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  1. Most of your core players are actually fairly young so I wouldn't touch them. Hogan and Gronk are probably the only win-now type guys you would look to trade in a "blow up scenario". I don't think it would be foolish to see what you can get for those guys but I wouldn't be over eager. You could also try to tweak your bench to get younger players that will be better in the future. That trade is fairly bad in a dynasty league especially considering its a trade with the best team. At least the last place guy will hopefully be smart enough to take Barkley to bolster his RB spot. Other dudes team is pretty nasty but I don't think its unstoppable, that fact that he didn't win the championship tells you all you need to know. If I were you I certainly wouldn't be making any win-now moves but I wouldn't be looking to blow up unless the value is good.
  2. The contract situation makes things murky for Bell and he has got a lot of wear on his tires. I'd play it safe with Fournette who is great value himself and has a more promising future. I'm assuming there is only 1 keeper so there should be some good players still available at 1.12
  3. Dalvin vs Sony

    That does make it a lot closer. Davis is definitely a potential breakout candidate but your WR position is stronger than RB. I've never played best ball but I'd assume WR is more of a crap shoot cause of the volatility of the position but I guess having a high upside guy like Davis projects to be doesn't hurt. I like Michel a lot for the future but don't expect much from him this season, I guess a significant part of the volatility is somewhat accounted by best ball scoring. However, I don't expect Thompson to be as good as he was last year and not sure Michel + Thompson is enough to justify giving up Cook. Long term I think the trade definitely sets you up a lot better though so I'd probably take the short term hit and go for the upside (especially if you don't like your championship odds this year). I don't expect much from DJ Moore this year and stylistically I'm not sure he is the best fit for Cam but he is talented and I'm sure he'll find his way especially with Olsen likely retiring soon which will open up a ton of targets. I don't think he compares to Davis but I think Moore can be a solid WR2 in the future.
  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with going with Kamara at #2. I wouldn't pick him at #2 personally but I think a case could be made for him since he doesn't have the offensive issues that DJ and Elliot will likely have to struggle through (both are so vital to their teams that I don't see either disappearing often especially in PPR).
  5. 2 easy questions. WHIR

    Fournette and Cook is a toss up imo but I'l take Fournette since he isn't coming off an ACL and I think Murray gets some burn especially at the end of blow outs to take it easy on Cook. As far as the RBs I'll take group B since its more top heavy than A but still has strong depth. You likely are starting tops 3 RB per week so makes sense to get the 3 best RBs in those slots instead of splitting the 3rd one for a slight upgrade on your 4/5th RB especially when you have a breakout candidate like Mixon already likely occupying the bench.
  6. Dalvin vs Sony

    Maybe if its a PPR or dynasty but I don't see Sony outscoring Cook very often this year and although best ball aspect helps I don't think Davis outscores your WR options very often.
  7. Keep Diggs or Tyreek? WHIR

    That's a tough one. I think I'm unfairly biased against Hill since he is often labeled a gadget type player and some of the plays he makes are so spectacular that they seem flukey (although he makes these type of plays fairly routinely). I am a little worried about the addition of Watkins who is a bigger more complete receiver and with the additional talent Hill may be pushed even further into the gadget type role which could make his scoring even more volatile. Without a doubt he'll significantly cut into Hill and Kelce's targets and with a young QB and Ware healthy KC may feature the run game more this year. I don't agree with some of the concerns ponza88 brings up. The injuries are definitely a concern since he missed 2 games last year and 3 the year before. The good news is that none of them are injuries that should affect him going forward (groin, hip and knee sprains) but the frequency of all these small injuries isn't a good sign. I don't think the return of Cook is any concern (Diggs put up some of his best games when Cook was healthy, Murray and McKinnon got a lot of work filling in for him and especially early next season they probably are going to ease Cook into things). If Chase Keenum can almost support 2 WR1s in this offense I don't see why Cousins can't, I think he is without question an upgrade and should only help Diggs (Keenum targeted Thielen a ton and with a new QB there is a chance Diggs gets an uptick). The Vikings had a strong defense this past year and both were still able to put up very good numbers. Additionally, I think Diggs is the more talented WR than Thielen (and Hill). I think Diggs offers a comparable upside to Hill but as a much more complete and conventional WR offers a higher floor so personally I'd go with him. Hill certainly isn't a bad option either but I think your chasing the past a little with him and I believe Diggs is a more attractive option going forward.
  8. I'd take the Aaron Jones deal. I think he is the most talented RB the Packers have and I don't think he needs a ton of touches to be effective. Montgomery's contract is up after this season so going forward Jones only has Williams in front of him and if he were to claim a 3 down role he'd be an easy RB1 in that offense. I don't know what the upcoming rookie classes project to look like but I'm going to assume there isn't a big difference when factor in that the earlier one is likely later in 2nd. Dixon I think has a much harder road to claiming the top spot although he maybe could bump off buck allen for #2 and passing down work. Ravens offense doesn't have as much upside as the Packers and Dixon has more serious injury and off the field concerns.
  9. In dynasty I wouldn't do it. Diggs is extremely gifted and almost 4 years younger not yet entering his prime. He has a pretty high ceiling and while he may not be able to put up 250yd 2td games like Julio can Diggs isn't even in his prime yet. I'd hesitate about even a straight swap given Diggs future but adding in DJ Moore is too much. Moore is very talented and although Olsen and CMC take up a big target share I could see Moore become Carolina's top receiver as soon as this season. His competition isn't close to Smith's who will always be #2 to Thomas and maybe even #3 to Meredith who is fairly young and recently signed a deal, that isn't even factoring Kamara out of the backfield who the offensive will be built around in the near future. EDIT: However, now that I look at your team more closely you already have plenty of strong young players so you can definitely afford grabbing Julio and the long term impact won't be too bad. I think being too future focused is a trap a lot of dynasty players fall into with the future so unpredictable. I'd probably try to squeeze a little more value out of the trade if possible but I couldn't blame you for going for it especially if you think you are a strong candidate for championship this year.
  10. In a keeper league.....WHIR

