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  1. From that moment on he was never the same.
  2. I'll love a IT renaissance, but I think the Cavaliers broke him beyond repair.
  3. Miles Bridges is their best player IMO. They should prioritize him, but I get the feeling Rozier will ballhog the team to oblivion while trying to prove a point.
  4. Homie has been straight bum juice for 3 years now and getting worse. Situation looks great, but it's not happening.
  5. I suspect his FG% to dip a little bit. But maybe his free throw attempt rate increases. It's close. That's the thing. I see alot better desirable pairings with Curry / Harden at the double snake pick than AD. Picks 1 to 3 its really no wrong answer though.
  6. I got the #1 pick in the rotoworld money league. Curry or Harden, Curry or Harden, Curry or Harden... More-so pondering my strategy with my 24 and 25 picks. I don't think I'm gonna get a concrete decision until the day of the draft :(
  7. Most definitely not over Valanciunas. He should be in a tier above this group. Probably not over Bryant as well, but just like WCJR, I like the player. The coach / environment I don't like. Personally I'm going to look to see whose going to start at PG, Dunn or Satoransky. If it's Dunn, that'll let me know a train wreck is approaching and I won't be in it.
  8. Bro whined in the open gym the other day about double teams and Joakim Noah had to check him. Don't be that guy, Booker.
  9. I'm so glad they implemented FAAB to all leagues. Most of us have to work and can't snag every hot FA on the minute.
  10. That ninja edit 😂. I was about to say $15? The minimum to join is $20 😂. Some of these rankings are a little wonky. This usually is the best time to strike lol.
  11. Or click on Overview, under Draft Analysis click View All, click Auction Drafts. Standard drafts won't load.
  12. Scratch this. I'm trippin. Zion Williamson at #31 Zach Lavine at #41 Clint Capela at #49? Dafaq? But still... Alot better than any other platform.
  13. These rankings seem good overall for right now. Vucevic is a tad too low though.