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  1. Any word on when is ESPN going to update his status from Q to O? Trying to make roster moves and it would be nice to have that updated before waivers run tonight...
  2. He won’t sit out all year, he will report in week 10 at the latest.
  3. From Google: Recovery from a tibial plateau fracture can take several months. Because the cartilage surface of the joint is involved, the knee must be protected from weight until the fracture has healed. Most commonly patients will be allowed to move the knee joint, but not put weight on the leg for about three months.
  4. Nah, glennon cuz I was anticipating Carr sucking. Nailed it!
  5. You're right, only QBs are allowed to throw TDs.
  6. 24 - 12 Broncos Sanders 8 for 123 TD Waller 4 for 67 TD Carr 24/49 236 0 TD's 2 Picks 5 sacks
  7. Definitely cut David Johnson for Hyde, league winner.
  8. Agreed, they brought him in to compliment Miller. Was never a plan for him to be the guy, he's still going to put up top 20 RB numbers in .5ppr through.
  9. He is very injury prone. I scooped him after the chiefs cut him and am hoping he puts up serviceable numbers tonight so I can deal him.
  10. Interesting, wonder why they had him skip today
  11. Is he not starting either game today? Any info on why not?
  12. What? He has given up 8 ER's in his last 11 innings and his WHIP is almost 2.2 in those three games... explain?
  13. Not my boss, I’ll just wait till he brags and then I’ll blow him up. Can anyone speak to the ESPN piece? Are there any LMs here that run an ESPN league that could do a test? I honestly can’t believe they would eliminate that as a notification.
  14. Its a work league and I don't monitor anyone else's, just him. I've posted his ridiculous trades on another thread. Anyways, the real issue here is why doesn't it indicate that the LM made the move since it was after it was locked? It used to do that on the previous platform, seems like a pretty standard notification to keep the LM honest.