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  1. Holding Slye through the bye. This dude has been a difference maker at the Kicker position. He has 14 point upside every week. The misses are a tad concerning, but all but one of them was from 50+ yards out. If he starts missing 40 yarders consistently it will be a problem, until then he's on my squad even through the bye week.
  2. That's been encouraging. He's still averaging 7.4 which is not going to sustain his current production.
  3. The problem with Chark's value going forward is not the TD's it's the volume. Most of his metrics are WR1 level but he ranks just 23rd in targets per game. That's barely WR2. Great player performing well, but his production will see a dip if his targets don't go up.
  4. Every week matters. You run to get someone off waivers who will be a one week difference maker let alone two.
  5. Hill probably back this week. That would push Pringle outside of 3 WR sets. Not much value if that's the case. Good flex play if Hill sits though.
  6. He's got a 50th percentile BMI, that's well above average. Also put up elite agility numbers and was a big time producer in college. You're selling him short. No idea if he's "elite" or not, but he's a talented young player with a good all around skill set. If forced into a starting role Edmonds will produce.
  7. Nah. 5 of 7 Mostert's carries came on the Niners final two drives when the game was already well decided.
  8. RoJo's ceiling in this offense is low-end RB1. When given the opportunity this season he's been a beast. Evaded 7 tackles on 19 carries last week and was ferocious doing it. He looks legitimately big out there yet has the footwork and body control to be one of the most elusive RB's in the league. Really impressive combination that you don't see often. Take away Week 2's injury ruined performance and he's sitting at 12.8 FPG, tied with Josh Jacobs for RB21. A big second half of the year is likely if not probable for our prodigal son Ronald Jones.
  9. Yep. You don't want this dude in your lineup, even if Ross misses the game. JAG city on a terrible offense.
  10. Nope. Was barely a path even with Coleman hurt. With his return Mostert is a drop.
  11. Yup. Mostert, Wilson and to a lesser extent Breida have all been mix and matching to fill Coleman's role. Imagine a player in that backfield (Coleman) benefiting from that fantastic scheme and O-Line, assuming Wilson's valuable goal line role and being the pass-catching back. He will not see 20+ touches a game but he doesn't need it to be a RB2 the rest of the way.
  12. Nobody... Watson has no time to throw.
  13. Coleman is the only RB on the team who you can trust. Hes going to be in on third downs and will be the goal line back.