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  1. Yeah but can you PROVE that a paraplegic can't get 4ypc running behind Bamas line?
  2. Can't believe I didn't see it sooner. Pick him up right now people!
  3. I'll take coach speak for 500 Alex
  4. "He's definitely coming back to save my season" > AJG owners losing faith every week
  5. What kind of revisionist BS is this? He had great vision and made good jump cuts for someone his size.
  6. Only possible outcome here is 150 yards an 2 TDs on everyones bench
  7. Someone who hasn't started Ridley once just turned down my offer of DJ for him lol
  8. Great start against Philly's turnstile secondary after the bye
  9. That statement wasn't directed at this situation just in general about fantasy RBs.
  10. Does he not realize that he needs to have an All-pro caliber season before taking the Josh Gordon career path?
  11. Really hope most people traded him after week 4 and realizing how garbage the Bengals were.
  12. Probably because seeing these key factors would involve watching the game and not basing judgement solely off box score and eye candy stats.
  13. Wouldn’t be an RB thread without the kitchen sink being thrown at YPC
  14. Gonna be a great special teamer on the Pats next season.
  15. 8 receptions in his first game as starter. CMC hasn't even had that many since week 4. He's a much needed safety net for pick queen Jameis.
  16. No chance in hell am I starting him this week.
  17. If isn't even really a question at this point.
  18. This play doesn't look nearly as doom and gloom as people are making it out to be. He's moving towards the camera while waiting for a hole to develop (it never does). Are we not doing depth perception anymore?
  19. McLaurin is borderline droppable with Haskins starting my dude.
  20. He's going to "tweak" something on the first series just to pour some salt in the wound of anyone that held him this long.