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  1. Alvin Kamara 2018 Season Outlook

    #2 on my board after Zeke.
  2. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    HUGE difference between a guy at the Barry Sanders' talent level and Barkley.
  3. 2018 Rookie QB Class

    Sure they knew.
  4. Ezekiel Elliot 2018 Season Outlook

    #1 overall pick in any format. No doubt.
  5. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    I guess. Barry Sanders was about a 170 coming out of college.
  6. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    Why is Cohen not an every down back? He might be short but he sure isn't small.
  7. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    I think it is a decent bet that, even with JHow on the roster, Cohen has top 12/RB1 potential this year. He will be catching a lot of passes. In a league where Christian McCaffery and Duke Johnson were top 12 RBs last year, and Carlos Hyde top 8, I see Cohen having the ability to get into that range offensive depth chart as is. Heck he was 27th last year with John Fox.
  8. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    Cohen is a top 25 RB today, as we speak. With JHow out of the picture, he jumps to top 6-8 status instantly. I am in love with this guy. He just needs the touches.
  9. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    I wish they would feature Cohen. Just feels like he could handle a much bigger load than people expect he could due to his size.
  10. Ezekiel Elliot 2018 Season Outlook

    I expect MVP level production this year. Id take him #1 in every draft.
  11. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Perfect fit in 49er land. Really expecting a strong RB1 in all formats now.
  12. Saquon Barkley - Career

    People talk about this kid like he is LeBron level guaranteed. Can't wait to see him play in the NFL.
  13. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Season Outlook

    When Norv coached my Cowboys offense years ago, he was big on underneath TE Jay Novacek and Slot WR Kelvin Martin. Plus Emmitt caught a ton of balls for that era. I see McCaffery getting the majority of the balls that were thrown to Emmitt and KMart. I see a huge season. I can't explain why. Just a gut feeling. He was top 10 in my PPR league this year and I think next year he will be even better statistically even if that still puts him at 10th overall.
  14. Melvin Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Superstar. Would love to draft him in the 1st.
  15. 2018 Free Agent RBs

    Yep, and McKinnon does the same to the Giants.