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  1. Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

    If I don't make a comeback in blocks, I'm looking at my first loss of the season. RIP the undefeated dream
  2. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    Yeah he was going between 8th and 12th my leagues. 11th and 14th in the main two I'm playing. Pretty crazy.
  3. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    It's going to be quite awhile before this team is even respectable. Booker's comments about being super team in the near future is straight up delusional; made me chuckle last week. Bless him though. If the Suns were serious about winning at this current moment, Holmes would be getting a lot more minutes. Maybe even a split. That illness report may very well be a front, and that wouldn't be shocking. I remember Phoenix hosted a pizza party for a little kid like a month ago who was abandoned by his classmates. It's just a little kid, so he doesn't know any better, but if they offer a grown adult free VIP passes, they're probably be skeptical, might or might not go; make up some excuse to reject the offer. The team is that bad.
  4. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    In real life, it's a whole laundry list. But I assume this is about fantasy. Oladipo is definitely the most overrated fantasy wise, IMO. His ranking was inflated with the absurd peripherals. It was unrealistic for that to stick to begin with. He's just not quite at that level. 15 to 20 ADP range, fine.
  5. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Eh... He was way pass due for a dud.
  6. Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

    Man... The Heat are terrrrrrrrrible. Wade deserved a better send-off.
  7. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Old man still got it.
  8. Noah Vonleh 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I said 2 games. I should've said 1 game. 1 more game before he's dead to me.
  9. A discount Drummond these days. My goodness.
  10. Jeremy Lamb 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's twice the player Batum is now. It should be no doubt. Pretty much locked ROS.
  11. When Kevin Love handed him the ball like he was a child last season, that was the end of him unfortunately.
  12. Noah Vonleh 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm itching to drop come first thing in the morning. Giving this bum another game or two tho.
  13. Dwayne Wade 2018-1019 Season Outlook...

    The flash turning back the clock.
  14. He has really come to his own as the leader of this team. What a season so far.