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  1. I got Kamara in both leagues too lol...f--- me
  2. Kamara out for rest of game
  3. I rhink Kamara might be out. They are acting like he is
  4. Zach Ertz 2017 Outlook

    Ogletree is questionable for the Rams...when Tree was out vs Arizona, Cardinal TEs had a nice second half vs the Rams... 7 targets: 5 catches, 67 yards... Would of been 6 catches for 88 yards had Gresham not dropped ball.
  5. Zach Ertz 2017 Outlook

    So is Burton a drop now?
  6. Tevin Coleman 2017 Outlook

    Wasn't he a high end RB2 even with Freeman healthy?
  7. Tevin Coleman 2017 Outlook

    Why's everyone so low on him this week? I mean CBS has him ranked 24th this week...and Jamaal Williams significantly higher. Not even sure why though, am I missing something? With Aaron Jones back, I just don't see how Williams continues to get 20+ touches.
  8. Josh McCown 2017 Season Outlook

    Still hesitant. I mean it's Josh F'n McCown!
  9. Ingram or Gio? WHIR

    If Ingram plays, you gotta go with him.
  10. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Bout to drop this fool
  11. Robby Anderson 2017 Season Outlook

    Hamstrings scare the hell out of me...he could be a go and then first plat tweak it and then just be a decoy all game
  12. Jamaal Williams 2017 Outlook

    I can't start him over least i know what Tevin's role is going to be in Atlanta's offense....Packers could give Jones 20 carries this week, who knows.