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  1. I think they got more help this year and will look to play a little differently if they want to advance further in the playoffs.
  2. Bam himself declares according to.the latest blurb : 16p / 10r /5a I would guess 1.2s / 1.4b
  3. I own him in a dynasty with 2 ir spots but i wouldn't want him 8n redraft. Even in dynasty he may not come back at the same level. He is 7 foot and usually somewhat overweight and out of shape. Now add a major lower body injury.
  4. Top 200 is setting the bar pretty low. On a team like this it can go either way because they are finished at the bottom no matter what. I would guess he will do ok the first half mentoring guys and all the youngsters get turned loose after the break. Batum has been junk for 3 years now.
  5. Kawhai is gone and so is Green. I think this is Mccaws breakout year. 15/6/2.5/1/1/1.5
  6. A man walked into a bar. It hurt. Rimshot!!!! Ill be here all week.
  7. I picked him and Graham off waivers in a dynasty league yesterday. I project scoring and 3s and empty stats elsewhere. 15ppg ,2 3pt , 4rb, 1.5 ast ,.5 stl ,.2 blk. Hoping for maybe 12 pts , 5 assist from graham. Sleepers: Mccaw Graham Bacon Cobaclo Damion jones
  8. Yes he looks good as a sleeper. I add him to my list of rookie sleepers : brazdeikis Fernando Windler Little these guys will go undrafted in most leagues,but I play in a deep dynasty league where all will be drafted.
  9. Nurkic Richardson Covington Bleadsoe Beverley Siakam Finals are won by teams who have players who arent rested or given management days. I didn't win this year lol.
  10. These rest days are so common now that its a joke. If an 82 game season is too rigorous for most of the players , why not reduce it to a 70 game season. This current situation makes no sense.
  11. He obviously meant it as an anti lgbtq insult. Its inconceivable that Westbrook is "used to being a slave" due to slavery being abolished and non existent in this country since the 1860s. Unless he is saying that Westbrook secretly spends his off season in places like the Islamic republic of Mauritania where 20% of the population remains slaves or the Islamic republic of Libya,which made news recently with clandestine video footage of their slave auctions. But of course he didnt mean any of that. However it is totally conceivable( although not probable) that Westbrook is head bobbin on the DL and that was the OBVIOUS insult the fan was making. Not the history of the US but the history of the world. And also not only history but the modern reality in more than a dozen Islamic republics still even today.
  12. This happens everywhere. Believe it or not , what is heard and seen from American fans is super mild compared to what is happening in Europe. Soccer fans throwing banana peels at black players , making monkey noises at black players and screaming at Jewish players to go to the ovens. Yeah the whole point is wait for the evidence or you may fall for (another) hate hoax . Add to the list the multiple Muslim women since Trump was elected who said that white guys in maga hats ripped off their head scarfs and insulted them . Of course the media was happy to report it sans evidence. Of course when camera ( which are everywhere) evidence disproved the hoaxes ,the media pretended it never happened.
  13. All jokes aside , the salient point is this: Posters labeled the guy "racist" without even having his audio available. Westbrook claims he heard the guy tell him "to get on his knees like he is used to " which sounds anti lgbtq rather than racist if the fan even said that. The fan claims he told westbrook to ice his knees. Its very possible that in a packed stadium with thousands of ppl screaming that westbrook heard him wrong. Until the audio surfaces ppl are just jumping to conclusions .
  14. "Normal banter " ?? You are perilously close to being labeled a "racist". Check your privilege,sir/zir/they.