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  1. Penny picked the wrong week to pull a hammy
  2. "Carson doesn't have fumbling issues" > Carson owners after all all his fumbles the first 2 weeks
  3. I have absolutely zero understanding of why the Pats refuse to run him outside. It's literally up the middle 90% of the time and the defenses know it's going to be a run because he is never used to catch passes.
  4. Pack it up boys. Unless you feel like waiting for 2 RB injuries.
  5. Cook volume with like double the talent 😶
  6. He was a fingertip away from a TD in the 1st quarter. Then he dislocated his finger and made a ridiculous long reception. I'm pretty excited tbh
  7. He's gonna be the 2013 Josh Gordon of the TE position (without the relapse next year hopefully)
  8. Rodgers has been the same overrated QB for like the last 3 seasons. Adams just hasn't had the TD luck yet.
  9. I'd be considerably more concerned if I drafted Damien Williams instead of Shady/Darwin late.
  10. Call me pessimistic but I don't think there's going to be a truly reliable RB in KC this season. Reid can absolutely get away with a committee because of just how damn good the passing attack is.
  11. You guys are fooling yourselves if you don't think Rodgers is going to audible out of Lafluer's dumb play calls when the team is losing.
  12. Mitch is so bad that even Robinsons jump ball skills can't bail out all his doodoo throws.
  13. And Pettis has barely been one of them.