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  1. My team was relatively healthy, I had perfect pacing in Rotisserie, and I still won't even get 3rd place. Fantasy is just not for me.
  2. +. I'm a colored person myself and I couldn't really give a s*** to be perfectly honest. If someone were to say that stuff to my face, I'll just strug it off and carry on with whatever I was doing. As long as it's no hands being placed on me, then whatever. I grew up around not so ideal living conditions / circumstances, so Im wired differently from the next person.
  3. Last year he was talking trash to Rubio. He's in a heated rivalry now with the Jazz overall ffs. It speaks for itself. The Jazz? I know their fans can be obnoxious. But just tell them to f*** off and move along. If it were me, I wouldn't even acknowledge the nonsense.
  4. If it was ever a time for LeBron to run out the coach, now it would be the time to do so. Tyronn Lue would be an upgrade of a mind at this point.
  5. I knew he had potential to breakout, but sheesh.
  6. Are they really getting worse? Are they getting better? The truth is no one knows how the team will fare. They completely cleaned house. Btw, it also didn't help matters that they had over 15+ guys on IR, which was absurd. And they were still close from being a.500 team by two games. He's going to fall in some dratfs because... Reasons??? He has a good chance of being THE BEST back in the league next season. He shouldn't go past the snake end of the 1st in drafts.
  7. No offense towards LeBron / Lakers because the NBA is always better when the Lakers are in the playoffs and it's LeBron. But I really want to see that Sacramento Kings team as the 8th seed. They've been the most exciting team this year and they proven they can outspeed and tire-out the Warriors.
  8. It's just dry af. They really need to implement a 1 on 1 tournament with the best players. First person to 12, 16, or 21 points. 1's and 2's or 2's and 3's. Get with the times.
  9. After Blake Griffin won the thing 7 or 8 years ago just by jumping over the front bumper of a car ( lol ), I checked out.
  10. This season's MVP hands down. Too bad he won't be though. He might finally perform well in the playoffs too ( but who knows ).
  11. Oh no doubt I agree. On paper and the way they're bombing 3's this season, they should roll. But it's the same story as with the Raptors and Sixers. Until either of them 3 show something in the playoffs, I just can't take them seriously.
  12. Nope. Boston still coming out the East IMO.
  13. They should've sold high on Dinwiddle while everyone thought he was good ( and while he was healthy ).
  14. That's an insane load, but it's a perfect fit for what the Bucks are doing. They're going for it all the way.
  15. The Heat are finally dumping those contracts. Woot woot. But at Ryan Anderson. I'm gonna miss Ellington though. Now, find a suitor for Whiteside. I'm begging you Riley.