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  1. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I was 11-3 in one league riding an eight game win streak and had a first round bye but lost my first game. Other league I went 8-6 and limped into the playoffs on a losing streak but won the championship. Totally agree it’s almost all luck. If there’s any skill involved it might be waiver wire adds but even then it’s a crapshoot. Many players thought Kamara would lead them to the championship but he regressed to the mean at the worst possible time.
  2. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Three weeks ago I thought Kamara would be on the roster of many league winners but it’s probably the opposite
  3. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm sure he'll blow up after I bench him but no way am i trusting him this week after watching Kizer that last game. He's a WR1 talent with wr3 fantasy because of his awful QB and coach
  4. In my second league somehow I made the championship game from the 4th seed and without a bye. It was very competitive and I was 8-6 and it was good for fourth. QB- TBD Bortles or Alex Smith WR- Sterling Shepard WR- Larry Fitzgerald WR- AJ Green RB- Devonta Freeman RB- Kareem Hunt TE- Jack Doyle or Charles Clay TBD K- Justin Tucker DST- Chicago
  5. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Hope you're right but I'm not letting this offense burn me again with that pathetic line. I'm benching him for Diggs or Sterling Shepard.
  6. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    If I could redo one decision I made this year it would be trading Keenan Allen and Kyle Rudolph for Baldwin and Graham. Just shows you need to be patient with your studs sometimes.
  7. Jimmy Garoppolo 2017 Season Outlook

    Should have started Jimmy G over Dak Prescott. I was going by the "expert" sites who said Dak was a must start against a bad Raiders defense. I need to just go with my gut and my eye test from now on when making these decisions I swear.
  8. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah WR along with tight end has been frustrating this year unless you own Gronk or Antonio Brown. My WR's have been wildly inconsistent with two or three good games and the rest duds. Diggs, Baldwin, Gordon, Tate. Would be nice to have a WR with a consistent, safe floor and not these 2 or 3 point duds. I've got to rethink my strategy for receivers and tight ends next year. It's almost better to take a chance on unproven players with new roles on good offenses.
  9. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I don't think he threw hardly any catchable balls. He would be fine with an average to slightly below average QB but Kizer might be the worst starting QB of all time and that's not hyperbole.
  10. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    So frustrating to lose to the guy who was gifted Gronkowski, Hunt, Julio, and AJ Green because he got over on some newbies with lopsided trades. Last year in this work league had more fun in my random league.
  11. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I made a mistake starting him this weekend. Kizer is so awful he would render Antonio Brown useless. Lesson learned to never use great players on awful teams.
  12. Robbie Gould 2017 Season Outlook

    He really shined this week for me. Too bad I went against Hunt and Gronk and I had Graham and Tate who put up duds. Starting him again next week in my third place consolation game.
  13. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    This is my second year playing and next year I won’t spend as much time doing research, etc as it means nothing to put so much work in. I’d do just as good flipping a coin and taking my chances to set my lineup that way
  14. 12/17/17 - Ravens @ Browns

    Lol the Browns coach deserves to be fired for just not benching Kiser. He’s not even practice squad material
  15. 12.16.2017 - SatNF - Charger @ Chiefs

    I started Tate today adding insult to injury.