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  1. this aj green stuff is weird. wtf is going on lol? limited practices and this week nothing
  2. I hope this guy is a nice RB2. Let’s ride boys
  3. So nobody is scared of his ROS schedule? especially fantasy playoffs
  4. Am I crazy for thinking I should start Josh Allen over Lamar Jackson and Brady this week?
  5. this one will be lots of points so he is gonna have to keep up with KC offense, but in arrowhead is having me nervous
  6. ....he just had 7 targets. 2-3 more targets you're saying won't lead to good things? send me an invite to your league next year pls
  7. why are people saying this wont affect anything lmfao? the emmanual sanders targets have to go somewhere. Even 2-3 more targets for Sutton is amazing
  8. hahaha what a joke the judge is on vacation? I look like a genius for picking up Adrian Peterson last week and trading him for Zeke today.
  9. I;m 4-2 and whether he comes back now or week 13 doesn't matter to me. The idea of Zeke and Leveon in the fantasy playoffs was too enticing too hold onto Adrian Peterson lol
  10. Just traded Adrian Peterson for this guy ! feel its a no brainer to do that when i have leveon cmac and mixon ontop of AP who i just got off waiver wire. Lets go boys im all in