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  1. I’ve got the league your looking for. Email me for an invite
  2. for details of a league that could interest you.
  3. 4 spots open!! Email to get in! Great group to be a part of, great format for competitive owners!
  4. Looking For A Dynasty League

    Hi Paul, I emailed you the other day and now I’m following up. My league exceeded your $50 ($100 but the winner gets $2100!) however this league offers everything else & has a great group of guys! I sent you an invite to the league. If you could email me either way I would appreciate it.
  5. Hey, I’m not using yahoo (doesn’t have the ability to keep contract lengths) but this league has a very good base of guys & paying $100 gets the winner $2,100!! the outline is below. Daily lineups. Email me for an invite if you’re interested
  6. Hey, this is a bit outside your parameters but last year I was in several leagues with different formats and I did so in an attempt to create what I believe is the most entertaining league. If you wish shoot me an email and I can send you the league outline. basics: Fantrax $100- $2,100 to the winner! h2h weekly matchup, daily lineups contracts (not salaries)
  7. Looking for an old school auction baseball league -

    30 team dynasty 40 rd start up. $100 daily lineups, 8x8 category league. we use Groupme and insist guys are chatting on it & use it to talk baseball, trades & whatever else. It’s a social group & we want to make it even stronger! and I can email you the outline
  8. 8 spots left!! Draft to start as early as Friday January 11th! email for an invite to this AWESOME league and group of active gms! Here is the outline!
  9. This is the ultimate league for the active GM! Here are the outlined rules & format with some to be voted on options at the bottom. Please email me for a list of teams left. LEAGUE MESSAGE This will be written in full prior to the first scoring period. Basics - 8x8 h2h weekly categories league with the owner with the most category wins receiving a W each week. Ties are a tie - $100 annual fee ($2100 to the winner, $100 to each playoff team plus an additional $200 to the runner up) - No player salaries - Player contracts- during the opening 40 rd player draft each team can assign 5 MLB players 5 year contacts, 5 4 year contracts, 5 3 year contracts, 5 2 year contracts and all other mlb players will be given 1 year contracts. Minor league players can be drafted at any point in the draft and will be given Fantrax's default contract and always count towards the roster caps. The length of the contracts can be announced at any point but are required by the day following the end of the draft. Message a commish or post in the forum the players name & length. - Only true minor league (rookie eligable) players can be placed in the minors slot. The year a rookie begins playing they can be moved up & down as the owner sees fit. After that season if the owner decides to keep the rookie they are given a 5 year contract. - Teams are required to have all positions for day 1 of the regular season active (no DL unless it's a Catcher) and any roster missing multiple positions for multiple days (intentionally losing prior to hitting AB or Innings pitched minimums) may be alerted to ensure each owner is attempting to win each week - 25 AB minimum each week, 50 for the championship - 15 innings pitched minimum, 30 for the championship - 40 rd opening draft- draft pick order to be random as set by Fantrax - Post draft teams can have no more than 50 players on their roster in season - Jan 1st of each year teams are required to cut rosters to no less than 40 players. All non retired players will be made available in the annual draft - Each team will be given 5 draft picks and is required to have 5 draft picks at all times. If you trade for a 1st rd pick you must give up a pick. Trades without equal picks will be deleted or cancelled. LEAGUE SET UP - 30 teams given MLB team names (or damn close to it) in 6 divisions as the MLB has it (AL/NL format) - games are played as fantrax sets up the schedule with 2 games played in division each season - 6 division winners plus the best non division winning record from the AL & NL will enter the playoffs - The frst 2 rounds of the playoffs are the standard 1 week while the championship will be 2 weeks WAIVERS - Any player picked up after the draft or in season will be given a 1 year contract including minor league players. - Any minor league player (rookie or vet) claimed off waivers must remain on your 25 man roster - Injured players can't be claimed and placed directly on your IR. you must have an open 25 man spot available and then they can be placed on your IR - Waivers remain open all season. Exception 1- Once a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs they are not eligable to add or drop players. Exception 2- dropping a player may be allowed if it makes room for a returing IR player or to release an IR player that is out for the remainder of the fantasy baseball season. DRAFT RULES (not inaugural draft) - Any player with a contract that expired the year before, signed international players, drafted & signed minor league and other signed players are eligable for the current years draft. Any international or yet to sign rookie at the start of the draft may not be drafted. They will be eligable for waivers and recieve a 1 year deal & return to the draft the following season. - 1st rd picks are given 5 year contracts unless it is a minor league player, they get a fantrax default minor league contract (5 years once they break the rookie minimum) - 2nd round picks are given 4 year contracts unless " " - 3rd rd pick are given 3 year contracts unless " " - 4th rd pick are given 2 year contracts unless " " - 5th rd picks are given 1 year contracts unless " " TRADES - Trading is allowed to paid up owners at all times EXCEPT after the trade deadline each season. Trading will resume following the end of the real life MLB world series to Owners that have paid for the following season. If you haven't paid you are not removed from the league, a grace period will be voted on and in that grace period you will not be able to make any roster moves. -Trading of current year picks is allowed prior to each draft, future years picks may be traded if the Owners trading away said picks has paid - a 5 owner veto is required if a trade is seen as lopsided. Any trade recieving 5 vetos simply needs to be discussed/explained to the league and it will be approved. No tanking is the objective here - Contract length for each player goes to the new team in any trade Anit-tanking rule: ALL TO BE VOTED ON MAJORITY VOTE WILL DETERMINE THE RESULTS -----After year 2 at the trade deadline the bottom 4 teams will be on notice that they can be removed if they do not attempt to put a competitive team together. ----- -----Trades with the bottom 10 teams can be challenged in season if the possbility of an exiting owner ruining a roster has evidence of being true (they say something in a chat or email that you have a screen shot of)----- ----Possible additional league will be created for bottom 8 teams after the first team with the bottom 6 of the remaining 22 teams getting demoted each season where they will play each other & the top 6 will rejoin the rest. The 22 top teams wll play for the $2000 top prize each season---- -----Teams placing in the bottom 10 will recieve picks 11-20 while teams placing 11-20 will have a playoff battle for the positioning of picks 1-10 in each round----
  10. Hey, I’m starting up a 30 team dynasty with contract lengths, no salaries. 40 rd draft to fill mlb & minors, pick anyone at any point! $100 buy in on fantrax, $2100 to the winner weekly h2h categories 8x8 with daily lineups. daily activity through our Groupme chat room Email me with a few team options & I’ll email you an invite