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  1. The other guy initiated the trade. He really wanted Portis/Nwaba, as a Bulls fan. I get the best player in the deal so I'm happy. Plus, i still trust that Okafor will eventually reestablish himself as a quality player. Just have to be patient.
  2. I just traded Portis, Nwaba, and Rubio for O.Porter and Okafor in a 16 team dynasty league. I believe!! Lol
  3. Will like to hear more about him as he progresses, as I just drafted him in my dynasty league. Thanks for the thread!
  4. Some highlight reel dunks tonight. Solid from the line again, too.
  5. Why do I never hear the Tigers involved in international signee bidding? Maitan would have a fast track through their system. As a Tigers fan, it's frustrating to never hear them even involved in bidding for these potential stars.
  6. Who'd of thought that Drummond would be considered an above average FT shooter at this point?
  7. Wow....what a game for Andre. Dude is looking to force contact to get to the line now LOL. WHAT A DRASTIC CHANGE.