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  1. I wish I didn't sit him, but I had to play Hill, Mclaurin, and Godwin.
  2. I probably would start him over Hyde. But I don't know much about Arizona's offense this year. All I know is that Hyde is guaranteed around 15 touches. Not sure if Edmonds would share a backfield or not.
  3. That's what I said. If he starts. Otherwise I'll take the higher floor with Hyde in my standard league. I would prefer to play a starter in my lineup.
  4. Retirement.....jk. I don't own him but I don't wish anyone bad health.
  5. If he starts, then I'll play him over Malcom brown and maybe Carlos Hyde.
  6. Anyone know where I can get good footage of his highlights?
  7. I picked him up and I'm going against the AK owner.
  8. Ronald jones didn't have a bad game. He had 75 yards and a TD I believe.
  9. https://www.chiefs.com/news/chiefs-vs-texans-injury-report Limited
  10. Ok. ESPN didn't report anything either. Tried googling and came up with old news.
  11. I'm sure he's healthy and he will play. None of the chiefs players have updates on their status since Wednesday. Hopefully tomorrow will confirm my theory.
  12. James white. It's supposed to be rainy with 20 something mph winds. Probably ALOT of runs and small dump offs. Though Dissly could also be a great play.
  13. I guess i would be nervous too. I guess i wouldn't do it because of injury risk/ lack of bye fillers.