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  1. Edit: and Uzomah isn't just the starting TE in name, as he played 70.67% of all offensive snaps, compared to Eifert's 49.33% share.
  2. If Eifert makes his usual trip to the medical tent (any day now), that would free up an additional 6 targets (Eifert's week 1 share) to go with week 1's 5 targets, which resulted in an efficient 4/66 at a 16.5yds per clip The next in line, Sample, is still a work in progress regarding the passing game.
  3. What @PizzaBeerFF said, and worry even less if you own him Dynasty Just speaking to Hubbard: he had upside last year, and seems to have put it together. *not knowing what other IDPs are available makes an indorsement somewhat iffy... Beyond the obvious stats, another positive would be his snap count: as a DE he was 2nd only to Dunlap, 49 to 43, respectively, and Hubbard nearly doubled the next DE, Lawson, who only had 23 snaps. Beware: looks like a trip to the IR is in his future (shoulder injury)
  4. Coming at this situation as a non Gurley owning, Brown owner: the real value in Brown is IF Gurley goes down. <in that scenario, Brown suddenly becomes an RB1/possible league winner. Hold and view Brown as a potential RB1. The appearance of present standalone alone value of an RB2/Flex is certainly nice and may be useful (IMHO Gurley is being managed in-season so he can be utilized to his full extent come post season), but don't let that be your "value" point. The Gurley owner needs to realize this aspect and pay accordingly, otherwise, they can just sit nervously on their Gurley share all season; rather have a potential RB1 on my squad than move him for what a mere handcuff would return in trade.
  5. 29yrs old and only signed through 2019, maybe there's a chance NO extends Hill to replace Brees as the future starter *IMHO remaining in NO is Hill's best chance at success as a starting QB in the NFL. In the mean time he is a great cheap slot in DFS that can produce TDs/big plays...
  6. A legit redraft hopeful/gamble, and certainly worth the low risk/price you paid up prior to Week 1 or IF you can pounce now at a cheaper price, while others pay up for bigger FA WR names :shrug: He is a definite darling in dynasty
  7. You want to spend your big FA dollars week 1 on possible league winners...Brown is it.
  8. He actually ran a 4.46 40 at 6'6" and 238lbs :wowzers:
  9. and DA showed out week 1...crazy stuff *hopefully many of our league mates spend big $ on 'dola in FA :fingers crossed:
  10. To remain statistically accurate: Harvin never finished multiple seasons (season = 16g for fantasy purposes, not including week 17/playoffs) as a top 12 at his position in PPR. He finished in the top 12 one time (2011), as the 9th ranked WR. His highest receiving yards total over that span was 967yds (2011 87/967/6) *and that was over 17g
  11. Some of us don't have the luxury of a more stable option, hence why I am merely "leaning toward sitting him," and not all in on sitting him as of yet...
  12. As a DMont owner, I'm leaning toward sitting him this week as a wait and see. IF his usage goes up week 2 (as we hope) than he is a plug and play week 3/moving least up until the inevitable Nagy enforced nose dive due to his play calling/personnel schemes
  13. I stated his 40, shuttle and cone were all poor. *so no issue/disagreement there, correct (see below): I am not entirely wrong, as I stated: You can find RBs rated higher overall by the pundits, who scored comparatively to Singletary in one or both of those ^ previously mentioned metrics: Singletary Vertical Jump = 35" *DMontgomery = 28" *RArmstead = 30" *DHenderson = 33" *TWilliams = 33" *AMattison = 35" *DWilliams = 36" *MSanders = 36" *DHarris = 37" *a few right in line, and a few worse than DS, and the fact his Vetical was better than a few of those "explosive" Singletary Broad Jump = 115" *RArmstead = 114" *DMontgomery = 121" *DHenderson = 121" *DHarris = 121" *definitely a larger disparity here beyond Armstead, so point taken :thumbs-up: Although I've come across no metrics to provide regarding his 10yd split, the media reports are out there, that Singletary's is very good :shrug: and this is a valid metric of "explosion" Based on your earlier comments (paraphrase: Singletary should have never been drafted on the merits of film, as his metrics were so poor) that when compared to the following quote, you make it sound as if an RB2 isn't worth drafting (at the appropriate slot of course) and an RB2 isn't a talented RB: If he ends up in the top 24, I'd venture to say he is "talented" and a "success" and worthy of being drafted based on his film. Yet, as you've stated, volume/game script will be key. *as he appears to already have the opportunity [Gore(?)], I see this volume/game script as being his biggest hurdle, not his talents.) Only week 1, with 15 more weeks to go but currently sitting at #15 in PPR for RBs. We shall see :cheers:
  14. This was apparent in film study, and his "vision/wiggle" combo are this guys best traits, not long speed. Nothing new here... So, now we're holding his OL's success against him if he produces *I get you are painting the, "anyone could have run through that hole picture," and I do realize it doesn't afford a good "pure talent" evaluation opportunity. The 1st two points (on display in film study) + that 3rd point are why I drafted him at 2:07 in my Rook Dynasty Draft back on June 7th, regardless of the poor evaluations. *this guy's jump cuts/side steps are straight up nasty ankle breakers. Depends on what metric you use to define "explosive." Many look to the 40 time, then to the broad and vertical jumps, and finally the cone/shuttle drills (short area speed/change of direction.) While Singletary's 40 (and to a lessor extent the cone/shuttle drills) were poor compared to other RBs, his broad and vertical jumps compared favorably to many of the other combine RBs, and there is 1 more metric (which IMHO may be even more relevant to success on the football field), the 10yd split. While I do not have that official split, I have read reports that Singletary's 10yd split is fabulous. The question marks/negative points regarding the overall volume of the running game/goal line opps in Buffalo were a known heading into the season, and are irrelevant when questioning Singletary's overall "talent." *the obvious plus in dynasty potential with that backfield was also a known factor but again, not relevant to this topic of "talent." All those points seem to suggest he has talent, has the opportunity, plays behind an OL that wont limit him, and...…… RB2 finish (top 24) would certainly equate to him being worthy of being drafted on the merit of his film, instead of focusing on this poor metrics. He is available and has the opportunity, so we shall see. I could certainly be wrong but IMHO the reasons were there to draft him based on his film and obvious opportunity. Appreciate the civil response