Waller or HH each week. Nice problem to have, but I hate making hose choices.
  4. I was down 8 coming into this game with only HH left and playing against Rivers and Chargers D. I’m now down 4.9. 😱😶
  5. I started off tonight down 8 with only HH left and going against Rivers and Chargers D. I obviously had absolutely 0 chance. I now somehow actually have some semblance of a chance. Almost 0. But not 0. Fantasy football is so weird.
  6. Thanks to this thread some of the comments convinced me to go with SF over DAL despite significant favor towards DAL by experts. Not only was it a good decision for this week, but it looks like we have a defense that can be held for several weeks, if not ROS. Fantasy playoffs look concerning, but something that can be evaluated as we get closer.
  7. Cousins is the biggest pansy in the history of the NFL. Just puts out for whoever is the squeaky wheel that week. Signed, Dalvin Cook owner