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  1. His blocks been going down year by year. I'm just going with the trend. You think he will be closer to my 1.2 or your 2.5 ? As a Whiteside owner I would be happy if you are right but I don't see it happening
  2. I like him for a bounce back too but I just think he misses 15 or 16 games and averaging 12pt 9rb 1.2 blocks ,good fg% and empty everywhere else.
  3. Do not draft Injury situations don't improve with age Looks like his glory days are in the rear view mirror RIP Troy Murphy 2.0
  4. I have a feeling he will have a slight decline this year.
  5. Its hype and I'm saying that as a Pascal owner in a dynasty league. I picked him off the waiver wire at the very beginning of last season. If you got him like that he is pure platinum. But taking him in the 2nd and 3rd is fools gold.
  6. I think he is a sleeper This could be his breakout year Kahwai and green are gone
  7. I think they got more help this year and will look to play a little differently if they want to advance further in the playoffs.
  8. Bam himself declares according to.the latest blurb : 16p / 10r /5a I would guess 1.2s / 1.4b
  9. I own him in a dynasty with 2 ir spots but i wouldn't want him 8n redraft. Even in dynasty he may not come back at the same level. He is 7 foot and usually somewhat overweight and out of shape. Now add a major lower body injury.
  10. Top 200 is setting the bar pretty low. On a team like this it can go either way because they are finished at the bottom no matter what. I would guess he will do ok the first half mentoring guys and all the youngsters get turned loose after the break. Batum has been junk for 3 years now.
  11. Kawhai is gone and so is Green. I think this is Mccaws breakout year. 15/6/2.5/1/1/1.5
  12. A man walked into a bar. It hurt. Rimshot!!!! Ill be here all week.
  13. I picked him and Graham off waivers in a dynasty league yesterday. I project scoring and 3s and empty stats elsewhere. 15ppg ,2 3pt , 4rb, 1.5 ast ,.5 stl ,.2 blk. Hoping for maybe 12 pts , 5 assist from graham. Sleepers: Mccaw Graham Bacon Cobaclo Damion jones
  14. Yes he looks good as a sleeper. I add him to my list of rookie sleepers : brazdeikis Fernando Windler Little these guys will go undrafted in most leagues,but I play in a deep dynasty league where all will be drafted.