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  1. Yes i did my research well this year. I made it my mission to grab Chris Carson. Drafted cmc with the 3rd pick overall
  2. Everyone is always a what have you done for me lately. He’s a rb2 he’s going yo have off weeks. I’m a packer fan. Been one since i was 7. I’ve seen the different rb we had and can say Aaron Jones is the best back we’ve had in years. He won’t get much touches but with the few that he gets he’ll get you at least 15 pts. He’ll bounce back. Jamal williams is a good running back but he isn’t explosive. Grab him is you own Aaron Jones. I’m running with Jones in my flex keep the faith. The sky is not falling
  3. Nooo don’t open up the flood gates for Jamal 😪 you gotta catch that Jones
  4. Man I’m i glad i started Carson Over brown lmao i was never going to start brown 😂 but definitely glad i scoooed yo Henderson before the game. If you can hold on to both i will still recommend it. Gurley obviously isn’t right. This game was a tough match up. Miners defense is legit. Definitely a hold for now.
  5. No brave enough to start him i need a win this week. But definitely happy to see he’s back! Starting Noah can’t over him tho so not quite sure how safe that is lol good luck to you guys who start him
  6. Same just dropped him. As of now he’s a wr4/5 with no upside. But bet I’ll be back. Plan on scooping him before the eagles game. Nobody in my league wants him. I couldn’t even throw him in any trades
  7. Exactly, who knows if something happens to D.J. if he does play. Not that any of us wants that but it’s possible and holding on a player like Edmonds is the right call
  8. Crazy how many ppl are so quick to move on specially when it says it’s a game time decision
  9. Sound like a bunch of ppl who never played FF Good thing you picked him up. It’s a good strategy
  10. If it so happens they lose, could the posibility of holding him out for more week arise? Or would it be quite the opposite?
  11. True, we also run the risk of brown losing carries to darell
  12. Same, I’m tempted to play him over Carson but leaning more on Carson. Is this a sign for something more serious? Could it be more than just a one week fill in? I have brown and grabbed Darrell since i was able to drop josh Gordon. If it ends up being a multiple week injury and you can spare another bench spot might not be bad storeing both.
  13. Think I’ll wait to drop, i wasn’t playing him anyways but wanted to play keep away. Who knows they did say it’s a game time decision so there’s always a chance