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  1. Looking for suggestions. I’m potentially losing an owner in my dynasty league and his team is, well, less than appealing haha. He traded away most of his early picks and his roster is extremely weak. If he goes I need to make it fair on the one who replaces. First thought is to cover their first year buy-in fee. However, this will not be enough. The draft in this league is for rookies and FAs. 7 rounds. I had heard/read some thoughts on each team choosing a pool off their own players, saw 3 that the new owner can choose from. I’d guess I would have to determine what tier of players this would be. I see this, or something similar being absolutely required. Has anyone actually had to do this or know of others who have? Looking for any and all suggestions!!!
  2. Brand New 25$ Dyntasy League

    Would like to see details as well...also what about moving to fleaflicker? Much better for dynasty and managing picks
  3. ppr league Espn leaguesafe 20$

    Re-draft, keeper or dynasty?
  4. Dcghost@outlook.com
  5. Assuming it's full?
  6. If no idp I might be interested
  7. Sent you a PM...what platform is this on?
  8. Seems like the two big sites for dynasty formats are FleaFlicker and MFL. Looking to get some advice and feedback from people that have used them. I love ESPN, but they obviously don't cater to the dynasty player. I know you can get FleaFlicker for free unless you pay to get rid of the ads, and MFL is like $69 a year. Thanks in advance!
  9. Looking for a Free League

    One of my leagues gas an opening. Passed your info on to the LM. Should be reaching out if he hasn't already.