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  1. If you can keep two then keep them both... i'm confused about the question. I wouldn't trade harden yet especially if you are in win now mode.
  2. KAT, John Collins, Bamba, Brandon Clarke, Zach Collins Lavine, Brogdon, DJM, Wall (IL), Simons, Tyus, Melton toby Harris, Jon Isaac, Zhaire, Rodi kurucs, 10 active spots
  3. Okobo might get cut and may not sniff the rotation. Tyler Johnson had his chance last yr but they brought in Rubio. Jerome won’t be ready for a while. rubio came in on a big contract and is far better.
  4. Not even assists? Fts? I feel like he won't have the same usage but the combination of Stevens' schemes with better teammates should make things easier on him and while he may not take as many shots an improvement in assts/fg%/fta would buoy his value
  5. Funny enough I went w/ Kemba in the 2nd as well but good get on Drummond (hope the rest of your team is high ft shooters) i got John Collins in the 3rd. Have Jokic/Kemba/Collins/Lavine/JJJ/Horford... pretty good on most things but still have room for improvement
  6. The big question with Hunter will be his ability to get stocks. Steals are usually a good indicator when extrapolating college production and his steals are *really low* for his physical tools and defensive impact - 0.6spg in 32.5 min (he actually had .6 spg in 19.9 min the year before so not sure why its so low). The only unknown is does it have something to do with Virginia's system and will be different in the NBA although that is unlikely. He's also 4th at best on the pecking order offensively and should have a fairly low usage
  7. much prefer Rubio. Minny will run more plays through KAT and Bazz will get some of Teague's minutes and he's coming off of a timid and injury filled season. Rubio was brought in on a huge contract to "steady" the suns and will get good play with plenty of targets in Ayton/Book/etc.
  8. On board the train. Expecting lower rebounds but hoping for the all around production and improvement. Curious how the minutes/touches will go between JJJ/JV/Clarke?
  9. If you have a legit shot to win now then you can trade them but make sure you get a lot in return - Doncic is highly valued especially in keeper/dynasty. Also if you end up keeping Doncic you will most likely not be punting assists next year. Last point, you could potentially make a different trade on one of your other players to only soft punt assists
  10. Who's your other keeper? I would definitely try to see if you can trade 2 of your top 3 to upgrade your second keeper. Both of these guys are top 10 and Harden will have several more years of great production
  11. Hopefully more FTA (and makes) to help the PPG as well
  12. You should be able to get more for WB, especially if the guy is punting fts
  13. Appreciate the feedback. I didn't feel so hot about starting w/ 2 Cs. I also prefer Kemba to Trae and hope he does well in Boston.