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  1. Theres usually one team with a legit reason to trade, then the other has absolutely no realistic response to why they would make a horrific trade. Most players who make bad trades say, " I like him hes my fav player and I do what I want", instead of ," my team needs to punt blks and fg% so hield is going to help me and I'm an 8th seed needing to punt more to compete. Except it doesn't work like that in most cases. The person on the bad end of the trade is usually out of contention and skewing the league horribly for no good reason whatsoever. This is where some disagree with me: "taking advantage of a very stupid player is collusion, or at the very least, unacceptable". That's a big problem and not okay under any means because a cheating team can just play dumb, and cheat and it wont technically be cheating, but it has the same effect on the league so it doesn't matter. Criminals always have some excuse. Tinkering on the edge of cheating in fantasy basketball with strangers on the internet, even if not cheating, is pretty much cheating. AD for Hield if end of season would not be a bad trade, and if after the trade request, yeah that would be considered whining to complain about that... you gave too fair of an example. It's case by case, and saying that people who complain about other teams trading are whining is just beyond idiotic. Maybe I join one of your leagues and trade DeAngelo russel for steph curry when steph is hurt for 1 week to the last place team as he says "DLO THE UOCOMING STA! Steph gona sit DLO da man now" after one 40 pt game for DLO. What are you just gonna sit back like a little puss boy and let it happen?? While I say stop whining it's only $30!??? You gave an example of a fair trade (if end of season), but that's not the typical trade that causes leagues to fall apart. Either way, that's why I only do league votes. To weed out out the inevitable 1 or 2 children who don't play fair and ruin fantasy basketball. You also said half of the time it's not collusion, so half of the time it is? Lmao. Half of the time is A LOT. 10% of the time is A LOT. 1 bad trade is a lot.
  2. If facts are games played, then the pathetic 42 games he played last year is far more than enough to label him as a serious concern for lack of games played the following year. Especially at his age, usage and expected minutes played. In addition, he never came back healthy so there's no positive outlook in thinking he will now.
  3. Bobby Portis has been working his butt off and is claiming himself to have the best work ethic in the nba, and that no one trains like him in the off season. That hes up there with Kobe Bryant.That means that there's some upside for Portis because whatever potential he actually has, he is more likely than most to come closer to reaching it. So when fitzdale sees Portis working his a** off every day on and off the court trying to prove himself, and mitch Robinson makes bad play after bad play with mental lapses and lazy court etiquette (chasing blocks and fouling vs playing defense etc), I can very well see fitzdale benching Robinson out of punishment for the man at least claiming to be the hardest working off season player in the nba. He's maybe mostly talk but no one better to punish a lazy player chasing blocks than by putting in the guy working his a** off. It's a lesson in ethic. It's like when coaches purposely make time shares to have 2 or 3 players compete with each other to excel their games. I think Bobby Portis could be used as a tool to motivate robinson while frustrating the hell out of him to improve his basketball IQ, and it will probably work. Plus Portis spaces the floor on a team that can't shoot 3s so who knows what happens. I can see Robinson getting 3 fouls in the first quarter then sitting him the rest of the game as punishment. If Robinson plays too much with bad habits, he might never break those habits so psychological punishment is the way to go in my opinion. Thats what I'd do at least. Oh you're gonna be lazy and play like Hassan whiteside Robinson? Hell maybe taj Gibson is there for when Robinson plays dumb, Portis plays selfish, and taj is the punishment for both.
  4. WCS and Looney time share, neither will be worth owning beyond the 12th in my opinion. Not to the mention that they could slot Draymond at C more and surprise us with a new lineup. Kerr said he'd love to play looney 30 minutes. The way that is phrased is almost clearly saying he very likely won't. No chance he avg a double double.
  5. Not sure how contacting yahoo about corrupt managers would be "whining" lol. I guess it's better to just let them steal your money than "whine".
  6. Yes one season absolutely did. It's called a lingering injury. The most recent injuries are the ones to worry about. I'd be much more likely to put gallinaris games played over Teague next year, because he had a healthy past season. Its usually some type of re-injury or chain reacted injury that lingers which hurts "injury prone" players, not totally random unrelated injuries that a weak frame promotes. Calm down buddy. Draft Teague then.
  7. I don't doubt his per game production and can see 7 ast per game, but he's one of the most injury prone guys out there. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him play only 45 games or less. Wolves have almost zero shot at making playoffs as well. If you screw up early in your draft and need assists, maybe you can take a chance on him staying healthy to bail you out but hes up there with Booker Gallinari Whiteside that I wouldn't even consider unless they're light years beyond their ADP.
