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  1. Maybe Mack > michel on reflection.
  2. Mahomes Chubb Michel Conner. I dont think it's close except maybe picking hunt Zeke at 106 PLUS the premium lost on chubb (or whoever). Put it this way: Zeke 106 + chubb 40-50 =146-156 Vs Chubb @$2 + Zeke for anywhere up to $154 you would still be even.
  3. I'm almost in the same boat. Full PPR. Slightly different keeper value system (higher of double the year before or 3rd in positional value at auction) Bell $66 Gurley $66 (man cost me $35 last year, I'd love your system) Allen $44 Tyrek $10 Gordon $1 I'm honestly thinking Gordon and see what I get at value for RB1-4. Gurley + Gordon 66 +?15 = $81 OR ?80 + 1 = $81 At $53... I'd go Gurley for 53. Its also important what others might take. Kamara, Hunt, Cook, maybe even DJ will go in my league for bargains/value. Meaning Gurley's value is even higher... If you are high on Gordon and he ends up costing too much buy shares in Browns with Tyrod and hope he keeps his job. Or stash mayfield. With landry and Gordon so high and maybe even Dez. Someone has got up pass too them... Buy Someone like rivers for qb1 or stream. (Dalton week 1...)
  4. No problems. I'm mostly just dark about kamara.
  5. This is my thinking too. But, he can't grab them all and I'm having trouble splitting Gurley Bell. Clean draft, would I pay $81 for Gordon and Bell or Gurley? It would hurt but yes. If the Zeke, Johnson owner keep theirs.. it is looking grim for RB studs. The only saving grace is the Kamara owner has a hard on for the Lions. So everyone will be playing a dangerous game of chicken for Lions players to strip his value lead. I think he paid $35 for ameer last year..
  6. Condescending much, douche. The clarification notes were for comprehension deficits. Two people, who were trying to be helpful, interpreted that kamara was available for myself. Only bit I missed out was I have one keeper. Not exactly a language issue. Cheers for informing me that not only twitter has dickheads.
  7. Kamara isn't mine to choose.. The projections are what are clearly the best for other people.
  8. Too clarify further. One choice only. We have FAAB. From next year the player must be drafted and kept, was a quirk of introducing this year. Kamara and McKinnon will be $2 next year (then 4,8,16), not that fair but that's the system. WR average price (for top 5) last year was $71.. Was crazy. I won by stacking up on rb value and trading. The projections are the other teams players... Mine options are first. I'm probably going Gordon and the value I save towards the a RB stud. I can see myself getting Gordon($1) + Gurley/Bell (70ish) But not Gurley/Bell (66)+ WR2 for less than ($75) So it probably comes down too Flash for a dollar or Tyrek for $10
  9. If you are being ruthless Fournette. But if Steelers fan, more fun to keep Bell and Cooper to make come back. Sanders better for Broncos backfield and might be there 5.12. Id go Bell.
  10. I say goodbye to my championship team. We have new rule, this year: Keeper - cost is average of top 5 in position, double value paid at draft or $1 for undrafted player. So my team and projected costs bell - $66 gurley - $66 allen - $71 cooper - $50 tyrek - $10 gordon - $1 rudolph - $18 goff - $1 bortles -$1 others not worth it. Im projecting... Kamara gone for $1 mckinnon gone for $1 juju $1 So im really looking at, do I lock in RB stud or get value at WR? WHIR!