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  1. I know it has only been one week but I may have jumped the gun with my previous projections on this page. I did not watch this game closely, i know he got banged up & missed some series' but did anyone see how he looked? I understand their line is probably going to be bottom 5-10, but is Kliff getting too cute? He saved his fantasy week with that goal line TD, but the touches are concerning.. 7 carries and 1 catch is not going to cut it. Especially with Kyler throwing the ball 40 times, where are the looks to DJ?
  2. The ol gimpy tank prevails with a 6-110 line. Could see a limited slate of practices all season and quite a few questionables but no doubt Cam loves his TEs. Glad I went with him over the rest of the trash heap on waivers. Could be a rock solid back end TE1 as long as he and Cam can stay somewhat healthy. At this point I’d take a 4 for 40 floor
  3. This old tank is my HH replacement. Cam and him have put up some serious numbers in the past. If Samuel does not take the next step alongside DJ Moore, I am hoping we can squeeze one more year out of Olsen. Target share was there, just needs a few sips out of the fountain of youth. Please beast, stay healthy
  4. Your list of guys above him minus Mixon & Duke is fair, but we've gotta think Kyler is only going to improve as the season goes on. With the amount that Kliff has already proven to use him in the passing game, that is going to nullify the volatility we got used to last year. Fitz looks like he has 1 year left in the tank, Kirk is on the rise, and this new playbook had that offense looking very unpredictable in the 2nd half (in a good way). DJ received 120 targets in 2016, the year he lined up as a WR 16 times/game on average. Say this regresses to 100 targets, a floor of 55 receptions is going to keep his floor at 10 points minimum, and the duds of last year should evaporate. 55 catches, 500 receiving yards 250 rushes, 4.2YPC= 1050 yards. 11 total TDs = 276PPR points, = RB7 last year. Seems pretty much spot on, and this number could grow if they throw to him more than my conservative estimates are set for.
  5. The Lions blew the game and I am still in pain, an all too familiar pain & empty anguish. But you've gotta be encouraged by DJ's usage. You can count on 1 hand the RBs who are on the field for 90% of their teams snaps, and he is one of them. Lined out as a WR 15 times, averaged this 1 time per game last year as the previous poster stated from that Twitter link. This is going to give him an exceptional floor. The previous posters saying this is garbage time, I don't consider garbage time a close game where the game is on the line and well in reach. They leaned on him and people forget the Lions were a top 5 run defense after acquiring Snacks halfway through last season. Fact is, the guy is in for basically every snap, looked like a wide receiver catching a 20+ yard pass in the end zone, and is going to be a 20 touch lock every week. The cardinals are going to have bumps in the road, but with Fitz not fading and Kyler showing life, DJ should have a 2019 floor of RB7 barring health. Everything we saw yesterday should be taken as encouraging, and not worrisome.
  6. I get what you're saying here, but if Duke catches 70 balls and gets 250 carriers he is virtually guaranteed to finish as a top 5 back and also would finish with more touches than Gurley, Kamara, and McCaffery did last season.. I don't think the 70 catches are out of the question but I do think he will top out at 175 carries. As a below average goal-line back, assuming they do not sign someone that will significantly command a large market share of carries, we will say he only gets 150 carries: 150 rushes, 4.0 YPA, 600 yards, 5 TDs 70 catches, 9.1 YPC= 657 yards, 3 TDs. PPR points: 225. This would have finished at RB13 ahead of Lindsay and behind Kareem. I want to believe even more carries are possible, but i cannot really see it. Based on his career averages, if he gets the amount of touches I projected, these numbers are entirely realistic. I don't think receptions are a concern, but the carries are what are iffy. If they don't sign anyone, you've gotta think he is worth a 5th-6th round pick based on these numbers (and is incredible value if these numbers come to fruition).
  7. Besides last season while he played through back fractures and did not have Golladay, Marvin Jones, or kerryon for the final 5 games, in what planet can you say this? How can you back this up at all? Between 2011-2017, here are where he has finished: 2017: QB7 2016: QB7 2015: QB9 2014: QB15 2013: QB7 2012: QB10 If the offensive skill players can stay healthy, now that he has the best TE core and RB core he’s ever played with, top 15 is not out of question whatsoever.. he is basically free. I don’t understand how people can just post things so cluelessly
  8. Here’s a nice little nugget for you all. Shhhhhhhhhh
  9. Man that top 10 plays of his Cyclone career was fun to watch. I gotta be careful to level the expectations. Say Kerryon and Williams are gone. I'd be curious to hear how you guys order the group of A Jones, Carson, Mack, Ingram, and D Mont. If you nail 1 or 2 of these guys, you're going to be competing for a championship. They all have their own question marks. I think I go 1. Carson 2. Mont 3. Ingram 4. Jones 5. Mack
  10. Hot take: Lockett finishes above TY in fantasy points in 2019
  11. PPR: Tier 1: Adams Hopkins OBJ MT Juju Julio Hill Tier 2: AB Evans Keenan TY Tier 3: Diggs AJG Lockett Theilen Edelman Cooks Cooper Tier 4: Godwin Woods Gordon Kupp Ridley A-Rob Boyd Golladay Jarvis Tier 5: Mike Williams Alshon Samuel Fuller Anderson Davis Shepard 
  12. Reports are saying that Keenan Allen is most likely out of practice/preseason until September, and there aren't too many details besides that. If that bleeds into the season at all, and Melvin Gordon's lack of progress continues, this is a guy we should all be eyeing. Rivers is going to have to throw the ball somewhere, and if their running game takes a hit and their #1 WR is out, I can see Williams being a big target hog early on.
  13. Up to 33 in ESPN's updated mock draft rankings. I believe he was 46 yesterday. I still like him at 33, but those hopes and dreams of late 4th/early 5th are long, long gone. He is now ahead of Mack and Aaron Jones, and was 20 spots behind them a few weeks ago. This hype train needs to slow down 😭
  14. I hate to say it but I think I remember you being one of the biggest Leo proponents last year too! After that hamstring he came back and riddled off 3 straight games of 25 points, 21, and 24 points in my half point PPR league. Caught every one of his 10 targets too. He then clunked to the end of the season with a game of 5, 8 and 15 points. Say we extrapolate this inconsistent but bell-cow pace of these 6 games to a full season: 298 carries, 980 yards, 13.5 rushing TDs, 48 catches for 375yards and 1-2 receiving TDs. We can say the carries regress to 250, and the YPC hits an even 4.0. Keep the receiving pace the same. This is 1000 rushing yards, 48 catches, 375 receiving, and 15 total TDs. In PPR, that is 275 fantasy points, and he would have finished RB7, between James White and Melvin Gordon. Only names above him are Conner, Zeke, Kamara, Gurley, Saquon, and McCaffrey. This falls in line with my conclusion, if he can stay healthy, he has RB5 upside. Touches are the key, and he will get all he can handle. If you're a gambling man, this HAS to be enticing. JAAAGGGSSS or not, their offense will not be any worse. Marquise Lee, Dede, and Keelan Cole are far from big names, but that isn't as bad of a trio as many think. I got burned by Fournette last year, but if we believed in him then, I don't see why you wouldnt again considering where he is being drafted.