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  1. Neither are great, but I'd rather have Gary Harris.
  2. I'm guessing he'll still go back to the bench, but it's really hard to predict what Fizdale will do.
  3. If you're in a very deep league, keep an eye on Nic Claxton. With DAJ out he should get some minutes, and he could be good for stocks.
  4. I would drop Bazemore for WCS and try to hold WCS to see what he looks like with more minutes. If someone on the waivers starts lighting it up then I would consider dropping WCS.
  5. Bazemore is the player to drop, and consider Thybulle or Troy Brown on waivers.
  6. It seems pretty fair, I like the trade for you overall since I'm not sold on Ingram. I would offer Fox instead of Aldridge. Fox/Murray/Ingram are all good but you're getting the best player in the trade. Mitchell Robinson will probably end the season with a value in the middle rounds, but there will be times where you're frustrated with rotations and his foul calls.
  7. I think they're both going to do pretty well, but I lean more towards Tristan. Cavs are focusing on him and he's doing well. Even with the inevitable dropoff he should have a good season.
  8. I would keep Luka. Simmons will pick up a bit, but he won't be able to approach Luka's value because of FT%.
  9. You would definitely be light at PG if you made the trade. I would ask him to add a PG of his choice, or else take someone like Huerter instead of Smart.
  10. Team is in my signature. I expect regression from him and I have too many 3s as it is. One person offered me Millsap, another person offered me Gary Harris + Jerami Grant. Should I accept either of them? I'm thinking of offering him for WCJ since I need FG%.
  11. Is anyone watching the game? Any particular reason he's shooting so badly?
  12. It's top 20 protected, and with the way they're looking right now they're keeping it.
  13. Team is in my signature (team wins as a category instead of turnovers). I think I'm low on assists so I'm considering offering Hield for a PG. Should I offer Hield for Russell? I'm also considering offering him for Walker. Or is my team okay as is?