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  1. Guy offered me Sony Michel and Rams defense for Buffalo. .5 ppr my current roster is QB Winston, Minchew WR Hill, Kupp, Mclaurin, Fuller RB Chubb, Carson, K Johnson TE Hooper K slye DEF Buffalo, Baltimore
  2. QB I am torn between Minchew and Winston FLEX I have WR McLaurin, Fuller, RB K Johnson and Carson. .5 ppr WHIR thanks
  3. I love the volume of Stafford. I think he gives you a great shot at getting decent points. I would go with Stafford for his potential If you want safety and a QB that will give you 2 td's and minimal risk go with Minchew.
  4. I love this guy. I forget what round I got him but I remember panicking because it was him and ebron pretty much left. Everyone else went after kittle, ertz, howard, engram... etc,
  5. 3-2 getting this guy back! I cannot be anymore pumped.
  6. As a Chubb owner I love the guy but absolutely hate the team he is on, the coaching staff, their play calling and offensive line... also their QB. They have a formula for success in running Chubb. Just give the beast 20 plus carries a game and control the freaking clock. Instead you have a coach that feels pressure to try and include every superstar in the equation. He is obviously afraid to limit Odells roll in the offense for fears he will go full psycho so they force the issue with gimmick trick plays. I do not know what to do with this guy for fear that this team suddenly wakes up and starts playing the game the way they should.
  7. .5 ppr. IDP League QB Winston, Minchew WR Hill, Kupp, Fuller, McLaurin RB Chubb, Carson, K Johnson TE Hooper After watching the browns completely under utilize this guy 4 out of 5 games this year, their upcoming schedule and the return of Hunt I am thinking of offering Chubb. What do you guys think ? Is this stupid and what should I look for in return? I will help in return. Thanks
  8. Good god when i saw him grab his knee and limp off i almost cried.
  9. That is the beauty of Kupp !!! Teams are willing to give up a ton of underneath yards and catches to avoid the bomb to the deep threats.
  10. That's why I targeted Kupp over those other guys. He is a ppr monster and floor is much higher.
  11. I missed out on Greg the leg for the first time in years and was blessed with picking up this dude!
  12. with the current QB chaos in Washington what are your thoughts on dropping McLaurin for Crowder ? Week 1 with Darnold he was a target machine ?
  13. The man is as clutch as they come. I was devastated last year when he went down! It was set and forget... then watch the points pile up. I am grateful to have experienced the Kupp train....I think I got him around round 8-9 last year and this year was round 6 with his injury. He plays this entire year he will not fall out of the first round next year.
  14. .5 ppr. We roster two WR's a flex and 1 rb. I have Chubb, Kerryon, and Carson WR T Hill, C Kupp, T Mclaurin, DJ moore, and P Dorsett. QB Winston and Minshew TE Hooper Sitting on waivers Is Crowder, Gallup and Chris Herndon Should i drop any of my players for any of these 3 ?
  15. With your WR depth I would lean sanders. As an eagles fan I can see they are committed to making him the lead back at some point.