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  1. Dennis Smith Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    They forced him into a big role last year (not necessarily a good thing) and PGs take a long time to develop. I don't feel like the gave him the mins nor the opportunity this year and jerked him around quite a bit with Luka, Matthews and even Barea getting shots/creation at his expense. They then seemingly decided not to play him and to trade him instead but it seems like the trade fell through and now they are stuck in a difficult situation. IMO they could have treated him better than that
  2. Dennis Smith Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Seems like at first it was the team but now it's him not reporting. Team didn't manage this very well and it's starting to blow up
  3. Dennis Smith Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's seemingly shutdown until a trade which I find very odd considering that Barea is out and that he was doing ok as a 2 on offense and 1 on defense and they don't have depth. Aren't they shooting themselves in the foot by not playing him and holding him out? How long can they hold him out for? trade deadline is still a ways away. I thought the whole Bledsoe fiasco last year would make it tough for a team to hold out a healthy player. He missed 4 games, then played 1, then missed 6 games, then played 6 and has now missed 4 more and isn't expected in the next 2
  4. Dennis Smith Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The TO's are bad, especially considering the playing time and the FT's are subpar although he doesn't attempt many. However, the shooting has been much better, he's up to ~44% from the field (39.5% last year) and 37.5% from 3 (31% last year). He's also really upped his steal rate (1.4 vs 1) and would likely generate more boards and assists on another team.
  5. Trade Just proposed to me. WHIR

    That's a steal, congrats!
  6. Mikal Bridges 2018-19 Season Outlook

    He's essentially competing w both oubre and Jackson for minutes and both are very aggressive offensive players while he isn't. Needs to establish himself a little more in the offense. Even Melton took more shots than him.
  7. Dlo has definitely improved his shot selection (less jacking up 3s and more close pull up jumpers) and its helped both his scoring and %. I believe it'll continue but traded him and Marc Gasol for KAT
  8. Lowry for Klay? Whir 100

    Meant that lowry is at a low point. Klay has been off this season but has had 2 hot shooting games against the Knicks and bulls. Hopefully he keeps it up but doesn't provide a lot in the other stats
  9. I got him for Marc Gasol and Dlo but it's a deep roto league
  10. Who should i Stash?

    I'm waiting on him too but he's a big ? IMO, do you have an IR and what stats do you need? they are all very different
  11. Lowry for Klay? Whir 100

    See what else you could get for Lowry, should be able to do better than Klay IMO. He's at a bit of a low point at the moment
  12. Trade Just proposed to me. WHIR

    It's always worth countering, doubt you'd get ayton for klay but worth a shot, you could also see if you could upgrade another player in the process with a 2 for 2. Really depends on team build, where you are in the standings, what else you can get for klay - may as well shop him around a little
  13. Gordon Hayward for Thomas Bryant

    stay put, Hayward is starting to show flashes and has way more upside, as always, depends on your situation
  14. for 10 team, you should definitely do it with the only caveat that Derozan hasn't been as good lately with LMA taking on a larger role.
  15. agree with Mobdad, don't do it