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  1. Divisional Round Predictions

    Chargers 21 Patriots 20 Colts 35 KC 41 Cowboys 23 Rams 38 Eagles 18 sainta 24
  2. Week 15 Stat Corrections

    +2 for the non fumble and +.3 yards, math checks out.
  3. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    I thought the same thing but I think they only penalized the Chargers, it didn't look like Hill was set before the snap. Right there with you! Hopefully we can get a Flash week! Yeah he had two shots, didn't show a great angle but I think he could have got the first one for sure.
  4. I said it last year, if Ingram wasn't there Kamara would be the #1 RB for me. Wouldn't you know it, in the first 4 games without Ingram, he outpaced Todd by a little over 2 points per game in standard and almost 8 points in PPR. Kamara also had half of his season total 70 catches in the first 4 games, he was on pace for over 130 catches this season, would destroy the current record of 102. If Ingram leaves and Bree's stays for another year, I would take him at #1 but I hope that I get the #3 pick cuz that's where I think he will slide. Its also interesting to look at Zeke's season. He is on pace or beating Gurley in every category besides TD's, with the way the Cowboys have turned it around recently, he could easily move up with how much more he is involved in the passing game. PPR: Kamara Zeke Gurley Barkley Standard: Gurley Zeke Kamara Barkley
  5. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    This. I'm all for allowing people to set and play whatever lineup they want to manipulate who they get matched up with in the playoffs, but this feels more like a kid burning ants with a magnified glass. The fact that he isn't in contention makes my collusion senses tingle a bit... I would let him start those players but he wouldn't be back in the league next year. I wouldn't quit, I would keep this in the back of my mind and hope to get revenge by doing the exact same thing in future years. And if they bit**, you can just reference this and smile.
  6. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    They didn’t.
  7. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Not if they carried you to a first round bye.
  8. Best Regular Season Move

    You sir, are guaranteed to lose your 4 team league championship!
  9. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    Had to post this for one of my league mates in one of the leagues I manage, its a vent and rant for him but a cool story for the rest of us... Dude has the worst luck when it comes to fantasy football. We started the league in 2013, mostly filled with co workers and has evolved to include a few significant others. Fun league, small buy-in, no drama just something to pass time during work hours. When we created it he was one of the biggest proponents and has always been competitive but just gets absolutely shafted when playoffs come around, its now becoming comical. Below is a summary of the past 5 years and then this year, can't get much worse lol. 2013 - Makes playoffs as the #5 seed, loses to me in the championship by 8 2014 - Makes Playoffs as the #3 seed, again loses in the championship by 2.8 points 2015 - makes playoffs as the #2 seed, loses in the semifinals to the #6 seed by 20. Was the 2nd highest scoring team that week and went against the #1 2016- Makes playoffs as the #1 seed, loses in the championship to me again by 3 points 2017 - Misses playoffs as the #7 seed due to less PF - 8 points 2018 rolls around and his draft/team are insane, he has the #1 player at every position outside of K & DST. He beat me as overall points leader by 1.2 but we were both 100+ ahead of the next closest, roster below: QB: Mahomes RB: Gurley & Coleman (Lost Ajai) WR: Hill & Baldwin (Lost Cupp) TE: Kelce FLX1: Crowell FLX2: Josh Renolds He got beat up in PA, number 2 against, so he made playoffs as the #3 seed 9-4 but I was not looking forward to seeing him in playoffs and have been telling him all year that this is his year. Then last night happened, you can guess who he matched up against, that's right a 51.8 spot from DH and the #6 seed. Couldn't write this s*** if I tried. He went from a 20 point favorite to a 30 point dog. He definitely still has a chance with that roster but I feel for the guy, insane how bad one guy can roll and he is one of the nicest guys I know.
  10. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    I hope this to be true. Dude would be my favorite player of all time I’d he pulled this big of a catfish!
  11. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Que the insanity!
  12. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    Unless they are still playing for something like some of the things listed below I wouldn't allow it and would drop all players back to waivers and lock his team. But if a category below still is in play then you have to let it be. Consolation bracket winner gets $ or maybe improved odds at next years draft Keeper/Dynasty league Sacko bracket (loser of the league has a punishment)
  13. ESPN Inelligible IR Slot Waiver Question

    Ok, I’m trusting you steve226...
  14. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    You're the first owner/league that I've heard uses bonuses! I'm sure it has but there has to be some good stories of how that's determined a matchup/championship