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  1. Dear all. I would like ask a question. It would be my first time that I will play an auction (18 teams) dynasty with real salaries. I would like to ask if anyone know any webpage that gives a prediction of the values of the players in such a setting. I mean usually in my yahoo auction leagues i use the mean value provided by yahoo for a player but for a dynasty where the long term and the contracts play significant role i do not have fond anything similar Any help?? Thank you
  2. Hallo to everyone we have a dynasty league in Fantrax and 3 of our teams have resigned. 20 USD buy in fee Would anyone be interested to join?? It is a 30 teams league with salary cap 1 minor and 2 injury. The following teams are available Team Kane - This team finished 11th, team has all of its picks. Team LA Bakers - This team finished 22nd, team does not own 2020 1st but all other picks. Team Young Money - This team finished 9th, team does not own 2019 1st but all future picks You can see the advertisement with the rules also in reddit
  3. I totally agree for Spurs, and Hornets.... But Denver??? With Plumlee making such a good season?? Rockets since Capela will be back soon and Faried plays weel... The same for 76ers which have just acquired Boban and Nets which I think they are satisfied with the duo of JA and Davis. I think the the best place would be Hornets or Dalla and Chicago but I do not think (as u said ) that the rebuilding teams would want him... Furthermore maybe the Bucks would be a nice spot also since after releasing Maker they do not have a true C backup
  4. Who would you think will get the award this year?? I had a big bet on Lou and I am wondering if i shall make a cover in D. Rose... Thoughts?? (although is not pure fantasy basketball i wanted to ask)
  5. Do you think of starting him in Friday or wait? And for how long ?
  6. Ι would keep Dipo instead of Griffin. Sorry but I believe that Griffin would be injured again
  7. I am between Mudiay and K. Anderson... I have already posted in yours (with K. Love you mean right?)
  8. PG- Teague , Satoransky, Mudiay SG- Middleton , SF- Leonard, LordCo, K. Anderson, R. Gay PF- T. Harris, Sabonis, L. Nance C- Jokic, Turner IR Cousins
  9. I made a trade getting Leonard and LordCo and giving Lillard and Richardson so I need 3s and points
  10. Nobody would accept Turner not even Markkanen. Maybe you can try for Allen or Sabonis... but it would still be hard
  11. DLO side Kanter might be traded, Warren is injury prone
  12. I would go with Gasol for t he time being in a couple of weeks try to resell him.