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  1. Flexing him out this weekend. Prime time in a dome against that Atlanta defense? Time to shine
  2. Drafted him in all leagues. All aboard the train if you still have time
  3. Anybody got any opinions on the % of FAB he is worth? 25%? More?
  4. This dude is about to light up the league this season
  5. Found Zeke’s home address. Have sent him numerous love letters about what he means to my fantasy team and chances of winning with vs without him. I’ve instructed him to hold out until the last week of the pre season so people with the #5 pick such as myself can nab him. So don’t worry boys it’s all under control, draft with confidence.
  6. I know my league mates pretty well. I think 1 will be there at 20, if not then that means Juju or some other great WR will drop to me which would be fine too. Let me dream while I can lol
  7. I’m torn between Cook & Chubb with my #20 pick. Really believe Cook has a good year but Chubb looks so damn good. Help me decide by Saturday guys
  8. Dang yeah I was completely unaware, thanks for the info I haven’t drafted yet.
  9. WR Donte Pettis: #1 receiver on a good offense with a great offensive minded head coach. They looked at Beckham and Brown but ultimately believe in Pettis. He’ll be a 3rd/4th round pick next year if he stays healthy
  10. I agree it is very unlikely, i meant more about a talented TE who showed out towards the end of the season and could have a breakout season for his standards. Kittle had a major breakout, I was trying to compare their situation a Kittle type breakout is not likely but it's not impossible either.
  11. If I had to pick a player who could have a Kittle type breakout this year it would this man.
  12. Good info never knew that about Gase. I’d say Bell will warrant more touches than Gase’s average RB but this info you provided definitely isn’t a positive
  13. If he’s healthy he could very well lead the league in touches. The main question mark is how effective he will be with those touches. I like bell this year personally, he’s #5 off my board right now. I like the way Darnold improved towards the end of the year
  14. I’m looking at him with my 5th pick. 130 rec 2000 yards 20 TD’s seems completely viable
  15. This really sucks, Tre'Quan Smith is my backup flex (I have a RB there currently), so if Gordon ends up missing Smith would have already played. Anybody else having a similar problem? You guys think he will miss after the downgrade? He has a great matchup this week too