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  1. Oh. I thought you dropped Doncic for Batum haha.
  2. Should I cut Batum for either Bridges, PJ Tucker, or Derrick White?
  3. I think he takes Batum's job. Marvin's injury helps too
  4. He's the only dude with upside on my wire aside from Miles Bridges, so why not? dropping batum for him
  5. wait....are you forreal? assuming that you had to reach for Doncic
  7. I think you mean a (billionaire with f*** you money and a lot of donate-to-charity) mans version of Dion Waiters.
  8. I'm going to say this again because I want it to show up on ESPN one day lol Welcome to the Hola Depot, where he does everything himself
  9. I think we both have different definitions for the word fleeced because the guy who got Oladipo/Tatum won that trade.
  10. Freakin Joker, Freak Joke, The Walls of Joker (jericho) these are pretty bad lol, but its a start
  11. I understand that they can't sign him to more than 8 mil and I don't fully understand contracts, but if he exceeds his value, can't they just trade some ppl off/offer draft picks for cash to keep him?
  12. whoa whoa. lets factor in dynasty leagues, in which case, I'd still go with Jah
  13. Or you can wait a game since he just needed a little bit of time to learn the system. He will play next game. Unless this is some complex scheme to get another owner of yours to drop him, then I apologize for posting