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  1. Don’t want to get too much into AC talk here but I think it depends on your roster. I dropped him but may readd and stash him on IR for the week because I don’t have much depth at WR. I also think he may be better when Tyreek is on the field.
  2. Given that Adams is out this and possibly a couple more weeks, all the more reason to pull the trigger.
  3. With Brown possibly out and Andrews banged up, wondering if this guy could have a solid week ...
  4. Thanks. Somewhere between 15 and 20 depending on whether it's PPR/half PPR/standard. His last two seasons he's finished WR38 and WR62 (in half PPR). Point being -- that's essentially boom/bust waiver fodder.
  5. What's Watkins best full season fantasy finish?
  6. Cleared concussion protocol and practiced today.
  7. Couldn't get myself to pull the trigger on this ... offer still stands though.
  8. I dropped him this morning. Would have otherwise put him on IR but needed to make moves and he wasn't declared out yet.
  9. Andrews just popped up on the injury report with a shoulder issue in addition to his ongoing foot issue. Something to monitor.
  10. Yes. For sure. Particularly because I don't love your RBs and you're pretty deep at WR.
  11. Keep going back and forth on whether the Cowboys are worth a waiver claim. I've the Bills on bye and the only other decent choices out there are Broncos, Redskins, Chiefs, Seahawks. I suspect someone claims the Cowboys but maybe not the Broncos. Hoping to add the Steelers after their bye. Thanks for the heads up on their ROS to other posters here.
  12. He's not practicing. That would be a pretty extreme smoke and mirrors operation.
  13. Dissly for sure. The first two are tight. Any other considerations to take into account? Bye week conflicts, etc?
  14. I wouldn't do this trade. I like all of the players you have at least as much if not more than the ones you're receiving. Gallup > Jeffrey, Michael > Hyde, and Edmonds > Murray. Like another poster suggested, I'd see what you can get for Edmonds alone or in a package.