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  1. Watson has displayed some receiving chops/physical talents and appears to have a great opportunity.
  2. Ahhh, the title of thread makes it seem like you had to make the decision now. The extra time should help things clear up a bit...
  3. Good catch...he missed weeks 8 and 9. So, he played weeks 2-7, 10-17, and the post season (where he absolutely killed it). Still, not the same as being placed on IR (AJones).
  4. I avoided the guy because he looked like an injury just waiting to happen. *I felt like he played waaay out of control at times, and landed/was tackeled awkwardly...a lot :shrug: Totally bummed I didn't buy in when I had the chance. Definitely in the top tier discussion with: Kelce and Ertz
  5. If you are declaring now you've also got to consider the Coach speak that Jones and Williams will operate as a RBBC, so you don't truly know their individual roles, and you don't know if GB will draft another body at the position. *re: injury/knee history: Jones has yet to finish a season, and aside from missing week 1, Michel played from week 2 all the way through the SB. NE is set at starting RB with Michel, and COP with White.
  6. No panic here, and the thought is: I pay the 3:12 for Cook, and I have no need to spend an earlier rookie pick on one of the elite rookie TEs (which struggle to score year 1 anyway.) *I already struck out on trying to trade for Ertz and Kittle using my 14th overall pick. Kelce would cost even more. Absolutely zero FA TEs worth a darn available in my league. If something/someone pops up during the season, maybe I can make a play... ps: I trade...a lot! Check out the "Completed Trades" thread, I think I have the last 3 posts Ok, enough about me, I'll show myself to the door.
  7. You might trade your 3:12 if your current TEs are DGoedert and GEverett, and you have 3 other rookie picks in the top 19. *see sig It's all about relativity and perspective.
  8. So, which is it: Your value bases are in complete contradiction with each other.
  9. Earlier you stated: So, it really sounds as if we are saying the same thing. *see other FTL posts
  10. Not sure what you folks are really pushing back against... If you guys don't view Cook as a possible starting TE (top 12 at the position), fine, and I was in no way advocating for Cook, even with his move to NO to suddenly be top 3 either...just merely top 12, which is completely do-able (never advocated for you draft him early or over the top 2ish TE tiers.) Like I said, a stat line of 48/480/6 is merely 3/30/0.375 per game, and would have been top 10 at the position last season. We obviously disagree and at this point, I'm out on this topic/thread
  11. He has Kelce. *I mentioned that a couple posts above (17hrs ago), but failed to re-state. We are also an IDP league, so 36th equates more to a late 2nd, regarding offensive players being pushed down by IDPs.
  12. Hasn't it been discussed ad nauseum in fantasy circles that Aaron Rodgers has never utilized his TEs? *I just had a team decline the 36th overall rookie pick for Cook There obviously is not a consensus on Cook.
  13. ...with the state of the TE position, those "pedestrian" numbers would have placed him as the 9th ranked TE last season. With Cook's signing in NO, he is certainly in the "starting" TE conversation (top 1-12 at the position), and no, that's not an endorsement as Cook being a heavy hitter at the position, it's more about the TE position not offering much past the top 3-4 (big drop off after these TEs last season), and it being a mandatory position. Most league's I play in don't allow for multiple ownership of a single player, therefore not everyone can own/start a Kelce, Kittle, Ertz, and then you've got say, Njoku, Ebron/Doyle, Gronk(?), Hooper, and then what? After that, everyone slots right in with, or less than: 3 rec/30 rec yds/0.375 TDs per game [over a season = 48/480/6 (which would have put a player in the top 10 at the position last season)]...or they have upside with question marks. Don't get too cute folks.
  14. I am in need of a starting TE, and I offered my 2019 Rookie 3:12 for him to a team in my league who also has Kelce. I wouldn't have done so, if Cook were still in Oak. So, a combination of A and B, but remove the "Stud" aspect from A.