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  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I would stick with Rodgers. He's proven. I agree that Murray has nowhere to go but up, but who knows when that will be? Jones will be 10-12 ROS and even last season Eckeler was putting up RB2 numbers with Gordon in the mix, sometimes RB1.
  2. Take it! CMC is a clear RB1 every week regardless of matchup, and Chark has become Minshew's #1 receiver. Even if Foles replaces Minshew when he's healthy (which isn't guaranteed), it won't be until at least week 11.
  3. Mack for TY would be a solid trade. They both have similar ROS numbers, but you clearly need a WR. As far as QB, I'm in the same predicament. It's hard to trust anyone in those London games, though. I believe Minshew is the safe play with a higher floor but a lower ceiling. Winston is the risky play with the low floor but high ceiling.
  4. Starting to worry if Eckeler's value will start to decline as Gordon "eases" back into the offense. Should I keep Eckeler or sell high for a solid ROS RB in Kerryon Johnson? PPR
  5. Float Shady/Vance for Murray/Brown and see if he goes for it.
  6. Tough one. I would lean toward Moore even with Newton out. Cooks only has 10 targets thru 2 weeks and Moore had 14 just last week. Also, Arizona secondary is soft and Cleveland's pass rush could cause problems for Goff & Co.
  7. Graham has been targeted 27 times this season to Clay's 25, but has yet to score. Clay has been established as Taylor's red zone go-to guy. Buffalo is also averaging almost 40 more passing yds/game, and Clay has the 7th easiest schedule among TEs as opposed to Graham at 18th. I believe Clay has the upside moving forward.
  8. Have you considered playing them both and benching Maclin? The Ravens' offensive line has been plagued by injuries and Flacco's time-to-throw stat is one of the lowest in the league. On top of that, Oakland is 19th in yds/gm allowed and Tampa is 31st. Cooks and Hogan could both be poised to have stellar performances this week. The downside is they will be taking receptions away from each other. Are you in a PPR league?
  9. He has been limited in practice, but chances are he will play on Sunday. If he does, I would definitely start him against Pittsburgh.
  10. Wentz. QBs have averaged a 98 QBR against the Cardinals this season. KC is allowing a league low 51% completion percentage.
  11. Hyde (if he plays), Gillislee, and Murray if that's DeMarco Murray. If it's Latavius Murray I would actually favor Johnson over him. I agree with erick, KC's D is too stout to recommend starting Watson over Wilson.
  12. Hilton has two good matchups the next couple weeks but then the Colts' schedule gets dicey, and like mgp said there's no definite timetable for Luck's return. Hill's schedule rating is similar to Hilton's, but he has a consistent short-game QB and I believe he is the better option moving forward.