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  1. 2019 Dynasty Central

    Some guys I took a chance on over the course of the season via the wire or trade, based on their future value, not "present stock value." Players I drafted/traded for are obviously viewed by myself as more valuable than the ww pick-ups (whom I will simply drop if they fail at no financial or emotional cost to me.) RB Jerrick McKinnon (trade prior to injury) Darrel Williams KC (ww) Elijah McGuire NYJ (ww) Chris Warren III OAK (rookie draft) WR Chris Godwin TB (trade) + Adam Humphries (ww) + Justin Watson (ww) Robert Foster BUF (ww) Michael Gallup DAL (trade) Desean Hamilton DEN (ww) Marquez Valdes-Scantling GB (trade) + ESBrown GB (ww) + JKumerow GB (ww) James Washington (rookie draft) TE Gerald Everett LAR (ww) DL Jonathon Allen WAS (ww) Emmanuel Ogbah CLE (ww) LB Elijah Lee SF (ww) Christian Kirksey CLE (ww) S Terrell Edmunds PIT (ww)
  2. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    His value is greater as a hold than to sell based on blue sky. Still a lot of question marks remain moving forward that will prohibit an owner from receiving proper value in return for giving up Damien. No one will step up and pay the $ equal to what we are all hoping he is.
  3. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    I like Jones as a boom/bust WR3 who many owners will sleep on. Lamar Miller...why? What is your roster makeup? *especially RBs and WR. Could land a great talent at WR position @ 1:08.
  4. IDP Keeper Rebuild for 2019

    Although, with this upcoming RB crop not being as "talented" deep as next season's, I've thought about throwing a curve ball, and going WR at 1:02 (esp if my RB target is gone), NBosa (if he lands in a 4-3) at 1:06, and WR at 2:02 and 2:07, with a RB/LB swapped at one of those spots (good draft for WRs) :shrug: I wouldn't mind getting the consensus top WR (landing spot will be final determining factor between ~3 WRs), and top DL (NBosa). Early on in the process I am viewing Damien Harris as the top RB (landing spot aside), with my eye on Montgomery, Anderson and Snell. Starting offensive line-up requirements: QB 1 RB 1-3 WR 2-4 TE 1-2 ….just a thought
  5. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the Steelers have not spoken with Antonio Brown since he was deactivated for the team's Week 17 game against the Bengals. Per reporter Gerry Dulac, Brown has "refused to return repeated phone calls" from owner Art Rooney II and coach Mike Tomlin. He skipped the team's final meetings. "Whether the situation can be reconciled and have him back on the team next year, we’re a long way away from thinking that can happen," Rooney said, expanding on his comments that it was difficult to envision Brown with the team in 2019. "We’re not closing the door on anything at this point." Rooney said the massive $21.2 million cap hit the Steelers would take by trading Brown will not factor into their decision. Rooney sounds 100 percent ready to move on. Jan 10 - 4:28 PM EDIT: these quotes/info appear to have been pulled from the article Corleone posted above.
  6. Keeper League Question

    Zeke Evans Kelce
  7. I Quit My League- Here's Why

    I quit all dynasty leagues that involved player contracts, as I no longer wanted my success tied/locked to an individual who commits physical violence toward females. I want the opportunity to drop them at my discretion, with no $ penalty.
  8. IDP Keeper Rebuild for 2019

    I've been set on a RB at the 1:02 since I started the rebuild. 12 Team IDP Keeper (PPR) QB: PRivers, LJackson(R) RB: DHenry/DLewis, JMcKinnon, CWarrenIII(R), EMcGuire, DWilliams(R) WR: CGodwin/AHumphries, MJones, RFoster(R), DHamilton(R), MGallup(R), JWashington(R), MVScantling(R)/ESBrown(R)/JKumerow, JWatson(R) TE: DNjoku, GEverett K: X DL: FClark, YNgakoue, EOgbah, JAllen LB: TSmith, TEdmunds(R), CLittleton, CKirksey, ELee DB: JReid(R), TEdmunds(R) 2019 Rookie Draft Picks: 1:02, 1:06, 2:02, 2:07, 3:08
  9. Dynasty Trade

    Need to see your roster/draft picks. On the surface, I lean more toward ARob + 2nd Round pick. IMHO Mack isn't a long term play at RB, as I fear his physical build will land him in the trainers room...a lot, and what if LBell lands in Indy, or they draft competition? You'll be less a RB, and not gain a WR/draft pick. Also, Mack has to get 20+ touches in order to produce a solid stat line, otherwise he is worthless (his best game with less than 20 touches = 13.9pts), and he already loses major touches in the passing game to NHines. Mack had only 3 games on the entire season where he scored more than 13.9pts. *disclaimer: not counting week 17 for obvious reasons. Your current roster would be the major deciding factor tough...
  10. IDP Keeper Rebuild for 2019

    5 seasons ago I joined this 12 Team IDP Keeper League (team in signature), taking over a team that had never been .500 over the previous 6yrs under my predecessor. I quickly gutted the team, and operating under a win now mode during my 1st 3 seasons I went to 3 straight title games, winning one. In my 4th season my win now mantra finally caught up to me, and I finished just out of the playoffs. In this, my 5th season, it was obvious at week 3 I didn't have the necessary pieces to win a title this season, so I changed schemes, sacrificing this season to start my rebuild via trades and the WW. One thing I like to do, is try and select players before they hit, so I was extremely active on the wire; from week 1 to the completion of week 17, I made 141 add/drops and 9 trades. We run a FA bid system on Tuesday nights, and a First Come - First Serve WW pick-up until kick-off. My team is in my signature (as are my 2019 Rookie Draft Picks). So, feel free to chime in on my rebuild (overall), comment on the value of any one or more players, or discuss scheme(s). Currently, I am looking: RB @ 1:02 NBosa or a RB/WR/LB @ 1:06 RB/WR or a LB @ 2:02 WR/RB or a LB @ 2:07.
  11. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    While it's waaaay to early to write any declaration in stone, IF Brown is traded I will not spend the same draft capital on him I would if he were still in Pitt.
  12. Derrick Henry 2019 Outlook

    Luckily, this time around we'll know the Lewis handcuff isn't such a priority. ...just fill the rest of your RB core elsewhere. *happy to have him rostered in Dynasty, but in re-draft I'm not sure where he should be slotted.
  13. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    I agree with your statement about not having to be friends with someone to get the job done, but don't mistakenly label Brown's locker room antics/using the media to air his grievances as "off the field" or outside of work issues. Those "locker room" fails, and media outbursts equate more to "on the field" fails than they do "off the field," as they directly and immediately affect his teammates and organization....from within the stadium and from within the safe haven of the locker room, whether via his actions in said locker room, or via his outburst in the media. Brown has not been a professional off the actual playing all.
  14. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    Due to the presence of the bolded portion, I'm not sure I can agree with the above statement. Brown has shown himself to be a prima-donna, and the "all WR's are divas" theory is no excuse. He cries like a baby for the ball (even when his team has won), he doesn't keep things "in-house," (taking personal gripes public), and he shoots/posts video from the locker room (against his team/teammates wishes/rules(?). Plus the recent antics. Not a good "teammate" IMHO. IF I were an NFL WR, I'd rather my team signed someone else to join the ranks...
  15. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    Yes. I am stoked I felt the need to hold Washington all season :fingers crossed: