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  1. I don't think it's that cut and dry. We have no idea whether Bell is just going to pick up where he left off. Conner has earned a role going forward, Bell might not be in game shape when he gets back, they might not even play Bell in week 8 to preserve his health with the hopes of a trade before the deadline, and I'm sure there are plenty of other factors I'm not even aware of. We pretty much know what we have with Michel, and his role is more likely to increase than it is to decrease. Play it safe and keep Michel. If anything, you might try to trade Conner to him and get something more stable in return. Otherwise, sit tight and hope that either Bell gets traded or Conner retains enough work alongside Bell to serve as an RB2.
  2. Wait...are we talking about for this week or ROS?
  3. This is tough. I think it really depends on your WRs, but assuming this is an upgrade for you, I would go for it. As other have mentioned, Edelman is back, Gordon is coming on gradually, and Michel's role is likely to grow as he gains more experience, all of which could eat into White's opportunities. Kupp's role is pretty secure in the league's best offense - and he gets frequent red-zone looks in that offense. Yes, please. Thanks for helping with mine!
  4. Given that you're 3-2, I wouldn't do this. You can't really afford to lose major contributors for a piece that won't contribute anything immediately - it puts you in a bad position to make the playoffs. I might be on board if you were 5-0 or 4-1, but you still need the immediate wins to guarantee a playoff spot. Help with mine?
  5. Watkins, Keke, Anderson, Gabriel I'm not sure how or why so many people are down on Watkins. He's receiving passes from the hottest QB in the league right now, on a team with a weak defense which means frequent shoot-outs, and has shown a fair amount of consistency since week 1 (of course, ignoring the one game when he was injured). Keke is the third option on an average offense - though he does serve a unique role in that offense so he will hopefully be able to maintain some amount of consistency. Anderson has had only a couple good performances so far this year. Enunwa's injury doesn't seem serious so I'm not expecting that to be a big factor for Anderson, but maybe Darnold has earned a little more trust from the coaching staff and they'll let him start slinging it. I'd be willing to take a flyer on him. Gabriel had literally one good game, so I'm not sure how anyone is putting him above the other guys here. He plays on a bad offense with a struggling QB. If you want to take a shot with him, go for it. Maybe the Bears have actually turned a corner...but I'm not getting my hopes up. Help with mine?
  6. This is a great problem to have, but I have to go Mahomes. He just man-handled the best defense in the league. I also think the Patriots have more of a tendency to score rushing TDs than the Chiefs (though, admittedly that's not based on any actual data; just my perception). Help with mine?
  7. I'm in agreement. Do it. You'll fix your biggest weakness without taking a major hit to your starting roster. Help with mine?
  8. You should find another owner like yourself who thinks Lockett is here to stay and sell high. I agree with others that Baldwin's return to form is imminent. Even a not-fully-healthy Baldwin is going to take the lion's share of work from Lockett. That said, I think you should try to get more for Lockett than Cook. You might even consider packaging Lockett and someone else for a bigger upgrade.
  9. I think you stay put. If I were you, I'd try to package a couple of my players for an upgrade at WR, like Michel and Woods for a higher end WR1.
  10. To clarify, I'm pretty set on trading for Landry, so I'd like alternate suggestions based on my roster. Thanks!
  11. Looking for an upgrade at receiver. 2QB, PPR. Here's my roster: QB: Roethlisberger QB: Mahomes WR: A. Brown WR: E. Sanders WR: M. Sanu RB: T. Gurley RB: C. McCaffrey TE: Gronk Flex: K. Cole Flex: A. Jones Bench: K. Johnson, A. Callaway, C. Clement, R. Jones II, J. Winston, C. Brate IR: R. Cobb The Landry owner only has one active RB this week with byes and injuries. Hoping to take advantage of that to get Landry at a discount.
  12. I'll throw my vote in for Fitz. I think Fitz has one last glory game before he comes back to earth. I'm also not confident that Fitz keeps the job for the rest of the season. If/when Fitz starts to struggle, I think we're going to see Jameis again. I would pick up Fitz, play him this week, watch as he lights the NFL on fire one more time, try to package him in a trade with a QB-needy manager, and celebrate your ultimate sell high victory.
  13. I'm looking to move James Conner while he still has value. I know the chances seem decently high that Bell holds out through week 10, but I don't really like the instability/stress of owning him. I considered trying to acquire Bell, but I'm not so sure that backfield doesn't become a committee when Bell comes back. So I'm considering targeting either Dalvin Cook or Antonio Brown given that I think I might be able to buy low on them this week. However, I'm open to trying to acquire Bell or other suggestions as well. Would appreciate trade package suggestions too. Thanks! 2 QB, PPR, 12-team. Here's my team: QB: P. Mahomes QB: B. Roethlisberger WR: E. Sanders WR: K. Cole WR: M. Goodwin RB: T. Gurley RB: C. McCaffrey TE: R. Gronkowski Flex: J. Conner Flex: G. Bernard Bench: A. Luck, A. Callaway, M. Williams, D. Bryant, P. Barber, K. Johnson, J. Allen WHIR
  14. If Josh Gordon goes to the Niners, is Goodwin still a viable option? Interested in the community's thoughts.
  15. I also own Conner but not Bell and I'm looking to trade him for as much as I can as soon as I can. Bell could be back at any time. Literally no one but Bell (and maybe his agent) knows when he'll return. And there's no chance that he'll be traded. So Conner's value does expire. Based on your roster, though, it seems like your biggest needs are actually at RB and TE. I wonder if you could pair Conner and Hilton to get an upgrade at RB, like DJ or Zeke? Maybe take a shot on Barkley + a TE upgrade? Something like that?