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  1. IDP Rankings/Talk

    From what I've read, Jones has returned on a limited basis, but for now this is Brice's job. Foster and Smith are both back this week, but the SF brass hasn't tipped their hand on who will start, and where. It would seem logical that Warner has earned a spot next to those 2 (if not in place of Smith at MLB, moving Smith to SLB), but it's not up to us. I've decided to just sit Warner this week, unless I know for sure where he will be playing/starting. Foster would be a sure start (he'll man the WLB or MLB position), and IF Warner is named the MLB (or WLB), fire him up! Here is a recent article on the subject: "SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers, in essence, added two linebackers to the team Wednesday. Reuben Foster returned to the practice field after serving a two-game suspension, and veteran Malcolm Smith was cleared to undergo a full practice for the first time since he sustained a hamstring injury in the 49ers’ Aug. 9 preseason opener.Rookie middle linebacker Fred Warner played well in the first two weeks without Foster or Smith alongside him. It appears to be unlikely that Warner will lose his starting role. And Foster almost assuredly will step back into the 49ers' lineup at weakside linebacker after serving his punishment for violations of the NFL’s policies on substances of abuse and personal conduct. The team released veteran guard Matt Tobin to make room on the 53-man roster for Foster. Smith was the 49ers’ biggest defensive acquisition on the first day of free agency in 2017. But he missed all of last season with a torn pectoral sustained early in training camp. The 49ers still view him as a valuable asset because of his fit for the defensive system. So, is it possible Warner, Foster and Smith all could see action together?“We don’t have the plan, yet,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday. “We’ve got to see how they are, how they play. The plan is to do whatever we think gives us the best chance to win. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make a better guess at that decision these three days of practice.”Mark Nzeocha took over as the 49ers’ starting strongside linebacker in the team’s base defense after a trade sent Eli Harold to the Detroit Lions.“If I knew what way we were going to go this week, I wouldn’t tell you guys, but I do mean I don’t know, yet,” Shanahan said. “Rueben hasn’t been here in two weeks. Today is going to be Malcolm’s first day of full practice. So we want to see how all of those guys do, and it’ll be a tough decision at the end of the week, but a tough decision I’m going to be happy to have to make.” I attribute Littleton's poor week 2 stat line to the anemic Arizona offense that only allowed for 41 total opportunities (14 rushes and 17-27 passing).
  2. IDP Rankings/Talk

    If you are looking for a needle in the haystack (unknown IDP starter), I am bidding extremely low on LB Foyesade Oluokun ATL. LB Duke Riley was pulled in the 4th Qrtr week 2 for Oluokun, and now Oluokun has been named the week 3 starter at WLB.
  3. IDP Rankings/Talk

    From what I've seen, he is still making plays on the back end (INTs/PD), while playing up at the line of scrimmage A LOT! He displayed these traits in the pre-season, and nothing about weeks 1-2, say anything any different. *a DB (HSmith), lead this team in tackles week1, and ~4 DBs lead week 2 (HSmith being one of them)...maybe the scheme is funneling the ball to the DBs, maybe not, but until I see otherwise, I'm riding Smith until the wheels come off.
  4. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Absolute stud. I would not hesitate to drop Demario Davis for Darius Leonard...and that's even before DDavis sat on the sideline for 20 of the DST snaps week 2 (he only played 42 of 62 snaps)<-not sure why, and if it is just an anomaly, but...
  5. Need Replacement Owner for IDP - $100 prize

    They've already filled the spot, and just didn't see the need in updating those of us who reached out (I sent an inquiry email at 2pm yesterday, never heard back), or in updating this thread with a simple: "vacancy filled"
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Don't forget, this is the same organization that couldn't even get their starting line-up in sync with their depth chart/public announcement <-- that's completely on par with youth football, not an nfl franchise. ps: I haven't read anywhere that Gordon's teammates "thought he was high for a meeting;" only this: "there was concern that perhaps he was struggling again with his sobriety or on the verge of relapsing, sources said." Those are rushes to judgment (albeit, based on his past), but as of yet, an unverifiable judgment.
  7. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    If you don't mind his troubled past: in re-draft this guy needs to be added as a potential FFBall starter at WR, and at least added as a co<k block over lessor talent on your bench. In keeper/dynasty he is a must add! *we saw what he did with his opportunities in the pre-season with Mayfield (minus Gordon) and now in week 2 with Tyrod (minus Gordon). It's Landry and Callaway at the WR positions and Njoku at TE for this season...and the future.
  8. Waiver Wire - Week 1

    12 Team where we can start up to 4 WR's...Beasley is a FA.
  9. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    I gave: RB CCLement S BMcDougald I got: RB PLindsey *team in sig
  10. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Only stupid questions are those left unasked. Using my own league as reference: Ogletree and Barron were the #s 20, and 27 respectably, last season. Littleton is taking over for Ogletree, who scored better than Barron last season, and they now have two excellent DTs with which to eat up would be blockers. *IMHO, Ogletree was a liability in pass coverage, and Barron was a liability vs the run game. So, until I see Barron's presence diminishing Littleton's output at a high rate, I'll plug and play CL.
  11. IDP Rankings/Talk

    The hope was DLee would improve and step up his play yr 2. While it's hard to count on the splash plays, he was involved beyond those, with 6 solos and 1 asst, not too shabby, considering the Lions only ran the ball 15x and and completed only 27 passes. That's only 42 tackle opportunities, and he was in on 16% of those. Myles Jack is the LB2 to own in JAX behind TSmith. Depending on league scoring: Lee and Jack are LB3s with Lee having the best opportunity at LB2 status.
  12. Ryan Grant 2018 Outlook

    The guy has the size needed next to TY Smurf, and his catch rate on 9 targets is extremely promising...especially in a Luck offense (if Luck stays healthy). I spent just under 1/5th of my season's FA $ to acquire him. *there were rumblings in the offseason about this guy possibly becoming relevant. I like it when a guy proves his "perceived" worth, and it makes me more willing to take a chance on him. Then, say on a guy I've never heard of that suddenly pops up week 1.
  13. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    I spent just under a 3rd of my season's FA $ to add Enunwa. I like the target share, and he has succeeded at this level before :shrug:
  14. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Just saw that...that's big. I'd look elsewhere (not his back-up), to replace Jones in your line-up.
  15. IDP Rankings/Talk

    From my research, I am thinking they kick LB MSmith to SLB and line Warner up at WLB, and if anything happens to Foster (later dude), it's the MLB spot for Warner. *your thoughts as well?