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  1. Probably for the best. He needs to put some weight back on and get his strength up
  2. Is he expected to be back in the slot?
  3. This hurts Gordon a lot more than White
  4. If you have room you almost have to hold to prevent somebody else beating you with him.
  5. Heuerman done for the year. Maybe he gets a bump in usage now
  6. Cousins was rushed on virtually every play. Cook was met behind the line by multiple defenders on most of his runs. Burn the game film and look forward to brighter days.
  7. Tennessee is the 5th best defense vs RBs and Michel was coming off an injury. White had -5 yards rushing on his lone attempt. Gronk was out and Brady was terrible.
  8. Mariota looked better. He ran a little bit too, so his legs should start extending drives. It was at least a move in the right direction and i think Davis' floor might rise a bit.
  9. Wasted Thomas' blowup.....bc Cousins, JBrown, Kerryon, Sutton, Lindsay were his running mates this week. Opponent had Howard, Kamara, Mahomes, Allen.
  10. Droppable. Bad playoff schedule and easy streamers available. Waste of a highish pick.