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  1. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

    This guy will be starting for me next year. Stud.
  2. Aaron Rodgers 2018 Outlook

    For sure. Legend
  3. Championship Rosters

    12 Team Dynasty, 1 pt PPR. QB-Tribusky RB-Zeke RB-Kamara WR-Michael Thomas WR-Kenny Golloday WR-Robert Woods TE-Ian Thomas (OJ Howard IR) FLEX-Philip Lindsay or Tarik Cohen, still thinking) K-Maher DEF-Falcons vs other team: QB-Aaron Rodgers RB-Christian McCaffery RB-Joe Mixon (Conner hurt) WR-Amari Cooper WR-Adam Thielen WR-Corey Davis or Robbie Anderson TE-dude from Tennessee (Reed hurt) FLEX: Breida K-Boswell DEF-Jaguars
  4. O.J. Howard 2018 Outlook

    Hope the Bucks get a legitimate NFL Quarterback this off-season. OJ should get 8 targets a game. He is the most talented TE in the league. Can Brate!!!
  5. Amari Cooper 2018 Outlook

    He looks amazing in Dallas. Hope that the effort stays consistent because the ball will get to him more and more as he and Dak adjust to each other.
  6. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    I think Trent Dilfer would choose not to play. Flacco should follow the first QB to win a Super Bowl with the Ravens footsteps.
  7. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Tua will not make it in the NFL. He simply isn't a NFL talent.
  8. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Time for a star to truly be born if this injury to Freeman is as expected. Broncos about to go on a winning streak.
  9. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Cohen will run away with this job. He is far, far more talented.
  10. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    There are no guarantees and it does appear that Jimmy G likes to spread that ball around. Kittle looked like a TE1 in the first game, waiver wire material the 2nd game. I just don't see Goodwin coming in and going 6-80 consistently at all. Cut bait and move on.
  11. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    I released him last week. Probably a dumb move but it irritates me looking back on his injury history. I hate injury prone players. He isn't exactly Gronk level talent.
  12. O.J. Howard 2018 Outlook

    Same scenario for me. OJ TIME!!!!
  13. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    Cowboys need to step up and get Antonio Brown.
  14. Amari Cooper 2018 Outlook

    I wish I had him going forward. Either he blows up this Sunday or Derek Carr gets benched and then he plays with his buddy from college. Win, win, win, win, and win. Win all around.
  15. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    I agree, barring a major league RB injury. I am starting him as my WR3 week #1 over Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Will Fuller, & Sterling Shepard.