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  1. You win the deal so yea i'd try http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672044-trade-hopkins-ppr-whir/
  2. Buck will get touches for sure, safer bet.
  3. Thanks for mine Gotta trade for Gronk, hes number 1. Kelce and another piece for Gurley would suffice for me. Maybe trade Hyde instead?
  4. I own Thomas in a league, 2nd round pick, I wouldn't take that trade. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672044-trade-hopkins-ppr-whir/
  5. Montgomery went down last night just after I had traded Melvin Gorden and Cohen to get AB on the squad. Know there is a report he could possibly play week 5 and the injury isn't too serious. Wanna know if Hopkins (or Allen) should be traded and what kind of RB I should make a play for. Here's the team, QB: Palmer, Luck RB: Montgomery, McCaffrey, Doug Martin, Foreman, Ellington (The last two picked up after making said trade) WR: AB, Evans, Keenan Allen, Hopkins, B Marshall, Chris Hogan TE: Delanie Walker Thanks for the opinions guys! Leave your link in the comment and ill be sure to get to it!
  6. Other owner is throwing Kelvin Benjamin in now. Like the Allen or Hopkins and Martin for a RB idea. Thanks for the replys!
  7. Fitz puts you in the flex spot instead of Murray imo with the way Dez is playing. Still have 4 good RB to choose from match up wise. Could even package Dez and a RB for a top RB Thanks for mine!
  8. Rolling with Cook! Think Chicago will be down early, forced to through and more Cohen involved. Thanks for mine!
  9. Toss up for me, could see San Fran falling behind and abandon the run, I think Chicago will fall behind and plenty of ppr points for Cohen.
  10. In communication with another owner for his Zeke for my Evans and McCaffrey. 10 team ppr. Wanna know yall's thoughts. Leave your topic in the comment and I'll be sure to get to it. Thanks guys! My team, QB: Palmer, Luck RB: Montgomery, McCaffrey, Doug Martin, Foreman, Perkins WR: Brown, Evans, Keenan Allen, Hopkins, B Marshall, Hogan Just accepted a trade getting AB for Melvin Gordon and Tarik Cohen last night. His team, QB: Wilson, Newton RB: Bell, Hunt, Zeke, Henry, Chris Johnson WR: Baldwin, Devante Parker, Kelvin Benjamin, Tedd Ginn, Marqise Lee
  11. Thursday games are relatively small scoring excluding last week, give me the bears on a short week. Here is mine,
  12. His WR are already pretty solid, wonder why he wants Julio as well. Both trades are a no go for me. Would need Hopkins and McCaffrey for Julio at the very least. Here is mine, http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671636-gordon-cohen-for-antonio-brown-whir/
  13. Think you need help at WR but would leave you very think at RB. If it wasn't ppr I would pull the trigger but since it is, lay off
  14. Just to clarify I have already accepted the trade giving me Antonio Brown for Melvin Gordon and Cohen. Team in original post is the new updated traded team with AB in the lineup. I personally would of never traded AB for Gordon and Cohen but couldn't refuse when I was offered it. Thanks again guys.
  15. With Ertz he serves as a servicable starter now. Need RB help and its just a matter of time before Gronk is out for at least a couple of games. Here's mine, http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671636-gordon-cohen-for-antonio-brown-whir/
  16. Gronk is always a worry for me but when to trade him is the question. With Ertz as your backup I would try to move either him or Gronk along with Alex Smith for RB help. Pretty solid squad though imo. Thanks for answering mine!
  17. Rodger's is a great QB but I have always devauled the positsion. Montgomery looking good this year and Hilton will at least finish top 15 I believe. Good luck whatever you choose. Here's mine, http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671636-gordon-cohen-for-antonio-brown-whir/
  18. I wouldn't do that trade. Your RB's are looking good and personally would rather have Fitz in the flex over McCoy. the later hasn't done much this year and Fitzy looks like he did five years ago. Good luck whatever you choose. Heres mine, http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671636-gordon-cohen-for-antonio-brown-whir/
  19. 10 team, 1 point per reception, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, Flex, DEF, Kicker Teams looks like this, QB: Palmer, Luck RB: Montgomery, McCaffrey, Martin, Foreman, Perkins WR: Brown, Evans, Keenan Allen, Hopkins, Brandon Marshall, Chris Hogan TE: Delanie Walker Already made the trade for Brown, kinda thin at RB now. Hopefully Martin is in 2014 form when he returns. Just picked up Foreman and Perkins. Just wanna know yall's opinion on the trade. Leave your topic and I'll be sure to answer it! Thanks!
  20. Agree that you may need some RB help later on in the season, but I don't think Howard should be your target. With your surplus in WR maybe take a trade for Hilton if he isn't too high on your list.
  21. Carson, Thompson, Cohen (becomes 1 if something happens to Howard) Gore, West
  22. Cooper is due for one in my opinion. Carson is a little more reliable though
  23. I'd put Carson in there, if Cobb was out I would start Adam's too but Carson is your guy.