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  1. Agree on the great trade but you are definitely losing some blocks by giving up AD. What 5 cats are you focusing on? I agree with dropping Diallo and since you are fairly strong in most cats you could stream to target specific weaknesses of your opponent that week
  2. Prince out for the next one and Huerter still questionable
  3. Not messing around, only big contract on the books is Gallo for one more year at $22m after that it's Lou at $8
  4. Vintage Whiteside, the steals are a nice surprise as well. Could be ready to go on a run. The ft's are so mental, every year he starts improving later although this year has been inexplicable
  5. Ranked top 25 in both 8(#22) and 9 cat (#19) over the last 2 weeks (7 games). If there was a decent chance he could maintain his role, which he potentially could if AD&Randle are traded without bringing back a C or if AD isn't traded and kept out, then he should be valued as at least a top 50 guy
  6. The question is if they don't trade him do they sit Davis so that he doesn't get injured And Jah-gonna-giveit-to-ya
  7. The impressive part is that when given minutes their depth pieces have really been delivering, mainly Morris and Beasly
  8. Blame away, in fantasy however, can't ask for more. An off night just hurts the %s but the other stats are literally always there. When he's got it going it's game over. Looking at his season stats he's at 44/86 and has carried this team despite their injuries
  9. very interesting actually, a trade of Andre Roberson ($10M) for Niko ($12.5M) straight up would work while adding $2.5M pre tax to their books but removing salary for next year since roberson has one more year. Would need to add a sweetener for the Pels though
  10. OKC is at $144M in salaries and facing a roughly $66M luxury tax bill, they may just be trying to reduce their bill which they have done with previous moves as well.
  11. as was posted in an article earlier, the lack of depth in this draft and the change in lottery odds for the worst teams are really complicating the value of potential packages from the Knicks and Celtics. The knicks could offer Knox, Frank Nitty, Vonleh and Kanter (expiring) with a bunch of picks to the Pelicans but even if they maintain the worst record (which they currently own) they still only have a 14% chance of the 1st pick and an almost 48% chance of the 5th pick. They also can't deal DSJ, Mathews or DJ for 2 months now apparently. So in many ways, they should wait and see how the lottery balls fall
  12. Davis is officially out for the week... sounds like they'll hold him out until the trade deadline. Do your thing Jah, we're getting spoiled.
  13. Great analysis, there are just so many pieces at play here making it really complicated and the Pelicans market further complicates it in that it seems that they can't truly afford to rebuild. Since Miro and Randle (unlikely to pick up his PO) are essentially expiring contracts they should be fairly easy to trade but I am personally skeptical that they'll get a 1st rounder in return since they are not under team control, unless they take on some bad salary. AD is the big trade and it'll be interesting to see if they make the move now or wait on the C's. Holiday is probably available at the right price but is more likely to be retained considering he just signed a 5 year contract and is under team control for at least 2 more years (PO in 21-22 for $26M) Looking at all these valuable pieces, it's kind of sad that they haven't been able to do more with the talent that they have/had.
  14. Before or after Randle and Miro are shipped as well?
  15. Terrible fantasy game from an expectation perspective but that game winner was awesome!