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  1. Finished most points and second place going WR-WR-WR in .5PPR. Any draft strategy is viable if you know what you're doing.
  2. Folks should also note that a lot of the high profile RBs this year stayed relatively healthy until the very end of the fantasy season. In most seasons we would see more waiver RBs rise to prominence earlier in the year. I bet we see a lot of managers go heavy RB in early rounds for 2019. Also stay away from fraud workhorse RBs like Fournette in PPR formats. You want the guys who contribute in the passing game - Gordon, Barkley, Zeke, CMC, etc. Will largely depend on your draft position but I’ll fade RBs unless they have that receiving upside.
  3. Punt RBs that emerged mid-season in the previous season. Guys like Collins, Drake and Burkhead were a nightmare for owners. I can easily see guys like Lindsay, Edwards or Adams being drafted in the third round next year and completely screwing managers over as their role is completely unpredictable.
  4. Congrats to my brethren who started him. Exact type of game I expected and it could have been an even bigger game.
  5. If anyone in the Jets offense has a good game he’s probably one of the more likely candidates. HOU outside corners are slow. Hilton, Corey Davis and Calloway has good statlines against them. Hes finally healthy and has 14 targets the last two weeks I believe. He’s a dart throw for a few of my teams that need the upside.
  6. Who cares when or where the points came from. Not a bad start for a guy you got off waivers this late in the season.
  7. Classic results over process scenario. Hate seeing the points on my bench but there were enough reasons to rationally sit him. Better than having him go against you.
  8. I have Allen for now in a league but Carr may end up being my guy. Could see this being a sneaky shootout with two bad defenses.
  9. Most medical experts tied to the fantasy world tend to suggest Gordon is still a week or two away from an optimal recovery time. Will be interesting to see if this coaching staff has learned anything from the recent weeks of their RB injury woes.
  10. To be fair he could have pushed some teams into the playoffs only to be part of the reason why they got bounced in the first round. Worst game of his season coming in the first week of playoffs is an understandably frustrating result. Steelers are reeling. Will be interesting to see how the team shows up for NE.
  11. Literally several posts above yours stating it likely won't be raining at game time.
  12. Don't think I have the stones to roll him out there but there is some upside if BAL gameplans to try and cancel out Kelce/Hill.
  13. I think it’s the fact that most expected a huge game against OAK. The matchup was there but the results weren’t. Someone on the last page did bring up the divisional opponent aspect which I didn’t think of either. The West signing makes me feel better about Ware.
  14. Are we buying any of this talk that Gordon might return this week. Feels woefully misguided considering the decision making that led them to this point.
  15. The timing of this switch is rough as we can’t really take a wait and see approach. I have Ware in a few spots and don’t really know what to make of him. I imagine the game plan narrative is a real factor, but beyond that it’s hard to say anything definitively about his role going forward.