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  1. I would, seems like your receivers are good enough and Miles Sanders is an upgrade, however is there any way you could get a more stable RB?
  2. I'm trying to trade Wentz, Jordan Howard for John Brown, Bills D, Kenyan Drake my league keeps vetoing it. Is it vetoable? I have Deshaun Watson and need a Defense and feel like John Brown is a buy low. Jordan Howard is a sell high
  3. he put up a goose egg last time they played so my only thought would be that he explodes this time. Remember folks, it's not always up to OJ Howard, it's up to Jameis and whoever TF he wants to throw to, and tomorrow is OJ's time. 5 rec 101 yards 0 TDs if I'm wrong, I'm not eating crow
  4. I sent over Carson Wentz and Jordan Howard for John Brown and Buffalo D I have Desean Watson, and have Bell, Henry, and Jacobs so I don't really need those guys. I'm in need for a receiver and a D and the Bills have upcoming favorable matchups. Sent him to the biggest Eagles fan I know. Wentz has a tough matchup ahead and I literally picked up Jordan Howard an hour before his game vs the Packers and it happened to work out so I have no attachment. It was vetoed fairly quickly in my league. Would you have?
  5. Or if you're in yahoo. Pick him up tomorrow before his game. Just cut whoever sucks today
  6. That's actually bad since we'd have to bank on the fact that he's playing or else we'd have to find a replacement for Sunday/Monday night as insurance.
  7. It's always nice to help a stray AC question because I'm too lazy to answer them in the AC
  8. In that case, the side with Godwin wins. Why is Kirk Cousins even rostered lolol. Unless its a 2 qb league
  9. He'd look nice on the 49ers as well
  10. I dont really know how contracts work, but is there any way he gets an extension before week 8 or do they normally wait till the end of the season? If he doesn't play, wouldn't that be stupid on the part of the Bengals to just let him get paid without playing?
  11. 14 from boyd, but thats his projected with my league settings
  12. I'm gonna guess he'll be ready 3 weeks from now.
  13. Albert Wilson is back this week so he might be getting some of the dink and dunk passes.
  14. Wondering who I should start this week. Dorsett vs Bills Sutton vs Broncos (maybe no Ramsey) Curtis Samuel vs Texans Thanks! WHIR