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  1. Id say big Ben he has better weapons with ab and juju, even ros if I was going to roster one would also probably go ben
  2. With Rodgers being out the offense hasn't looked good so id make the move for juju
  3. Yea no way id give up Tate for Aaron Jones with Montgomery being back in the mix
  4. Honestly id still go with jordy before the rest of those guys but if going a different route id play juju coming off his monster game
  5. PPR League looking to add one of the two running backs Or should I just hold on to the #2 waiver spot, my rbs are Kareem Hunt Crowell Abdullah Alf Morris Buck Allen
  6. I'd take that deal
  7. I like the deal for you if there was a way to keep Carson tho id try to
  8. I like the idea of getting a second first rounder for next year plus foreman like you said has upside
  9. It is a redraft league feel I could Weather the storm if dj is returning dor the fantasy playoffs, feel I need at least another good rb
  10. Very even deal in a ppr league I take the deal tho Montgomery catches a lot of balls to a rb
  11. I'd take either of them especially with the risk henry overtakes Murray at some point
  12. I'd do it, pairing zeke and hunt gives you an awesome rb combo and walker is still a pretty good te plus run the risk of injury with gronk
  13. I'd start Mariota still always a bet to get some running yards plus the Texans d was just shredded by the Patriots so he should be able to put up numbers For the flex id keep Hogan in
  14. I'd do it especially if gore is only your rb 4, coleman is already close to starable most weeks with Freeman in and if anything wrre to happen he'd be so valuable
  15. If you could get evans that'd be my first choice if not 5 might be my second choice like you said cousins should pick it up soon which hopefully means Pryor does to
  16. I'd rather keep cook, there'll be wrs available on the wire to that you can always plug in, more difficult to find a rb, plus if Martin comes back strong could try trading him
  17. I'd be getting Johnson back At wr I also have Obj, Michael Thomas, Larry Fitz, and Adam Thielen My rbs are Kareem Hunt, Crowell, Carson, Abdullah Buck Allen Already tried sending fitz and abdullah for guys like Mixon etc, and got no takers What you guys think
  18. At this point almost would rather have Smallwood he'll get carried and should see a chunk of the targets that sproles would've got so in a ppr definetly Smallwood
  19. Standard league definetly take parker, Cohen's value definetly lies in ppr
  20. Baldwin and Cohen, If henry become a the starter he's worth more than Cohen and you already have good rbs so take the chance
  21. Leaves you a little weak at running back but value wise imo id do the deal Cooper
  22. Parker at wr Bryant for his big play potential but Miller could be a safer play
  23. Yea if you can get either of the first two would definetly take those
  24. I'd take the deal, and just take Johnson instead of getting Benjamin, good ppr back whose going to get a lot of catches with the browns usually trailing