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  1. I'm gonna give some insight as a Pats fan. Rex Burkhead is painfully average and needs to go. James White is too good at receiving to get rid of and can still occasionally break off a nice run. Sony absolutely needs to get more involved in the passing game and become like a 70/40 guy with White. Sony being a telegraphed run play right now is not good at all. White being a telegraphed pass is even worse. Rex Burkhead being a telegraphed "who cares its Rex Brukhead" is painful.
  2. I need a miracle 20 pointer out of him in half ppr for the ship. Praise be DaeSean
  3. I'd roll the dice on drafting him in the 3rd or 4th next season. Mariota really needs to stay healthy though.
  4. Against the Saints defense at home? Yeah, sorta. Especially considering how quickly the Steelers abandon the run when behind this season. Gronk doesn't exactly have a hot matchup either which is why I'm leaning Samuels but still it isn't ridiculous to consider.
  5. I'm torn between him or Gronk in the TE spot.
  6. I wouldn't draft him unless he fell to like the 4th round. That offense has no o-line, a struggling young QB, and no weapons other than DJ. The only way he bounces back next season is if the Cardinals hire the next McVay at HC. Definitely avoid unless the value is too good to pass up. Feel bad for DJ but it is what it is.
  7. Aaron Rodgers gets paid 35 million a year, has played like crap this season, got his coach fired (deserved but still), and has the biggest ego in the NFL. He better freaking play this week.
  8. I’m also in the ship and have started Adams and Gordon all year with basically no depth after them. Bills secondary hasn’t been too hot recently and they’re on the road. I think the Pats come out guns blazing in this one after an ugly loss.
  9. > Trusting Cam Newton pass catchers not named McCaffrey
  10. Shootout at home against the Steelers. AK TAKE ME TO THE PROMISED LAND
  11. Hot take: Adams is better than Michael Thomas this season. except it isn't even that hot
  12. Well at least if he gets offseason shoulder surgery we should know for sure the shoulder is the reason he can't hit the side of a barn.
  13. Cam has absolutely no touch at any range wtf