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  1. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    I agree Davis is a quality buy-low especially in PPR with all those targets. It'll be tough sledding until Mariota is healthy but the upside is there for a Titan's team that has underperformed expectations with a decent portion of that having to do with injuries. You figured they are likely still working out the kinks with new coaching staff too so the entire situation should only get better.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    Riding him until the wheels fall off. Not a lot of guys I'd pick over him right now. I've traded away Brees and Watson in 2 leagues to address bigger holes since I feel relatively confident in Fitzpatrick. He doesn't have to be the #1 overall QB even if he can just maintain borderline QB1 value he is a complete bargain.
  3. Russell Wilson 2018 Outlook

    Monday night was the first full game I watched of him this season. The o-line is awful but he does them no help with holding the ball so long. The offense needs to be more creative and find ways to get the ball out of his hands quicker. Doesn't help that he doesn't really have anybody to throw to that can create much separation (I was hopefully optimistic for Marshall but he is effectively a TE at this point and not an athletic one). Doug Baldwin's great but I'm not sure he is Wilson's hero and I'm not liking his odds to finish in the top 5 like he was drafted right now.
  4. Bilal Powell 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I think he is the back to own on the Jets but that isn't saying a whole lot. He hasn't even been used that much in the passing game I believe I read somewhere that Crowell has run more routes than him or something to that extent.
  5. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    I have this guy stashed...in my 20 team league where most 3rd stringers are rostered. In a typical league sure watch list him but without any positive news coming out of practice or something to create optimism I just don't see it. He has a long way to go so I think you'll be able to see him coming before he even gets an opportunity and I don't see any urgency to get him now when there are guys with better chances of improving their stock in the mean time.
  6. I'd say its fairly even. Ingram and CMC probably has more cumulative value but that is what you would expect when you are giving up the best player in the deal.
  7. In a normal league I'd take it but with the contracts and dynasty aspect I'd stick with what you have especially since Brees will likely be asked to do less once Ingram is back especially with their defense struggling plus the age factor of he and Brown vs. OBJ and Mahomes.
  8. Fitz since Gordon is not only coming off a hammy but joined a new team so he has to learn the playbook and there will be some natural growing pains trying to incorporate him in the offense so I'd play the wait and see approach.
  9. I think its an easy no if this is PPR since Tate is more valuable than Miller alone but in standard I think its a solid but not great trade.
  10. Chis Hogan for Chris Thompson

    I wouldn't have any second thoughts especially in .5 PPR. I don't think Hogan will be hurt as much by the addition of Gordon as most think but with all those weapons and his inability to step up when Edelman was out makes him more of a TD-dependent WR3 rather than the WR2 most drafted him as. He'll have big weeks like last week but he'll likely disappear most weeks and not give you much when he doesn't score. It isn't a terrible offer but I think the other owner could get a more solid WR2 for Thompson (although there is a bias against receiving backs in PPR since they aren't viewed as reliable even though Thompson was pretty darn reliable before he got injured last year and looks like he is picking up right where he left off).
  11. RB Help whir

    Given that your RB depth is so strong I think it would be wise to pickup Clement since Ajayi has suffered 2 separate injuries (one in preseason/training camp and other last game) already and Sproles is banged up too possibly leaving Clement in for a big role. Given your RB depth is so strong I'd look to deal Conner if I were you since his post week 10 value is very questionable and you could probably get a borderline WR1 for him and I've been able to get Ertz for him in 1 league.
  12. Gordon for dj

    Melvin Gordon is my #2 player behind Gurley ROS. His volume in the running and passing game is only really matched by Gurley. That being said an offer of DJ and Cooks/Gronk for him plus a piece is intriguing. Corey Davis and Baldwin's upsides are high with their target share (I think you would be selling low) so I'd try adding both Hyde and Burton to Gordon for DJ and either of Cooks or Gronk first (Gronk would be preferred but Cooks is likely more realistic). That is probably a reach though. Gordon plus Davis/Baldwin for DJ and Cooks/Gronk I'd be ok with and I'd be willing to add Burton if it were Gronk. Which of Davis or Baldwin to move I think comes down to you and the other owner's rosters and who could stomach waiting on Baldwin to return. Standard vs. PPR I think has a slight influence on the value as does league size/roster depth since the bigger the league it is the more you can get away with a 3 for 2 type deal.
  13. I think Jones/Hopkins for him straight up is a pretty fair offer although with Freeman out he'd likely want some RB help so maybe throw in Lynch or Lindsay and he throws in ideally Baldwin (you would be left real light at WR for the next week or two but should be able to hold out) or Funchess. If Funchess is too light you can try and add a QB swap or TE swap. I don't think you could center an offer around Drake or Collins so I think Jones/Hopkins has to be the center piece and then he'll likely want a RB back and then you have to try to recoup that value.
  14. Chis Hogan for Chris Thompson

    Even in standard I think that is a little light for Thompson so if you have that offer on the table I'd accept it and it is a no brainer in PPR. If you are planning on offering this it isn't a terrible first offer in standard but you will likely need to beef it up some.
  15. BELL for T.COLEMAN

    If your team is doing well 100%. Freeman could be back in 2 weeks where Coleman would go back to a low-end RB2 (and it isn't inconceivable that Freeman gets hurt again) while Bell could be back next week but worst case is back week 10 and is nice and fresh to help you finish the regular season and get a huge elite RB1 boost for the playoffs. Coleman is only a quick fix while Bell is a potential league winner.