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  1. I get it, just seems a bit counter productive to remove almost all run plays when they can help him develope into a scrambling QB which is his most likely future. Wrs get open so much more when a QB taking off causes constant mismatching.
  2. I'm glad for him, it looked really bad. Hopefully no damage, he seems to have a good future, that could have been easily career ending.
  3. He can develope into a good QB, they just have to stop trying to make him something he isn't. Let him scramble some and run some to help keep the defense guessing. He doesn't have to run every play, but he needs to do it enough to make them play against it, receivers will get open way more.
  4. He isn't going to last long at all throwing, he stinks at it. I'm not asking him to run all day but a few times would make sense for threat reasons to the Oak D. Right now they seem to not fear him running at all.
  5. I highly doubt it. I'm shocked he isn't being carted off
  6. Sony looked like he was gonna break in half. Ugh, that was brutal.
  7. Ouch, his head was at his ankles backwards. Shocked he didn't shatter his spine.
  8. Coach should get fired at halftime for the years worst gameplan. How do you not run at all to at the very least help open an awful defense to begin with. I have a feeling they're going to stick with this bs too because of the box score.
  9. FFS... This dudes gonna have negative points if this keeps up
  10. Anyone should be having a run fest against the raiders. The game plan is just stupid.
  11. And that's what happens when you make a scrambling QB try to be a pocket QB. Hopefully Baltimore stops this ridiculousness now.
  12. Seriously, how do you go from running a whole game to not at all, I mean your strength is your run ability, why get cute?