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  1. If a team is so bad that they resemble a train wreck, then yes it matters for fantasy..
  2. Improve? They might go 0-16 this season.
  3. So OJ Howard just got me a nice 0 last night. My team is 0-1 and if I got literally anything last week out of TE I would of won. I was high on Carson this year and low on Jones but my TE situation is bleak. Other owner has Delanie so he's looking to improve his RB. FA's include Eifert, Uzomah, Fant, Burton, scrubs, etc. Do you pull the trigger on this?? Basically it won't help me in this weeks game either since I can't really play Hock and AJ is a clear downgrade at RB vs the vikings.
  4. Do we think he eats before the game is a blowout though??
  5. Yea I usually agree too about the studs but man Winston looked terrible and that matchup for Tyrell looks good.
  6. Gore looked like a corpse, this kid should get a big workload going forward.
  7. Both D's looked suspect week 1. So either would be a fine play. I think the Giants are worse so I would go Allen.
  8. Who would you start week 2? Tyrell vs Cheifs or Evans (Thurs) vs Carolina?
  9. Zay has been so up and down, Foster has really come on the last several weeks and is the more physically gifted player - he can fly. Zay is a possession guy.
  10. The bills actually drove up and down the field in that game but stalled in the red zone every time... with Derek Anderson. Allen is much more able to make something happen if there is no one open because he can actually move his legs.
  11. Zay Jones sucks, he is not a speedster. Robert Foster and Mckenzie are the only two guys I trust Allen throwing the ball to. Charles Clay is terrible. I didn't like the Allen pick but now I think he has a ton of potential with some weapons and a run game, neither of which he has right now although Foster might keep developing into a nice WR. He can put up numbers vs NE, especially if the Bills start trailing. Allen will fight to bring them back / get some garbage time pts.
  12. If you are thinking about adding him to your roster, you already lost man..
  13. The loyal owner in our league who is 0-13 started him last night.. that determination paid off big time.. what a game