    Luck shouldn't be considered with how deep QB is. I don't like idea of getting Henry just cause he is RB, bringing in Lewis is far from a vote of confidence and Titans with new OC don't project to be as run happy. I'll go Gordon as physical freak who should only have more opportunities with teams worrying about Landry running underneath and best QB he has ever played with.
  11. In a 8 team league it shouldn't be hard to replace Thompson with someone with some upside from waivers so I'd take that deal in a heart beat. In such a small league I think you are going to have to significantly overpay in a 2 for 1 type deal, even in a bigger (12-14) league I don't think most would accept this deal. I guess the 2 flex spots lower the price some but you'd have to give up another starting caliber player like Lewis along with Thomas imo.
  12. Who won this trade?

    Factoring in that its a non-PPR I think it isn't a bad deal especially if your draft is after a few preseason games so you can see the rookies against NFL talent and hopefully one can separate himself from the rookie RB pack (and the other RB on the roster). Personally, especially in a dynasty I can't really pinpoint who will have the best career out of Penny, Guice, Jones, Michel, Chubb, Freeman or Johnson and 7th pick would guarantee you a choice between at least two of them. Juju is a tough loss as a young receiver who has shown flashes, Bell may be on his way out and even if Big Ben retires Rudolph has potential to be a strong starter. Additionally, receivers have a lot longer shelf life than RBs typically which helps in dynasty. I hope your WR depth was very solid and you were desperate for a solid RB2. If you could somehow swing Barkley out of this (he'll be very expensive and I hope you had at least some conversation/deal in place prior to this trade if that's your ultimate goal) then it could be worth it.
  13. That league can't be a ton of fun with one team having Bell, Gurley, David Johnson, Kamara, Hopkins and Melvin Gordon. I've never done a dynasty league before, do they all get that lopsided once they've gone on for awhile? I feel like there would definitely be a propensity for that to happen with the savvy owners gradually accumulating more and more. Although maybe that team was trash before and mortgaged their past for the future and now its paying dividends. Atleast the team that is free is actually pretty good.
  14. Olsen or Graham? (WHIR!)

    In a PPR I'd choose Olsen for the more consistent production week to week that his catches and yards provide. I don't think Graham will be that far off at the end of the year but his production will be more TD-dependent and therefore more volatile week to week. However, Graham likely has a season or two more in his tank than Olsen so if you plan on keeping him past this season I think its basically a tie and I'd the other team's offers help dictate which direction you go.
  15. 11th Pick PPR Draft Results. WHIR

    Looks fairly strong however especially given the RB BYE week predicament you have upcoming not sure I would've drafted a second defense. Even Mariota was probably unnecessary unless most of your leaguemates drafted backup QBs as well (I think he is a great choice if you are going to take a backup though). Very strong RB depth with Miller and Freeman both potentially able to put up RB2 numbers. WR kinda trails off after top 2, not sure what to expect from Nelson and other guys are rookies that will be tough to depend on especially since Moore (Olsen, CMC and Funchess) and Miller (Robinson, Burton and Cohen) have fairly strong target competition. Rudolph is a solid backed TE1 and I guess Gesicki isn't the worst dart throw as a great athlete who could gain the starting TE role in an offense that will be playing from behind a lot (he isn't a good blocker though which could affect his snap count or mean that he just runs more routes instead).