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  1. Just a guess, but ESPN completely self-imploded this summer. That could impact how many ESPN leagues or owners are around this time. I moved all my leagues to Fantrax, and I suspect many others have done the same.
  2. Looking for a unique, fun and competitive new league idea? Check out this League Summary below and leave your email address if you would like an invite. Thanks! This is a Total Season Points eliminator. There are no eliminations for the first 4 weeks of play after the draft. After that, the team at the bottom of the standings is eliminated every week until the league has been reduced from 18 teams to 4. The final 4 continue to battle until the end of the regular season, at which point our league champion is declared. 2018-19 Elimination Schedule 10.03.18 - The 2017/18 NHL season begins 10.28.18 - First elimination. The team in last place has its roster dropped and made available to the rest of the league via free agent auction. 10.29.18 - 3.04.19 - The last place team in the league after Sunday's schedule of games is eliminated each week, except for Christmas and All Star Break* * Short week due to Christmas will combine 2 weeks into 1 * All Star Break will combine 2 weeks into 1 3.04.19 - Last elimination. Final 4 is set. 2.18.18 - 4.07.18 (Approximately) - The 4 remaining teams continue to battle with no eliminations. The top team at the end of the NHL regular season is the 2018-19 league champion! After an Elimination When a team is eliminated, its roster is dropped to free agency and the surviving teams can pick those players up via FAAB waivers on Tuesday. Waivers run at 12 PM Eastern every day except Mondays. Each team starts with 150 FAAB dollars to spend on free agents over the course of the season. Minimum bid is 0. Cellar Dweller FAAB Bonus $5: To the team at the bottom of the standings on Sunday night after a team has been eliminated. Use the bonus to get out of the basement before the next elimination. * Awarded every Sunday night after an elimination BUT NOT on shortened weeks when there are no eliminations. * Not awarded to the bottom team in the Final 4. FAAB Refill Any team below $5 FAAB at the time of an elimination will be reset to $5 on Monday morning. You will never go broke. You will always have some budget to bid on players after an eliminated team's roster is dropped. * If a team is below $5 and qualifies for the Cellar Dweller Bonus, it gets the bonus on top of the FAAB Refill. * League voted to not include this rule in 2018-19. Can re-vote to include it again in future seasons. Goalie Roster Limits The goalie limit is 2 at the draft and up through the first elimination, to ensure all teams are able to obtain a couple of regulars. After the first elimination, the limit will be increased to 3. After the second, the limit increases to 4, where it remains for the rest of the season. Transaction Limit Teams can make a maximum of 100 player adds. Stream forwards and goalies to move up the standings but be aware of the transaction limit. League Fee & Prizes Each owner must pay $20 to LM (via Leaguesafe) before the draft. If you have not paid before the draft, you will not be permitted to draft. Prizes: $210 for 1st, $110 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd, $30 for 4th. Trade Rules No trades allowed on Elimination nights once NHL games have started.
  3. Hi, I think this is the same league I posted interest in on Fantrax forums. Sorry if you already tried, but it didn't come through. Please invite me and I will accept right away. Thanks!
  4. Hi there everybody, I am moving all my free NHL fantasy leagues from ESPN (dying platform) to Fantrax. I run a variety of leagues. Many of them are versions of H2H format with their own unique tweaks and characteristics. If you are an active owner who never has to be told to dress your roster, make trades, keep your trade block up-to-date, and contribute to the league in an active way, then I am looking for you. On a side note, I may have a couple spots open in a unique pay league known as an Eliminator, where teams at the bottom of the standings are out at various points during the season. This is 20 dollars to join and is a very fun and competitive league. Please leave your email here if you would like to be contacted for any or all of these league opportunities. When I reply to you via email, I will give you more details about each individual league and get you set up in the right spot(s) for you. Thanks and have a great day!