  8. Gaining muscle is not nearly as important as losing fat for someone like jokic. Jokic putting on muscle when he is his size, won't do much for him. He can already bully almost anyone and finish at the rim at an exceptional rate. But losing 20 lbs and increasing agility would do wonders for him. Jokic adding some fatty weight in my opinion, is a clear cut obvious sign of him going to have a slow start to the 1st quarter of the year. Nba analysts, I forgot which ones, on ESPN, were talking about how if jokic lost body fat he would be unstoppable. I'd think that going in the opposite direction can only mean negative things for his outlook. If hes still out of shape come the start of the season, I'd have to drop him down to the 10+ spot on my draft list, instead of his expected 6 or 7. He started off slow last year so that's very likely to repeat if he is in even worse shape come day 1.
  9. They are going to stagger Westbrook so he will have his share of triple doubles. He wont be stat chasing, not on hardens team, but I'd give him at least 10 over the season. I'll happily snag him in the 2nd and not punt ft% or 3s (depending on 1st rd pick). He gets you rbs of a center. If I can grab lillard/harden in the first and Westbrook in the 2nd, I'll be a very, very happy man. Especially if I can snag Turner or brook Lopez in 4th 5th as another means to offset it. My Harden/Westbrook team last year wrecked everyone in site. If you know how to use Westbrook properly, hes a machine. Not to forget 2+ steals. If you think taking Westbrook or doncic means a triple punt, you still don't understand how pairings and that is very unfortunate.
  10. I agree that any team lebron will be on will have oddsmakers a bit in their favor but it's not going to be too excessive. There is also a ton of lebron haters and they can't skew it too much or pro betters will see right through it. But yeah if I bet on sports I'd take definitely takes Houstons line or the Jazz this year if I wanted to bet outside of fantasy. Would highly consider GSW too as they will have a similar team to their 70+ win season except an upgrade of Russell vs barnes.
  11. Lebron got injured lol. Last year is a wash. And considering he is one of the most durable players in nba history their prediction made total sense.
  12. The thing about players with low turnovers is that they're usually tied to garbage assists and pretty bad points. I'd rather go for 2 stats vs 1. Its stupid to think having harden lebron giannis westbrook doncic booker etc means you're punting TO because everyone who is not punting assists has to make up for a couple bad TO players too. It's all about the semi punt. You can have harden and Drummond on the same team and not punt anything for example. Throw in lou William's late in the draft or grab DeRozan and it offsets it. Too many people get set on punting cats because of one player. Semi punts and pairing go a long way.
  13. Zion doesn't have many moves, that's his problem. He's so used to jumping over everyone and using his vertical time to adjust to not get blocked but its gonna be swat city for zion at least the first half of the year. Will still probably have +50% fg but it's going to take time for him to learn how to use his athleticism. People like Gobert are going to give zion a lot of problems. He will do well against small ball lineups and will get a ton of a alley oops from holiday and and lonzo in the 40 games lonzo plays. I see 18 pt 8 rb 2 ast .2 3s 1.3 blks 1.1 stls 2.4 to 52% fg 65% ft His ft will be why I wont draft him. Hes gonna get fouled a lot and miss a lot of free throws. In a ftm league I take zion in the 3rd, otherwise I grab him 5th round or avoid him all together because I never punt ft%.
  14. I mean oddsmakers over all betting sites who maybe have more sports win predicting intelligence than probably anyone in the world have them as the 2nd most likely team to win the championship. Danny green kuzma are no jokes, and McGee and dwight are great defenders. No chance in hell doncic and zing beat out lebron ad lol. I think spurs are most likely to be 8th seed and maybe knocked out by Dallas. Maybe Portland can't get it done without nurk but I doubt that too. Pop is great but they're getting new upcoming players and are going to have to adapt to each other and see what lineups work and lma gay are getting old, DeRozan can score but their team possibly can't shoot 3s, may have bad spacing but I'm sure they're all working on their 3 pt shot this summer. Pop is great but if anyones squeezed out this year, its the spurs. It will be hard to develop chemistry in the stacked west. Kat isn't a winner yet, just a solid player. Their team needs to develop chemistry and Wiggins needs to figure out how to stop being an idiot and use his talent correctly. Teague can't stay on the floor, maybe if he does, and Wiggins gets his act together, timber could take 8th seed but very unlikely. Lakers are better with only lebron than Minnesota. Kats young and durable though, so he wont rest even when wolves are out of the picture so excellent fantasy value. This is my order for 2019 2020 regular season standings: Houston (yes Houston) Denver Clippers Lakers Utah GSW Por San I only have clippers and Lakers not at 1 and 2 because they will rest a lot but one of them, or Houston as my very under rated dark horse will take the ship this year. Clips will win though...
  15. In roto, which I never play, I'd take KAT #1. H2h I go Harden, Curry, AD, Giannis, KAT. AD could rest come playoff time with the Lakers basically guaranteed a playoff spot but hes so ridiculously good in per game value... This years top 5 is fantasy gold.