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  1. only problem is Ware is going up against a good rush D and Ekeler and Jackson are playing the worst rush D in the league
  2. I have exact same 3 in standard and I cant choose which one. I think there all 3 a toss up. My luck the one I choose will flop and other 2 soar.
  3. Looking for my flex spot since I lost MG3 its a standard league Would you start Justin Jackson or Austin Ekeler? Im torn between both Also have Spencer Ware I could start also Please help 100# WHIR
  4. if only ekeler didn't have Justin Jackson against him. I loved ware just Ravens Defense puts me on edge a little/.
  5. play the bills and pick up brate Reed is going to be useless ROS in my opinion
  6. I would also go against Team 1 unless MG3 plays if he plays I would probably do #2.
  7. I think it depends if you need a win for sure this week or not. I'm leaning towards Ingram this week more than Ware. But Ware ROS is nice also . But if its already vlocked trade it wont matter much
  8. I would also stay where you are. or maybe even look at going after a colts TE? Just hard to trust raiders situation as of now
  9. I think I would still lean Samuel week 16 vs bears for pettis will be tough
  10. broncos both weeks look nice or week15- ravens week 16-cowboys
  11. I would go Wilson here just as a backup Pettis ahas a tough week 16 and Wilson seems to be on a roll
  12. with MG3 still out this week I need to start 3 of these 4 rbs in a standard league if I win I make playoffs. Help! Standard league David Johnson vs Lions Austin Ekeler vs Bengals Mark Ingram vs Bucs James White vs Miami Spencer Ware vs Ravens
  13. Idk if I want to start this guy today or James white in a standard league. Feel like they’ll be even in targets. But Gordon has a chance to break one away